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Analytics-ML-AI 101

In a series of 12 live online sessions (3 hours each), 12 live online lab sessions (2 hours each), and about 20 hours of project work, Brilliant Prep will offer Analytics-ML-AI class to high school students (and non-analytics knowledgeable professionals). Webinars will be conducted weekly, two sessions per week, one for lecture and one for lab, and recorded for any student who misses the live classes for any reason.

Once the students complete this class, they can use this class and the Capstone like project to strengthen their resume for college admission, for high school students (enhance their professional marketability, for non-analytics industry professionals). This will further help the students in their college and post college professional life. Brilliant Prep also believes that many students coming out of these classes would be “job” ready to be able to do internships at corporate companies. Brilliant Prep also plans to offer certification exams, at a later date.

One Capstone Like Project: Students will also be executing an end-to-end capstone style project as part of this course curriculum.


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Class Curriculum