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College Admissions Guidance
We provide students with resources and advice so that they can submit high quality college applications. In a span of only six months, students receive the tips and tricks needed to write an exceptional application essay, craft a detailed résumé, and, of course, potentially get into their dream school.
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Delivery Methods

Virtual Live Bootcamp
Virtual Live Bootcamp
In-Person Bootcamp
In-Person Bootcamp

College Admissions Guidance

Have you heard? Along with providing tips for college essays and applications, we
also teach students how to create a practical college list and receive financial aid.
After all, this program is all-inclusive!

This workshop will simplify and demystify the college application and admission process for students and parents, while helping future scholars find colleges and apply with less stress and more joy.

Through hands-on learning activities and research, you’ll get tools, techniques, and timelines to give you a competitive advantage and make the process more efficient. Expert instruction from a seasoned college admissions advisor will help you find and explore best fit colleges and learn what you’ll need to do to apply. You’ll take with you the beginnings of a college list, a resume outline, interview skills and essay writing techniques and practice.

This workshop will cover:

College Fit

How to determine which colleges and degrees are best for you.

What Colleges are Looking For

Criteria colleges use to evaluate applicants.

College Lists

How to research colleges and create a preliminary, well-balanced list of likely, target and reach schools.

Extracurricular and Summer Activities

How to stand out beyond test scores and grades and craft a strong resume.

Letters of Recommendation and Interviews

How to distinguish yourself through compelling recommendations from teachers and conversations with admissions officers.

Completing the Applications

Overview of the various application platforms and how to complete them.

College Essays

How to write an engaging, unique and interesting personal statement, as well as individual essay supplements.

Highly Selective Schools

Requirements and admissions standards for elite universities.

Financial Aid, Scholarships and Merit Awards

An overview of the FAFSA and CSS Profile, and how to maximize your opportunity to get money from colleges.

Students must bring a personal laptop or iPad to the class.

From devising topics that don’t sound cliché to crafting essays that insightfully articulate those topics, the process of writing a college essay can be daunting. This bootcamp will thoroughly explore the college essay writing process, with dos and don’ts for writing essays that are a testament to you, your character, and your passions. Through in-depth, one-on-one meetings, we will guide you on how to improve your main flagship essay and supplemental essays without detracting from their originality. And in the process, you will develop valuable writing skills that will last long after your college applications are complete.

This bootcamp will include:

One-On-One Meetings

We will meet several times with you to discuss your progress, field any questions, and suggest areas for improvement.

Unlimited Essay Draft Feedback

When you make edits to your essay drafts, we will be available to look over them as many times as you need.

Long and Short Essay Assistance

Whether you need an extra nudge on your supplemental essays or are striving to give your flagship essay that personal flair, we will give you personalized advice that goes far beyond just how to meet the word requirement.

Tips for Essay Topics

Generating unique ideas for how to respond to generic prompts can be challenging, so we will push you in the right direction! We will help guide you toward the essay “sweet spot” — a topic that speaks to who you are without appearing to be a truism.

Opportunities for Customization

Need extra help? Not a problem! Assistance with additional essays or customizations to this package are available. If you contact us, we will work with you individually and make sure you meet your needs.

Customize your experience with add-ons

Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews
  • 1.5 hours    
Additional 1-on-1 Sessions
Additional 1-on-1 Sessions
  • 30 minutes    
  • 60 minutes    
  • 90 minutes    
Financial Aid Seminar for Parents
Financial Aid Seminar for Parents
A seminar for parents to provide greater detail about filling out the FAFSA and CSS profile, applying for scholarships, the financial aid timeline, and appealing financial aid decisions.
  • 2 hours    

We and our students strive for college success

College scholarships
Ivy League acceptances
BS MD program acceptances
Submitted applications

Program Highlights

College Guidance
College Guidance
This program will assist you in understanding what colleges are looking for in their applicants, how to begin the college application process, what to do to enhance your résumé, and so much more. The instruction and advice that we provide you will not only inform you of the multitude of ways in which you can approach a higher education, but it will also help you make your college applications truly stand out from the rest. College, here we come!
Financial Aid Tips
Financial Aid Tips
We all know that college isn’t cheap. We will help you better understand what your financial aid options are as well as the best way to get assistance through student loans, scholarships, and more. With our advice, you will be able to minimize the cost of your boarding and tuition and maximize your opportunity to get money for college.
Extracurriculars, Essays, and Recommendation Letters
Extracurriculars, Essays, and Recommendation Letters
Both extracurricular activities and essays form a crucial part of a strong college application. We will walk you through the essay-writing process and give you strategies to craft a paper that showcases your strengths as well as all the meaningful activities you do outside the classroom. We will also advise you on when and how to get recommendation letters from your teachers and counselor.

Yes! We will guide you on the best way to write an essay that truly stands out in the eyes of college admissions staff. 

Absolutely! No matter what university you wish to attend, we will teach you how to submit an exceptional application with strong recommendation letters, essays, and a resume chock-full of your activities. 

Of course! We understand that applying to college is a tedious and oftentimes confusing process, and we will walk you through the variety of ways (and apps) that you can use to apply for college, including the Common App, the Coalition App and so much more. And don’t worry! Rather than simply giving you a list of apps or application methods, we will teach you exactly how to use them so that you have no doubts when applying. Sounds like a good deal!

No. Instead, we will guide you on the best ways to receive financial aid and scholarships from colleges (and even from your high school!). We will help you maximize your ability to gain money for college so that you can minimize the amount of money that leaves your pocket.