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 Jun 04, 2017
An ACT Adventure

The ACT and SAT tests mark high school students’ achievements and go in their college applications. In October 2016, Duke TIP, which had recognized my STAAR test scores, gave me the opportunity to take the ACT or SAT exam. I chose to take the ACT test because of my love of math, science, and grammar. The day that I signed up to take the test was the day that I began one of the most impactful journeys of my seventh grade year.

The Preparation Process

Since I wanted to do well on the ACT test, I knew that I had to prepare for it. Every Friday and Sunday, I went to a class for other seventh graders like me who wanted to take (and ace!) the ACT or SAT exam. Each week, I had homework from that class, along with homework from school, and worked for several hours to finish. Although the assignments were time-consuming and challenging, I learned more than I could have ever imagined. From parabolas to probability, the concepts I mastered were both advanced and interesting. I truly enjoyed the learning experience that came with preparing for the test.

As the weeks passed, I continued to study hard for the ACT. I considered every spare minute of my time as an opportunity to revise difficult questions and review math formulas. Every week, my teacher taught me different test-taking strategies and gave me numerous practice tests to take. My father even helped me with any questions I had regarding mathematical concepts.

Test Day Arrives

After two months of learning, studying, and practicing, I was ready to take the ACT test. To this day, I remember how my heart pounded like a hammer and how butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I walked through the glass doors of the building where I would take the test. I constantly took deep breaths and told myself the mantra, “Successful people make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” When I walked into the testing room that morning, I was confident that I would do my best.

The End Result

I took the ACT test with a positive attitude, remembering all the advice of my teacher and parents. A few months later, I received my test results in the mail. When I saw my overall score – a 30/36 – I jumped with joy. I learned that I was in the top six percent of all students and in the top one percent of all seventh graders who took the exam. Receiving a high score meant more to me than money can buy. I was recognized at both the state and the national level, which is a feat that only around two thousand seventh graders accomplished. My test results proved that hard work and determination are the keys to being successful.

For those of you who are taking the ACT or SAT test this year, my advice for you is to study hard, learn new concepts, and most of all, stay positive. That way, you too will begin a life-changing journey as you prepare for test day.

Trisha Bhujle is a former Brilliant Prep student with the goal of answering your questions about high school, standardized tests, and everything in between. Having received a 36 on her ACT and a 1560 on her SAT, she now actively works to inform students and parents alike of how to prepare for not only these tests, but also other high school hurdles. In her spare time, she likes to experiment in her kitchen, conquer DIY projects, and most of all, write!

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