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Every student learns differently. We offer classes online, individual face-to-face, group face-to-face, on-demand online videos.

ACT & SAT Prep + College Admissions Guidance
ACT & SAT Prep
ACT Prep

Outshine Your Competition.

All you need is the right coach!
We built our system to fit within your busy life, not take it over.
We tailor individual test prep to each student's goal.
Live group learning sessions - In Person, or Virtual.
Video Courses
Video Courses
Access to our extended video library for brush-ups or additional learning.
Our coaching uses practice testing with questions from our massive & exclusive database.
Extra workshops to reinforce and review strategies that you have learned.

Game-Winning Strategies Designed to Succeed.

When it comes to college prep, it’s important to know the right moves. Taught by an elite team of coaches, our game-winning strategies help you build both your skills and your confidence throughout your high school journey — and say “checkmate” at the end.

Testing Strategies
Learn to manage time, eliminate answers, and earn consistent results.
Academic Help
Ace your courses with small group assistance.
College Guidance
Craft astounding essays and build strong college applications.
Repeated Practice
Refine, review, and repeat for optimum success.
Digital Resources
Build your academic skills from the comfort of your home.
Testing Content
Turn our algebra advice and punctuation procedures into points on standardized tests.

Student Success by the Numbers.

99% students increase their score
Avg. Score Increase
Avg. Score Increase
Students Coached
Ivy League Acceptances
Academic Courses Taught
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College Scholarships Earned

Brilliant Prep On YouTube!

Our 24/7 ‘Click & Learn’ Library. Brilliant Prep’s online video courses make
brush-up sessions and additional learning easy and convenient.

Star Students

Rohan C
School of Science and Engineering - Dallas, TX
Brown University
Joining Brilliant Prep was the best decision for my SAT Prep. I learned so much while not being overwhelmed with too much material or homework. I was taught many useful tips and techniques to manage my time effectively, write consistent and coherent essays, and most importantly, I raised my overall score by over 290 points.
Meher K
Plano West Senior High School - Plano, TX
Carnegie Mellon University
Brilliant Prep is amazing. They helped me raise my SAT score by triple digits. I finally understood and felt comfortable for the test. I’ve recommended him to everyone I know if they are looking for help. If you think you need help, Brilliant Prep will truly help you get the scores you want. Seriously, just go.
Sadhvika C
Lebanon Trail High School - Frisco, TX
The University of Texas at Austin
Brilliant Prep taught me so many useful test taking tips and definitely prepared me for the material covered on the ACT. Not only was I prepared, but the class was also fun. They made sure to teach the material in an engaging way that would help me to actually remember and apply it! Overall, this class was well worth it and I would highly recommend it to any student looking to do well on the ACT.
Pranav M
Allen High School - Allen, TX
The University of Texas at Austin
These strategies were not something I could have found online, and I attribute my 250 point increase from my Sophomore PSAT to my Junior SAT entirely to Brilliant Prep. I highly recommend this course to any student. It was not just any generic SAT course; it not only boosted my score, but it also boosted my confidence in taking standardized tests.
Aarti I
Newark Charter High School - Newark, DE
Georgia Tech University
I started with Brilliant Prep in my sophomore year. Coming out of the experience now, I would say I am one of its biggest advocates. I was highly motivated to complete my assignments and actually looked forward to my virtual prep sessions with Mr.Ratnakar. I cannot speak highly enough of BRILLIANT! Of course, my SAT scores vastly improved after the prep program. Couldn’t be happier with the results.

As of September 2021, all of our programs are virtual. However, as the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 continue to change, we hope to bring back our in-person and hybrid options as well. Whether students choose to take the online, in-person, or hybrid route, they will have complete access to all of our programs, from group lessons to one-on-one tutoring.

No! You can attend live classes from the comfort of any location, and with any device! Mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops are all acceptable, but we strongly recommend desktops or laptops due to their large screen size and compatibility with our online platforms.

We are currently using Zoom for our virtual classes, tutoring sessions, and office hours. This platform allows us to share our screens and cameras with our students, and it also features a chat box, a hand-raising option, and much more.

The test prep process can certainly be overwhelming, and you may be wondering when and how to begin. Here’s what we have to say:

  • The When:  When it comes to test prep, earlier is better than later! Despite that every student is different, we generally believe that beginning test prep at the start of your tenth grade year is the best way to go. That way, you can benefit from a full year of learning and practice tests and still have plenty of time to take the real deal. However, some students feel more comfortable starting test prep during their freshman year, while others start at the inception of their junior year. In the end, what matters most is that you create a schedule that works best for you.
  • The How: The best thing that you can do when starting test prep is do your research. At Brilliant Prep, we offer a variety of programs (as well as video courses!) that are catered toward different students’ needs. We advise that you and your parents work together to decide which type of test prep program is best suited for your schedule. Then, you can proceed to signing up for a class. Once you do that, we will communicate with you regularly to help you ease your way into the test prep process.

This is a difficult question to answer because when it comes to test prep, one size doesn’t fit all. Because all students start off with a distinct knowledge base and diagnostic test score, some experience a more significant score increase than do their peers. For instance, we have had students begin our courses with an SAT test score of 1100 and improve by nearly 300 points, while others have started with a 1400 and have improved by around 100 to 200 points. What we can guarantee, however, is that if your child makes a conscious effort to learn our material, ask questions, and practice daily, her or she will be able to succeed.

We believe that all our students are capable of growing and improving every day. If they follow our advice and work both hard and smart, they can achieve their target scores.

Absolutely! You can contact us through email, and we will try our best to respond as soon as possible. Each instructor also has weekly virtual office hours during which both in-person and virtual students are welcome to get clarification on the weekly material or ask general questions. Parents who have questions about the program may join in during our office hours as well! 

We understand that the test prep and college prep processes are two very complex (and oftentimes confusing!) tasks, and we are here to help you every step of the way!

If possible, we prefer that students avoid missing class. Although we do offer makeup classes, this can result in uneven class sizes and less time spent per student. However, we do understand that students may occasionally experience schedule conflicts, and if they let us know about their absence in advance, we can arrange for them to attend a different session that week. If not, students are always able to watch a recording of the session they missed by visiting learn.brilliantprep.com and logging in with their credentials.

As for practice tests, though we do not offer a makeup option, we do provide all students with a copy of each test so that they can take it on their own time if needed. With that being said, we highly recommend that your students attend our live practice tests so that they can reap the benefits of a simulated testing environment.

Our group classes typically begin in July, August, September, and January, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Our tutoring sessions and video courses, on the other hand, begin whenever you register for them – your starting date is entirely up to you!

Unlike our competitors, we support students through every stage of their test prep journey. Students who complete our courses gain access to hundreds of our content-based and strategy-based videos as well as detailed answer explanations from our online library. In our classes, we frequently give pop quizzes and tests to assess student progress, and we teach using material from our handcrafted, comprehensive workbooks. In addition, we provide our students with a multitude of practice tests, weekly workshops, and additional resources to alleviate their stresses and maximize their confidence. Through not only our test prep classes but also our college admissions guidance, we help each and every one of our students achieve their goals.

Once you click the “Get Started” button at the top right corner of our website and go through the enrollment process, you will be able to locate the prices of each of our programs prior to making any payments. We accept checks that are hand-delivered to our office, credit card payment through our online portal, or direct bank transfers to Brilliant Prep via Zelle. If you have concerns regarding course pricing or payment, contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

It depends on the course offering that you choose. For our video courses, for example, we ask that you make a one-time payment, whereas for our tutoring sessions we offer a little more flexibility. On the contrary, for our in-person courses parents are required to pay in two installments: one just before the program starts and one during the second cycle of the program (ie. the SAT part of the Combined ACT & SAT Prep program). If you have any questions about course payment, contact us and we will work with you. 

As a matter of fact, we do! From SAT Reading playlists to an ACT English Bootcamp, we have hundreds of (free!) videos to assist you throughout high school. Our channel is constantly growing with new webinars, practice problems, Q&A sessions, and more! Check it out here: https://youtube.com/c/brilliantprep

Both! A solid grasp of the content (Math, Grammar, etc.) as well as specific strategies for beating your particular test are both critical to scoring high on the SAT and the ACT. Some students might need more focus on content, while others might have the content down and thus need more strategy review. Either way, we cover both for all students!

Yes! No matter the class, we assign some kind of Math, Reading, and/or Grammar homework to keep our students in tune with core concepts. We always review assignments during the following session and allow for student questions and collaboration. We believe that at-home study is just as important as in-class instruction because it allows students to reinforce their knowledge of commonly tested topics.

Do… Don’t…
Arrive to class five to ten minutes before it starts. Arrive late to class. Punctuality is key!
Avoid missing class. We offer makeup classes, but we strongly prefer that you attend the session time that you signed up for! Skip our office hours if you still have questions that need answering!
Complete your homework assignments before class starts. Work on your homework while class is going on. You are responsible for completing your assignments on time!

No. However, students who would like private tutoring can pay an additional fee for one-on-one tutoring sessions with us. 

Currently, we do not offer SAT or ACT prep classes for seventh or eighth graders. However, we do offer one-on-one tutoring for middle schoolers who are aiming to excel academically or who would like extra guidance in any of their core classes. To learn more about our tutoring options and flexibility, visit this link

Yes! We offer a Combined ACT & SAT program as well as an ACT & SAT + College Admissions Guidance program. Both programs are designed for high school sophomores who are serious about preparing for the ACT and SAT. However, students starting later in the test prep process may choose to focus on one test rather than both, so we offer SAT or ACT only options as well.

Of course! We offer a College Admissions Guidance in-person bootcamp to work with students on their essay-writing skills, financial aid opportunities, resume building, and more! Additionally, through our College Essay Offering program, students can obtain valuable advice on how to strengthen their supplemental essays and their flagship essay in an individualized, feedback-oriented setting. If students are looking to explore our ACT and SAT prep offerings as well, then we would recommend that they sign up for our ACT & SAT + College Admissions Guidance package, which merges test prep with college advice to create one comprehensive, all-inclusive program. In short, we have a variety of college admissions programs designed to accommodate all kinds of students. After all, our dedication is for your higher education!

We do not give refunds or offer score guarantees. However, if students or parents are dissatisfied with their results, we work with them to address their concerns and support them through their final test.

Although there is no limit to how many times you can take the SAT or ACT, we generally advise that you take each of them around three or fewer times. After all, if you can achieve your target score within your first three tries, then you’re done! Also, keep in mind that several colleges practice superscoring, meaning that rather than looking at one test as a whole, admissions officers look at how you performed on each section of exams you took on different dates. If your dream school offers superscoring, then you may consider taking the SAT or ACT fewer times.

Almost all colleges accept either an SAT or an ACT score and do not prefer one over the other. With that being said, if you have enough time to prepare for both the SAT and the ACT, then we suggest that you take both. This way, you have more options when deciding which score(s) to send to colleges. Furthermore, as both tests are fundamentally different in their form and structure, you may find that you are significantly better at one over the other. You won’t find out unless you give each test a shot!

When it comes to test prep, earlier is better than later! Despite that every student is different, we generally believe that beginning test prep at the start of your tenth grade year is the best way to go. That way, you can benefit from a full year of learning and practice tests and still have plenty of time to take the real deal. 

Some students feel more comfortable starting test prep during their freshman year, while others start at the inception of their junior year. In the end, what matters most is that you create a schedule that works best for you.

The answer – it depends. It depends on where you want to go to college, what you plan to study in college, how much time you can commit to test prep in high school, and so much more. If you want to earn college credit while you’re still in high school, we highly recommend that you consider taking AP classes. Although these classes generally come with a heavy time commitment, the benefits far outweigh the pitfalls. Not only can you further highlight your academic strengths on your college applications, but you will also gain valuable skills needed in a collegiate environment. Plus, most colleges give you course credits for passing the end-of-year exams! It’s a win-win-win!

The PSAT/NMSQT®, also known as the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, is taken by most students during October of their junior year of high school. Like the SAT, it has four sections: Reading, Writing and Language, Math – No Calculator, and Math – Calculator. However, unlike the SAT, the PSAT not only has fewer questions in almost every section, but it also is mainly important for aspiring National Merit scholars. In other words, while the majority of high school students take the SAT, far fewer students take the PSAT because PSAT scores are not required on college applications.

We recommend that you take the PSAT if you want to qualify to become a National Merit Semifinalist and receive a National Merit Scholarship. Even if you don’t become a National Merit Semifinalist, you still have the opportunity to become Commended, and that itself is a huge feat! Taking the PSAT will only help you, so we strongly encourage you to give it a try. And who knows? In the end, you may get a substantial college scholarship!

If you want to learn more about the PSAT/NMSQT®, check out the National Merit Scholarship Corporation’s official website.

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