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Got Questions? Get Answers with Brilliant Q&A!

Got a tricky problem that you can't seem to solve? Have a question about test prep or college admissions? Ask away!

You can ask two types of questions:

SPECIFIC -- particular questions from practice SAT, ACT, Subject Test, etc. material. Examples:

  • Reading #12 from Practice SAT #9
  • Math #58 from A10 December 2017 ACT
  • Princeton Review page 117 #8 (please include screenshot)

GENERAL -- Broad questions about anything related to test prep, college admissions, academics, etc. Please make your question as specific as possible; overly broad questions like "How do I improve on the SAT?" are very difficult to answer concisely. Examples:

  • How do I improve on history passages in SAT Reading?
  • What are the best ways to tackle SAT Writing questions about rearranging sentences?

Required fields are marked, but please try to add as much information as you can to facilitate processing of your question.

Limit one (1) question per request.