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Academic Coaching 
We've been teaching academic subjects for several years - and we learn something new every day. However, one thing never changes: Our tutors love turning everything from vectors to variables into something that students agree makes sense. Whether you want some extra tips on how to balance equations or need a little advice about cracking advanced integration problems, we offer tutoring sessions for you and similar students to grow together in a tight-knit environment. It’s time to put your stressors to rest!

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Subjects Tutored
  • Physics
  • AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
  • AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based
  • AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics
  • Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Computer Science
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Precalculus
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AMC
Qualified Tutors
Qualified Tutors
Our tutors are highly qualified in subjects ranging from chemistry to calculus, and they’re here to help you with any of the topics you’re struggling with!
Targeted Improvement 
Targeted Improvement 
During each session, we’ll analyze your current level and build assignments that target your weaknesses and bolster your strengths. 
Weekly Practice
Weekly Practice
Our weekly assignments focus on quality over quantity, ensuring that you’ll keep your skills sharp without feeling overwhelmed. If you work with us, you'll work hard - and smart!
Student-Centered Study Plans 
Student-Centered Study Plans 
Whether you want to master the fundamentals or push to "perfection," we'll craft a comprehensive study plan that fits your needs. 
Student Support
Student Support
The like-minded students in your cohort will be by your side as you learn together, ask questions, and bounce ideas off of one another. 
Unending Motivation
Unending Motivation
Maintaining the discipline to commit to a study plan can be challenging, but we’ll help hold you accountable with a fixed schedule of dates and deadlines. 
Individualized Strategies
Individualized Strategies
As you progress through each session, we’ll provide you with specific strategies to transform courses from daunting to doable, and studying from stressful to systematic. 
Learning Tools
Learning Tools
Our tutors will provide you with plenty of practice problems and in-depth explanations in order to prepare you for your homework and exams.

Traditional Non-Accelerated Path

Accelerated Path

Combines “AP Accelerated” and “AP Traditional” charts

Sciences Prerequisites

These are our recommended prerequisites.
(The level of math given for each indicates that all math levels before that must also be taken. Geometry, for example, is needed for AP Physics C)

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High-quality education no matter what the location

Delivery Methods

Virtual live group classes
Virtual live group classes
In-person group classes
In-person group classes

Because we provide each student with comprehensive and individualized instruction, we prefer to group students of different levels together. Over the years we have found that this reduces the self-consciousness of some students and the arrogance of others while stimulating natural, healthy competition. It also ensures that no assumptions are made about a student’s skill level and that all students can perform at their best of their ability. Moreover, we prefer to set up the teaching atmosphere in the same way as the testing atmosphere, in which students will not be sitting in skill level groups.

We create WhatsApp groups for each class, and both parents and students are welcome to join. We will post important announcements, links to resources, additional tips, and assignments on the group chat, so we highly recommend that you be a part of it. We also communicate individually with parents via email or phone as needed to assure that their student’s best interest is served.

Yes! Students (and adults) get bored if every assignment is a reading exercise, all classes are lectures, and every learning activity is the same. So, we regularly deliver information to our students in a “mix” that includes reading, lectures, discussions, and in-person consultations. We give immediate feedback to students on their performance on writing prompts and tests – this can occur in person or through email, phone calls, or WhatsApp messages.

We keep our in-person classes at 12-15 students and our online classes at 8-10 students in order to give students the attention you are paying for and to assure them that they each get the opportunity to participate. We care about each student’s results —partly because their results are our reputation, and ultimately because our teaching hearts are rewarded when they succeed.

We use two workbooks—Book A and Book B—for every course. We cover a little material from both books during each class, and we assign some math, reading, and/or writing homework from the books OR a practice essay at the end of each session.* In the following class we review the previous session’s homework assignment before moving on to new material.

* Look below to learn more about our practice essay assignments.

We deliver our courses in two formats: instruction and testing. All instruction is done through live in-class discussions and explanations of questions from our provided workbooks. Testing is done via practice exams extracted from previously administered tests. Below is a brief overview of the three steps which our ACT prep courses follow:

  1. One Diagnostic Test: We use a diagnostic test as a tool to assess the student’s level of knowledge and test-taking abilities before our classes even begin. The diagnostic test score serves as a baseline measurement to analyze student progress through the course. That way, students can see how much they improved in just a matter of weeks!
  2. Learning and Instruction: We spend the bulk of our course teaching students material that will be tested on the ACT, providing them with test-taking strategies, and practicing with sections of real exams. We teach math in every session and rotate all other topics. We also give around one hour worth of homework each week.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice: At the end of the ACT classes, students take practice tests each week so that they can compare their diagnostic test results to subsequent test scores and monitor their progress. The more times these tests are taken, the more comfortable students become with them and the better scores they achieve.

A lot! Classes are taught in a question and answer format and each student is called upon to participate. We are observant in class and watch as well as listen for indications that a student may be confused about or behind in a topic. In those cases, we initiate discussion and if needed, we offer to schedule a phone call outside of class to make a plan to help the student succeed. We also respond to student emails and text messages within 24 hours. After all, we want all of our students to shine!

Absolutely! We believe that all students should write the optional essay on the ACT. Thus, we teach students the tips and tricks needed to write the best essays possible. We frequently assign essays as homework and ask our students to send them to a renowned essay-grader, who provides students with scores and video feedback on where they can make changes. This way, students can fix their mistakes and track their improvement in their writing skills. As an added bonus, the writing skills that students learn in our classes also benefit them in English classes in school. It’s a win-win!

We highly recommend that students follow our comprehensive study plan, which includes everything from downloading apps with daily practice questions to reading editorials to improve vocabulary and reading skills. Students will discover that doing these things regularly will benefit them immensely on test day.