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Helping Students ace their SATs and ACTs

Helping Students ace their SATs and ACTs

Helping Students ace their SATs and ACTs

Helping Students ace their SATs and ACTs

Reason Prep is now BRILLIANT PREP

As of August 16, 2019, Reason Prep has merged with Brilliant Education Group, LLC. The new merged company offers (1) local (in Dallas, TX, and South Plainfield, NJ) & virtual (worldwide) SAT & ACT prep classes, (2) online tutoring, and (3) online courses.

Reason Prep will slowly transition to the new BRILLIANT PREP brand, but the high-quality instruction, powerful courses, and big results that Reason Prep is known for will be going nowhere. We have big plans in the works for new courses, classes, and prep offerings, so stay tuned!

Current Prep Options


IN-PERSON SAT/ACT CLASSES: Brilliant Prep offers live group classes in SAT & ACT prep locally (currently in Dallas, TX, and South Plainfield, NJ) and virtually (worldwide). Visit Brilliant Prep to learn more about this option.

ONLINE TUTORING: Reason Prep offers one-on-one online tutoring in SAT & ACT prep. Learn more about online tutoring here.

VIDEO COURSES: Students who wish to self-study will benefit from Reason Prep's full suite of SAT & ACT online courses. Check out the courses here.

Brilliant Prep to Outshine Yourself.

Exceed your own expectations for the future.

Smart use of time.

We built our coursework, practice assignments and strategies to produce results fast without wasting anyone’s time – because we know how busy high school is.

Custom fit for your goals.

We tailor individual test prep to each student's college goals, whether Ivy League or top college academics or athletics.

Practiced excellence.

Our coaching uses practice testing with questions from our huge, exclusive database to improve math, critical reading, writing and reasoning skills, with special emphasis on vocabulary.

Straight from the cutting edge.

Students benefit from our continual development of curricula so students always have the most effective learning methods and materials on the most  current PSAT, SAT and ACT changes.

Our Strategies

Prepare students to calmly, confidently compete for the top colleges and scholarships. Our vision is to help more students reach their maximum college entrance potential to get a great start in life.

We are known for innovative test strategies and preparation curricula to consistently develop students who make top scores on their SATs and ACTs. These include:

Strategy Optimized



Students Coached


Avg. score increase


Avg. score increase


Brilliant Opportunities

Give the Best College Opportunities to Your Child

High test scores are necessary for college acceptance and scholarships. Students who use our prep techniques approach testing with the calm confidence of people who know what they are doing. Having analyzed and learned from past mistakes, they understand where the stumbling blocks are and avoid them. They’ve studied smartly and taken practice tests so they recognize tricky spots, manage their time, and know the items on which to focus.

Brilliant test prep means that your student performs brilliantly on his or her SATs and ACTs. There’s nothing like a brilliant performance to earn better opportunities for college admission and scholarships!

Oppurtunities Optimized

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Our students have gained admission to some of the most prestigious schools