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PSAT Crash Course - for FREE
Get a crash course in the New PSAT - free!

What You'll Learn

This course covers the foundations of the New PSAT, including strategies and solutions to Reading, Writing & Language, and Math problems from a real practice PSAT (included).
In this course you will learn
  • How to tackle Reading questions in the proper order.    
  • Strategies for solving Functions, General, Two-Part, Keyword questions, and more.    
  • Efficient methods for solving Dual Passage Questions.    
  • How to solve Inference & Imply questions without losing control of the text.    
  • Important grammar rules that are tested consistently on the Writing & Language test.    
  • Ways to solve Rhetorical Skills questions without a struggle.    
  • How to defeat the new "figure and graph" questions in the Writing & Language test.    
  • An overview of the most important Math topics.    
  • How to Plug In to solve questions without algebra.    
  • How to complete Math problems with and without a calculator.    
  • and so much more!    

Best of all, this course is available for FREE. So just click the enroll button and start watching the videos right now!

Other Bonuses

In addition to access to all the course videos and materials, enrolling in this bundle entitles you to:
Unlimited access to free course updates
Unlimited access to free course updates
These courses are living, breathing entities. We will be adding to them and modifying them as we improve our own teaching skills and knowledge of the test. You won't have to pay anything to get access to these updates.
Unlimited course access - forever
Unlimited course access - forever
Join today and you'll have access to this course forever.
Access to the course on all devices
Access to the course on all devices
View the videos on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. As long as you have an internet connection, you can study with Brilliant Prep!
Our support
Our support
Students enrolled in the course can leave comments and questions on each lecture - we respond personally to each one.

In short, we’ve distilled down all our PSAT knowledge into these videos to give you the most comprehensive and effective PSAT video course you'll find anywhere. And you're getting EVERYTHING - all our knowledge, tips, tricks, and strategies. We’re not holding anything back.

You've got nothing to lose - and a lot of points to gain - so join today!

Why Brilliant Prep?

Get Higher Scores
Get Higher Scores
  • Obtain strategies for how to improve both your speed and your skills.    
  • Use our study guides and cheat sheets to review before test day.    
  • Watch every video to learn new techniques designed to give you the score you want.    
Top-Notch Resources
Top-Notch Resources
  • We provide real SAT and ACT practice tests and essays for you to track your progress from the comfort of your home.    
  • Our review packets contain questions that mirror those on the actual tests.    
  • Our essay guides include detailed steps on how to craft the perfect essay.    
  • Each topic for each section of the ACT or SAT comes with its own video.    
  • Each video contains practice problems and tips along with explanations that make sense.    
  • The questions panel at the bottom of each video allows you to ask questions - and quickly receive answers - on content, strategies, and much more.    

Meet Your Instructor:
Rob Schombs

Our video courses are created by an incredible teacher who knows how to connect with his students, one click at a time. Mr. Schombs has not only made videos for each topic of each subject, but he has also provided a comprehensive bundle with practice tests and study guides so that you can feel prepared on test day.

Learn more about Mr. Schombs!

  • He earned a BA in Chemistry (2006) and an MA in Science and Technology Studies (2009) from Cornell University.

  • He began tutoring for the SAT, ACT, math, chemistry, and writing in 2010.