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 Jul 30, 2021
Why Less is (Sometimes) More

One of the most commonly asked questions that students have is, “Is it best to do “everything” available to me?” My answer is always a hard no. Many high school students overwhelm their already busy schedules by trying to take every college class and join every club offered at their school, all while balancing sports, jobs, and other out-of-school activities. While filling your plate to the brim may seem appealing on the surface, there is a fine line between maintaining a healthy schedule and struggling to manage an overflowing one.

Why do everything in the first place? Many students force themselves to join clubs in which they have little interest solely to make themselves appear more well-rounded or involved in their college applications. Others feel pressured to take part in everything available to them because the people around them are doing the same. However, in reality, why you do certain things matters much more than how many different things you do. And here’s why: 

Passion is what matters most.

That’s right: Passion. There is value in doing something that you truly care about rather than piling on dozens of activities that mean little to you. However, remember to be consistent! If you love to volunteer at your local food pantry, for example, don’t stop after doing it once! Do it every month (or even every week) not just for the sake of it, but rather to gain the rewarding feeling of doing something you love. 

So, less is (sometimes) more. Of course, if you are passionate about a lot of things, then I encourage you to explore all of those interests. What matters most is that you’re participating in certain activities for the satisfaction you feel afterwards. In doing so, you might just realize that achieving big by working hard isn’t nearly as much of a burden as it seems!

Trisha Bhujle is a former Brilliant Prep student with the goal of answering your questions about high school, standardized tests, and everything in between. Having received a 36 on her ACT and a 1560 on her SAT, she now actively works to inform students and parents alike of how to prepare for not only these tests, but also other high school hurdles. In her spare time, she likes to experiment in her kitchen, conquer DIY projects, and most of all, write!