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The college admissions process can feel overwhelming. Don't know where to start? Need assistance with specific steps in the process? Want to refine your admissions essays? We can help!

Our goal is to help you present your most "brilliant" self to the colleges of your dreams. We offer a 12-week Webinar and 16-hour Bootcamp to give you the information and guidance you need to navigate the college admissions process. 


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College Admissions Guidance Webinar 

Brilliant Prep’s College Admissions Guidance Webinar 

Pricing: $999

The college application process can seem overwhelming and, sometimes, not very transparent. To help families prepare for the college application journey and establish a workable timeline, Brilliant Prep offers a new College Guidance Webinar program that tackles all the questions and tasks students have during their junior and senior years of high school.  

In this engaging, 12-part webinar series, students will receive guidance on a comprehensive approach to choosing and applying to colleges. From application to acceptance, this program will help students with: 

1)     Assessing College Fit: how to decide what you want for your college experience and what schools align with your preferences and academic profile. 

2)    Understanding What Colleges Look For: a review of the application requirements and the key factors colleges consider when evaluating applicants. 

3)     Creating a College List: tools for developing a preliminary college list based on your preferences from webinar 1, your GPA/transcript performance, and test score performance. 

4)     Preparing for Campus Visits and College Fairs, and the Importance of Demonstrated Interest: resources to guide you through college visits and meetings with admissions personnel and faculty, as well as how to demonstrate interest for colleges who track this. 

5)     Extracurriculars and Summer Activities: how to develop a strong resume and stand out through meaningful activities outside the classroom.  

6)     When to Apply/After You’ve Applied: understanding the various admission decision options (ED, EA, EDII, RSA), what to do if you are deferred and how to submit appeals. 

7)     Letters of Recommendation and Interviews: how to ask teachers for recommendations and prepare for engaging conversations in college interviews. 

8)     The College Application Platforms: understanding the key differences (Common App, Coalition App, UC system app, Apply TX, etc) and overview of how to complete the various sections. 

9)     College Essay Part I: writing the personal statement. 

10)  College Essay Part II: writing essay supplements for selective colleges. 

11)  Financial Aid, Scholarships and Merit awards: Understanding your financial aid options and maximizing your opportunity to get money for college. 

12)  Preparing Applications for Highly Selective Schools: What these schools expect from applicants, the importance of the “hook” for selective schools, and information for students who want to apply to medical school. 

Optional Add-on: Financial Aid Seminar for Parents  

A seminar for parents to provide greater detail about filling out the FAFSA and CSS profile, applying for scholarships, the financial aid timeline, and appealing financial aid decisions. 

Pricing: $99

College Admissions Guidance Bootcamp

Webinar or Bootcamp?

While much of the content is the same between the webinar and bootcamp, there are major differences in how the material is delievered and the duration.

In short, the Webinar is mainly informational; the goal is to equip you with the information and tools you need to organize and execute your college admissions gameplan. The material is spread out over three months (12 sessions)

The Bootcamp, on the other hand, gives much the same information but also gives more opportunity for hands-on work. It is completed in a week (four 4-hour sessions).

The Webinar is best suited for

  • Students whose travel and extracurricular activities schedule prohibits a 16 hour commitment during a single week in the summer months
  • Independent learners who can take the information delivered virtually and apply it into action steps they complete on their own
  • Students who wish to spread their instruction out over a 3-month time period 

The Bootcamp is best suited for

  • Students who prefer to have a compressed schedule and to attend sessions during the summer months 
  • Students who wish to have more time for supervised, engaged and hands-on application of concepts learned (i.e. practicing essay writing, preparing resume draft, etc)
  • Students who learn better through an in-person, classroom style experience