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 Jun 06, 2020
Grammar Diagnostic Test

This Diagnostic Test is designed to assess your ability on the GRAMMAR portion of the New SAT Writing & Language test; these questions make up approximately half of the test. The other half of the test, comprising questions that test your ability to revise a passage to more clearly and effectively communicate ideas, is not covered in this Diagnostic.

Get the SAT Grammar Diagnostic Test

The questions in this Diagnostic are not in the format you’ll find them on the SAT. If you want to know your current score on the Writing & Language test, take an official practice exam. These questions, however, will test your knowledge of SAT grammar rules in a relatively straightforward way to determine which rules and grammar topics you are familiar with and which rules and topics you need to review.

Though you should use this test to analyze your weaknesses, don’t ignore your strengths. Simply use this diagnostic as a starting point for your study plan.

Directions: Take the test untimed. Check your answers with the key located at the back of the packet. VIDEO SOLUTIONS for each problem are also available (see the links below).

At the end of this packet, you’ll also find a listing of the grammar rules covered in these questions. Make sure to circle the problems you got wrong and identify the grammar rules you need to review.



Once you’ve completed the Grammar Diagnostic, you now know which grammar rules you need to learn…and my FREE New SAT Writing Course can help you! Check it out here.


I’m Rob Schombs, cofounder of Brilliant Prep and your test prep tutor. I earned a BA in Chemistry (2006) and an MA in Science and Technology Studies (2009) from Cornell University. I've been teaching the SAT & ACT since 2010.