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 Aug 31, 2012
How to Achieve From 1000 to 1600 on the SAT

To start your SAT journey from 1000 to 1600, here are some resources to get you started:

SAT Quickstart — Learn 10 powerful strategies for SAT success in this short course.

The Vault — SAT practice tests & resources to download.

SAT Study Plan — Learn how to build your SAT study plan.

Once you have your resources, you need the right strategy. Beating the SAT is about mastering three interrelated aspects:

  1. Content – math concepts, grammar rules, etc.
  2. Application – reasoning skills, math problem solving, reading comprehension, writing skills.
  3. Test-taking skills & strategies – familiarity with the SAT, pacing, test awareness, scratchwork, etc.

In what follows I’m going to discuss what you need to master in these categories in order to reach four key score levels – 1000-1100, 1200-1300, 1400-1500, and 1600.

The number of correct answers required to get to a certain score level are estimates, so use them as rough guidelines for now.

How to Get 1000 to 1100 on the SAT

# Math Correct
(out of 58)

# Reading Correct
(out of 52)

# Writing Correct
(out of 44)

I’m starting at 1000 (500 Math, 500 Reading & Writing) because getting to the “average” score is the first big hurdle for many students. Those stuck in the 300s and 400s in each section usually have massive gaps in their math content knowledge, grammar rule knowledge, and reading skills. The prescription for a 1000 includes:

  • learning the basic content required for the math and grammar sections
  • strengthening basic reading skills
  • focusing on the easy and medium questions
  • gaining expertise on the SAT itself – you should have perfect knowledge of what’s on the test and the best general strategies

In sum, an 1100 should be obtainable for almost every student who takes SAT practice seriously.

Students in this range should use their time effectively by focusing on the easies and mediums – any time spent on the hards is probably time that could be better spent elsewhere.

How to Get 1200 to 1300 on the SAT

# Math Correct
(out of 58)

# Reading Correct
(out of 52)

# Writing Correct
(out of 44)

I believe that most students can get an 1200 (600 Math, 600 Reading & Writing) if they put in the effort, though for some that commitment may be too onerous to handle. To get an a 1200, you need to know all of the above in addition to:

  • more in depth content knowledge – you don’t need to know everything, but you should understand the majority of the math concepts and grammar rules
  • above average reading skills and vocabulary knowledge
  • overall knowledge of the ideal strategies for tackling each section
  • above average reasoning skills

How to Get 1400 or 1500 on the SAT

# Math Correct
(out of 58)

# Reading Correct
(out of 52)

# Writing Correct
(out of 44)

This is where the big jump occurs from content to application. Even though it’s “only” 200 points, these are a much harder 200 points to get than the last two jumps. You will have fewer questions to work with and less room for error. To get a 1400+ (700 Math, 700 Reading & Writing) you need:

  • all of the math and grammar content – no gaps at all
  • a superior vocabulary. Unfortunately, this level of vocabulary is often difficult to obtain from flash cards alone
  • excellent reading skills.
  • excellent reasoning skills – in other words, you need to be spot on with your problem solving techniques and approaches.
  • mastery of all SAT strategies and techniques.

To get a score in the 1400 region, you can no longer afford to avoid the hards – you need to take them head on. In fact, you have almost no room to omit. Sure, you can drop a question or two if necessary, but omit too many and you won’t even have a chance to get your score even if you get all the ones you tried correct.

Perhaps most important is to avoid mistakes on easy and medium questions. Sloppy mistakes early in sections just kill your score potential, so you need to balance speed and accuracy. You’ll want to spend enough time on each question to ensure accuracy, but too much time spent could leave you in a rush near the end of the section – and forget even trying to check your answers in this scenario. Thus, you really need to be keep the time remaining in the back of your mind as you are working through sections. And don’t get bogged down!

How to Get 1600 on the SAT

# Math Correct
(out of 58)

# Reading Correct
(out of 52)

# Writing Correct
(out of 44)

What do you need to get a 1600 (800 Math, 800 Reading & Writing), the elusive perfect score, on the SAT?

  • You need to know all the math and grammar content so well that it is second nature – you shouldn’t have to sit around trying to remember rules or concepts. They should be at hand almost instantly.
  • You need an excellent vocabulary. Unfortunately, an excellent vocabulary is hard to attain from flash cards alone.
  • Your reading and reasoning skills need to be top notch. We’re not talking merely “good” – we’re talking top 1% quality.
  • You need to have time to spare to check your answers. This is perhaps the best way to avoid the silly mistakes that could crush your chances at a perfect score.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get 100/200/300/500+ points. What do I do?

You need to be more specific. Thinking in terms of point gains is not really helpful since score increases are not created equal. Raising your score 100, 200, or 300 points means different things in different score ranges. For instance, the difference between a 1000 and a 1200 and a 1200 and 1400 is significant: Even though they are both “200 point increases,” the study strategies and content and skills required are far different.

Instead of thinking of point gains, think in terms of the content and skills you need to learn in order to reach your score goals.

Can I drastically increase my SAT score?

I consider a drastic improvement to be anything beyond a 300 point gain. It is possible to see 300, 400, or more points improvement, but but to do so you’ll have to do a drastic amount of work. Going from 1000 to 1400, for example, often means a reversal of a trend – years of academic neglect or poor instruction can be hard to overcome in a year, much less a few months. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to make these gains, just that you’ll have to make an extraordinary commitment to meet those goals.

Next Steps

What to do next? Check out our SAT courses – some of which are free – to help you boost your scores to the next level.

Also, feel free to leave a comment below if you have a question about your situation, or send us an email!

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  • Dake Huang says:

    hello i took the SAT first time on november of junior year, i got a 1650, now i took it march and got a 2070, i started to study for the SAT on January 25-March 7, so it took me around 6 weeks to have a 420 points increase, no classes, no prep, just listening to your advice, practicing, over and over again, now i’m competeing for saludictorian, and for me to even have a chance at it, i would need a super high SAT score 2350-2400 range at least, base on my previous information that it took me around 6 week to get a 420 points increase, how much more time do you think it would take to go for a 330 points increase, also i have a barron test, princeton test, collegeboard test, i’m planning on doing all of them, but i would like to know should i start with barron(because i heard it harder), princeton(cause it teaches you more), or finish my collegeboard(cause it more accurate). Also what kind of help does a kid at my range usually need to move up. and my study technique, is do a test a week, analyze that test see what i have gotten wrong and just redo that over and over again. and i do not have a crazy good vocabulary but let say i just start memorizing vocab like 30 a day and do it until October, and keep those lock in my brain, that be 3000, would it be what you say hard to obtain. (pls email me back at me email) dakehuang@yahoo.com
    And great videos by the way, you’re my first resource.

  • Reginald Appiah says:

    Hey guys! I’m a freshman student that scored a 1390 on the PSAT (which is like practice for the SAT) and after noticing that it pretty big for colleges, I’ve set a goal to reach 2250+ in 2-3 years! My commitment is strong and I know i can do it. I know just what to learn and how to get past the barriers! Wish me luck!

  • Nora says:

    Hey! I’m Nora. I took the SAT today, actually, and I’m not feeling very patient, haha. I got an 1850 on the PSAT and I received an 1850 on it and I’m planning on retaking the SAT sometime this year. I feel like I did the best I could’ve, given the time restraints, and I was wondering how I could work on improving over the next six weeks, before I receive my scores. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Rob says:

      Hi Nora – The first question is: what’s your score goal? Once you determined that, download the appropriate study guide & watch the video above on this page. That should give you a good breakdown. I’d also recommend you getting access to the Members Area, as you’ll need to do so in order to access many of the videos referenced in the Study Guide. If you’d like more specific info for your case, e-mail me at rob@reasonprep.com

  • Sid says:

    Okay so i have been practicing for SAT.. I have my exam on the 1st of June.. On all the practice tests that I take, I score around 2000. The best that I have scores till now is a 2050. ! I am targeting at least a 2100. This is my first attempt. I need to start applying to colleges in July because the application deadlines for most of the colleges are during the fall of 2013. And I am an international student so I will have to face tough competition and good universities require a good score in SAT. I am weak in Critical Reading.. In writing, almost every time I get 45(out of 49) of my answers correct. In math , i score around 750 .. In critical reading , i get stuck at 630(the best I have scored so far in CR) . So i will appreciate any suggestions on how i can increase my CR score..
    PS-I have just have a week in hand now.So,what should I do ?
    I have Kaplan’s SAT premier and The Princeton Review + I have DVDs of both of them containing some additional practice tests.. Please please please help. !!

    • Rob says:

      Sid – First, I’d suggest checking out the various Critical Reading videos and resources I have on this site and my Youtube channel. Then, practice with real practice tests – try to avoid the Princeton Review & Kaplan stuff, especially for Critical Reading. I have some real practice tests on this site – check out the Resources section in the navbar above. Let me know if you have any more specific questions!

  • Isioma says:

    Hi, I have taken the SAT 4 times and I actually study and put in alot of effort, but I keep getting around 1480-1540. It’s so frustrating. I’m a junior and the last time I want to take it is October of my senior year. I have all summer to prep, but I want to get around a 2000. Do you really think this program will work because I’ve done SAT prep courses and books and nothing seems to be working!!

    • Rob says:

      Sorry to hear that you haven’t had any success. What other programs have you completed? I can’t guarantee any kind of study program will work for you, but I know many students have earned huge score gains after watching the videos & practicing consistently. So enrolling in the Members Area may be just what you need.

      Also, I offer online tutoring if you’d like me to evaluate your situation better – even one session could be enough to set you on the path to success.

  • Bayar says:

    Heloo sir,I got a 1400 on my first sat(although i was scoring i 1600-1700 in my practice tests,but i don’t know what went wrong..) so i am aiming for a perfect score or +2300.I am going to take my next sat in oct. I have all summer,do I have any hope ?

    And plz help me in choosing the right books because i live in Kurdistan and i have to order the books..

    Thanks 🙂

    • Rob says:

      Glad to hear that you’ll be spending all summer studying. That should definitely help you improve.

      As for books, you must definitely order the College Board’s Official Study Guide for the SAT. That’s really the only book I recommend; you should only stick to real practice tests.

      As for instructional material, I recommend my own Video Course on Reason Prep. It’s the “Members Area” of the site where I have hundreds of videos covering all the sections of the SAT. I also work through hundreds of practice problems. You can find more information here: https://reasonprep.com/enroll/

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Fahad Noormohammed says:

    I am taking the actual SAT on June 1,2013. I have been studying for about 1 to 2 months now. I have used the Princeton review book and the college board book. When I take a test and see my results I usually get a 550 in reading, 540 in math, and 560 in writing. I want to increase these 3 scores to above 600. What do you think I should do for this in the remaining days I have?

    • Rob says:

      You are pretty close to your goals; a few tweaks may be all you need.

      MATH: Focus on getting the easy and medium questions right (the first
      two-thirds of sections). Don’t waste a lot of time trying to complete hard

      WRITING: Know your grammar rules. I suggest taking the Grammar Diagnostic
      Test (https://reasonprep.com/grammar-diagnostic-test/) and using that to
      determine which rules you need to review.

      READING: This is the tough one. Watch some of my Critical Reading videos
      and focus on making your Passage-Based Reading strategy the most efficient
      it can be. You can get a 600 without really studying vocabulary if you can
      just improve your ability on the passages.

      I’d also suggest my SAT Crash Course – it’s a quick video course that
      covers the most important strategies and content you need for all the
      sections of the SAT. You can find out more about how to get access to this
      here: https://reasonprep.com/enroll/

  • Nana says:

    Hello! I studied my really hard and only got an 1860. Although that was my first official SAT, I was shooting for 2000 or above. What advice do you have for me? I got a 600 in R, a 590 in M, and a 670 in W. I would very much appreciate your help. Thank you!

    • Rob says:

      As you know you’re very close to hitting your goals, so it could take only a few tweaks to get you there, or you might need a bit more targeted work to hit certain weak points. It’s hard for me to say exactly without seeing your work. Definitely download the study guide off this page corresponding to your score goal, and take the Math Diagnostic Test to see where you’re at. I’d also recommend joining the Members Area; if you do, I can create a customized study plan for you, and you’ll have access to the entire collection of my SAT videos to help you reach your goal.

  • Jacob says:

    Hey, I’m about to become a senior and this summer is the last chance I have to get the score I desire. I really need to work hard to get the score I want to get of a 2000+. Is it possible if I work hard enough that I can increase my score from the 1500+ range to the 2000+ range? If yes, what kind of studying will I be committing to? I am really dedicated and really am willing to work really hard to get to the 2000+. What are the best ways for me to accomplish my goal of a 2000+? Please help me and give me alot of advice on what to do. I am really nervous and need help from someone to tell me what it is I exactly have to do everyday, for however number of hours it is, to get to my goal.

    • Rob says:

      It’s definitely possible to increase your score from the 1500 to the 2000 range. Obviously it requires discipline & work. Your schedule should look something like 5 days a week, 3 hours a day, spending most of your time on practice sections and questions and occasionally running a practice test. If you haven’t already, make sure you download the study guide for your score goal above. This will break down the basic plan for tackling each section. Most of the videos you need for that plan are in the Members Area of my site. If you become a member I can give you more specific plan because then you’ll have access to the videos. Either way, you’ll want to have the Official STudy Guide for the SAT as well for practice material. I don’t recommend any third party book for this purpose (Kaplan, PR, Barron’s, etc.)

  • Ashley says:

    In my freshman year of high school I received a 138 on the psat (53 for reading, 36 for math and 49 for writing.) After the disappointing scores, I begin studying and for my sophomore year I improved and received 66 for reading, 45 for math, and 66 for reading. I haven’t taken the SAT yet but now that I’m in my junior year I’m worried about the various college admissions tests. So far I’ve been studying everyday (with my primary focus being on math obviously). If I add a 0 (to make my psat scores equivalent to the sat), I would have gotten a 1770. How much do you think I could increase by. I really want to get into the 700-800 range for reading/writing and 600 range for math. Any tips?
    Thank you in advance for your time and answer.

    • Rob says:

      You can definitely improve from where you are now; you’ve already shown your capacity for growth from your strong increases in PSAT scores! As to how much you can improve, that depends on a lot of factors. The best I can say is if you put the time in and study the right way, you’ll get better.

      I’d say start by downloading the 2000, 2100, 2200 study guide above. That will lay out a general plan for you to study. Once you do the diagnostic tests, go ahead and e-mail me and I can give you some more information as to what to do. It’s hard to give you the right advice without knowing more about your situation.

  • HasanAl Saif says:

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks a lot for all the effort you put into your videos, they have been very helpful!

  • Alex says:

    Hi Rob!
    I am a senior I took the SAT the first time this past year and received a score of 1530, recently I took a practice SAT and I scored a 1650. A pretty decent improvement, a 590 on reading, 620 on writing and a 440 on math. My problem is on increasing my math score to a 660+ as I can study reading and writing by myself. I plan to get a score of at least 1800 and go from there. My problem is on seeing the logic behind the problems and doing them quickly. Is it possible to increase my math score 220 points? If so what study plan should I follow? I plan to take the SAT again on October. My email is a************ra@*******.com

    Thank you,


    • Rob says:

      Hi Alex,

      E-mail sent! I also edited your e-mail address out of the comment so no one would spam you.

  • Ty says:

    Hello! I’m planning on taking SAT in October. I’d taken SAT before and scored 1540, but mostly because I didn’t prepare for it and also because I was misinformed. I have Kaplan, Barrons and collegeboard and I’ve started working extensively on critical reading sections and math because im quite good @ writing and grammar. Pls I need advice on how to increase my score by at least 560 points. I’m aiming for 2000/2300. I’ve also bin pulling all nights and try my best during the day because I’m so scared of getting 1500 again.

  • Nada says:

    i took the SAT like 3 times and my highest score is 1830 …i need a 2000 or 2100 and i really have no idea what more i could do … i practiced like dozens of tests and i know all the concepts ..i just don’t know ow to boost my score up

    • Rob says:

      Practice tests alone are useful but not enough – you need to identify & isolate the exact areas where you still have deficits and improve those. Full practice tests are too blunt an instrument to help you do that. Without knowing more about your situation it’s hard for me to give advice. Feel free to e-mail me at rob@reasonprep.com with more specifics (i.e. the score breakdown by section).

  • Pam says:

    Hello, I just found your website and the video really did help me to get an idea of what I should be doing. I have my next SAT in about a month from now and I’m going to be English teacher two to three times a week to help me improve my reading and writing scores. I got 1400 last time I took the SAT. My goal is to reach 1800-1900. I was wondering how much should I study and practice in order to get those scores to increase.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Pam,

      Between now and your test you should try to study 1.5 or 3 hours per day. This is the ideal amount of time to do a good chunk of work while also going into enough depth when you review the questions. I’d rather you do fewer questions more in depth than a lot of questions superficially. Do this consistently and you should see score gains.

  • Vishan says:

    Hello, I got 1430 the first I took the SAT. When I started doing my sat classes on a practice test I got 1210 why’s that? My goal is to get around 2000 on the sat to get a scholarship. what do i do to improve my score.

    • Rob says:

      If you’re taking an SAT prep class and the company uses their own custom SATs to test you, that would explain the difference. “Third-party” SATs are often not accurate reflections of the real test. If the company does use real SATs, then perhaps your score is lower because you are learning new strategies and unlearning old ones, and it can take you some time to adjust to the changes.

  • S says:

    Hey I was just wondering, I have to take the SAT within a week and I was wondering….would it be possible to gain 600 points within a week? I am willing to put in all it would take. Do you have any tips?

  • Nida Sundrani says:

    hey, i have my SAT test in 2 weeks and i have been working hard to score a 2000 atleast but i think my preparation method is not very organised. i have no idea what to do

    • Rob says:

      If you haven’t already, download the Study Guide for 2000, 2100, and 2200 on this page. It will give you a step-by-step study guide for each section. This should help focus you on the most important topics you need to review in order to maximize your score.

  • Kaylie says:

    Hi I’m taking the SAT this Saturday and this is my final attempt. Ive taken it two other times before and have made a 1930 and 1910. Im really hoping to make between a 2150-2350. I just need my score to go up by about a 100 points in each section, I keep finding that I make silly mistakes. What would you suggest I do? I have been practicing a lot and its made some difference of about 70 or so points per section but I really need that to be a 100 more points per section. Thanks!

    • Rob says:

      It depends on what your silly mistakes are. What you should do is figure out your most common mistakes and their causes. For instance, perhaps you are rushing through easy & medium questions and making avoidable mistakes. Or perhaps you are not reading each answer choice in a reading or writing and thus not giving each choice a fair evaluation. Or maybe time management is an issue for you – either you don’t have enough OR you have more than enough but don’t use it efficiently (i.e. checking your answers after you’ve completed a section). Once you’ve uncovered your common errors, feel free to contact me by e-mail if you have specific questions.

  • Erkhemshagai says:

    Hello. I am an international student from Mongolia. I took sat in january 2013 and scored 1680. Cr 460 math 690 w 540. I am taking it again in less than a week hehe. This time I am aiming a bit higher. I scored very low in cr and realized I should focus mainly on improving my cr score. I have studied hard since August and now the scores i get on practice test are around 610-570 on CR. While it is a good improvement for an international student like me, my improvement seems to just stop there. I have taken around 6 official collegeboard practice tests and all the scores were same around 570-610. Could you give me some advices on how to do better on CR please… although I have less than a week, I really need your advice. I am so depressed that I am having severe headaches and the fact that I am not getting any better is totally driving my crazy. Help me please

    • Rob says:

      There are many things I could say about improving on the reading, but since I don’t know much about you besides your score, I’m not sure which of those tips are relevant. Have you watched the free videos of the Critical Reading Bootcamp yet? If not, I’d start there. Otherwise, feel free to follow up by e-mail if you’d like some more info.

  • Angelina Kim says:

    Hi 🙂
    I’m Senior in high school and i took SAT twice, so far.
    First time I got 1530 on march and the second time I got 1720 on october one.
    I spent my whole summer on the SAT prep course which was 5 days a week 7hours a day.
    But my score is still horrible. I was frustrated at first i got this score but im trying to improve it.
    Im going to take it on December and I want to get 2100 on my SAT.
    My math max. score was 740 and it decreased as 700. Reading was 450 and writing was 580. My essay was 8 and decreased as 7 on second one.
    Do you think it is possible to increase my score as over 2000 in a month?
    Can you give me some advice on my email, please?

  • Valerie says:

    Hello, I am a senior and am taking the SAT in a month (December). My starting score is about 1950 and I am aiming for a 2250. My breakdown is 600 Math, 640 Reading, and 680 Writing. How long should I study and which areas should I direct my time?

    • Rob says:

      Try to be consistent with your study time. It’s better to study 1.5 hours everyday than cram a dozen hours on the weekends. Without setting the breakdown of your scores, I’d advise you to focus primarily on medium & hard math problems, reading passages, and medium & hard grammar problems. Start by taking the diagnostic tests for math & grammar on my site and use the results to see what you need to study! If you haven’t already, download the Study Guide above for your score goal.

  • Valerie says:

    Thank so much for the quick reply! I just want to be assuaged that achieving a 300 point increase (from 1950 to 2250) in a month is doable with commitment – is it? Putting in 1.5 hours of committed hard work should do the trick? How many practice tests should I take to be assured that I am ready for my target score?

    • Rob says:

      I can’t really guarantee any kind of score gain over a period of time, nor can I offer a foolproof plan for getting that increase. I can say that the gain is possible, and consistent work definitely helps. In terms of how much or how often to practice, the best I can say there is track your progress. Go to the Downloads section and get the Progress Tracker PDF. Use that to gauge your current level on each section. This means you won’t have to take constant practice tests to see how you’re doing.

      If you’d like to continue this conversation, e-mail me at rob@reasonprep.com

  • Paloma says:

    Hi…. My name is Paloma and I’m taking the sat this December 8th and I’m scared because is my first time taking it and idk how it will go… I’ve being taking some practice test and is time what I don’t have like 90% of the questions I answer are right but then I always leave like 10 questions without responding…. What can you recommend me and I am really interested in taking you classes online ….

    • Rob says:

      Time is definitely the precious resource to manage on the SAT. I wrote an article and made a video about this topic, “pacing,” here: https://reasonprep.com/pacing-sat-sections/

      And in the Members Area of my site, the video series for math, reading, and writing all discuss how best to manage your time while maximizing the number of questions you get right. The best tip I can give you right now is this: don’t try to think or write or read “faster.” Instead, become familiar with the test, content, and question types. Look for and recognize patterns and you’ll naturally increase your speed. As always, practice makes perfect!

  • Max Ayala says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a senior taking the SAT in 3 weeks.Last time I took the SAT, months ago, I got a 2160. I am aiming for a 2300, but the problem is that my score has gone down to a shocking 1950. In the eight months since my last time even looking at an SAT test, I have forgotten everything my tutor taught me. Do you think it is possible for me to make the jump to 2300? I am willing to work 6 hours a day for two weeks and 12 hours a day for a whole week (thanksgiving break). I am at least looking to regain my score of 2160. My email is ticmacs@gmail.com

    • Rob says:

      It’s definitely possible to at least regain those points, but you need to figure out why exactly you went down in the first place – i.e. what questions you got wrong this time, what problems you may have had, etc. Once you determine your current issues, you can then work to address them. Feel free to contact me (click the link in the navbar above) to ask me specific questions!

  • Nina says:

    It has always been a dream of mine to study at Harvard someday and so far, I think I may have a small chance of getting in. SAT’s are looming, and I’ve started studying, but I was just curious – how high does your score have to be if you want a shot at getting into a school like Harvard?

    • Rob says:

      I can give you the scores for the middle 50% of test takers – that is, the scores of the twenty-fifth to seventy-fifth percentiles:

      Critical Reading: 700/800
      Math: 710/790
      Writing: 710/800

      So to be in the middle of the pack, you’d probably need something like 750 on each section. Not an easy task!

  • Emm says:

    Hello, I know this may seem ambitious but my current SAT practice score is at an 1800 and I’m looking to score at least above 2000 (2100+ preferably). My first practice test was in the 1700’s (I don’t really remember) then I went down on a second one I took (though I wasn’t concentrating) and now without studying much in between, I’ve reached an 1800. Although I do believe the score increase is caused by the fact I have familiarized with the test, I still am quite anxious. I am really determined to get as high of a score as possible. I’m currently in my sophomore year of high school (I do not live in the US) and I am ready to practice as much as possible to maximize my score. Is 400 points in a year feasible?
    Thank you

    • Rob says:

      It’s definitely feasible, given that you’re starting to study so early. It will also help to do well in your math & English courses, as the skills you learn there will translate well to the SAT. NOTE: In Fall of 2014 the College Board might be releasing a new version of the PSAT (with the first new version of the SAT coming out in Spring 2015). You will still be able to take the regular SAT through next fall, and they may not even change the test until two years from now, but just keep that in mind. If you want more info, feel free to contact me by email.

  • Datta says:


    I got a 1500 on my first attempt, no practise, no preparation.

    Now i have 10 weeks to prepare, i want a score in excess of 2100.

    Can i do this big a jump?


    • Rob says:

      It is a huge jump, but it’s not an impossible one. It will require consistent effort and smart preparation, though. So definitely get started ASAP and commit yourself to studying at least 1.5 hours per day over the next 10 weeks. There are lots of resources on this site that can help you with your studying, so take a look, and let me know if you have any questions!

  • Hussain says:

    Hey Rob,

    I am going to give my SAT in 7 days (next Saturday) and right now my average practice test score is around 1850. I am currently doing 2 practice tests each day. I am especially having trouble with the long passage comprehension questions. My goal is to score close to 2100 but I’m really stressed out because my practice test scores aren’t where I want them to be. I know I don’t have a lot of time left but could you maybe give me some advice on how to improve on the reading section? Also, will you be willing to grade an essay if I sent you one?


    • Rob says:

      The main thing you should focus on right now is figuring out what exactly is giving you trouble in those long sections. Is it an issue with vocabulary? Do you run out of time? Do you have a hard time following the argument of the passage? Do you get stuck between two choices and pick the wrong one? Do you omit any questions? (Your passage omits should be as close to 0 as possible.) Do you consistently get hard questions wrong, or a mix of difficulties? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself to narrow down what is holding you back. If you figure out specific answers to any of these question types, feel free to follow up by e-mail!

      I actually offer essay grading through the Members Area of my site. I can’t offer free essay grading because I would likely be swamped with requests. Since I make a personal advice video for each essay, I simply don’t have the time to help everyone!

  • arwa says:

    hi i’m from turkey i’ll take the SAT exam after 5 monthes, i need to get 1250 “550 in math” i took the exam the last year, i actually didn’t do very well, do you think that i can improve myself in just 5 monthes? and what do i need? i don’t use the english language here and it’s hard for me to improve it and about the math i’m going to math course “they teache in turkish language” and my biggest problem that i don’t understand the questions in math, i did well in the reading and writing the last year “i get what i want” but i’m really scared from the math

    • Rob says:

      You can definitely improve your math in 5 months as long as you commit to consistent practice. Start with the Math Diagnostic Test on my site, and then move on to the Math Bootcamp series to review any concepts you need help with. Then move on to the Math Tactics series to see how to solve actual practice SAT math problems. Practice & work a little each day, and in five months you’ll see some gains!

  • The Bij says:


    I have taken a few practice SATs, and am at a 1900. I have about five months and would like to see a 300 or more point increase.

    Also, I want to take the SAT subject test for math level II. Can I study for the SAT math section and the subject test at the same time? What subject tests share material with the SAT so that I can study for them mostly at the same time?

    • Rob says:

      SAT Math and Math II Subject Test are very different in style & content. You can study for them concurrently, but note that studying for one absolutely won’t suffice to prepare for the other. Make sure you have separate College Board materials for each test so that you can prepare for each the best you can.

      As for other overlap, the Literature Subject Test overlaps a bit with the Reading, but again it will be more specialized and difficult than the standard reading section. Give a practice test a shot and see what you think about it before committing to it.

  • Caroline E says:

    Hi Mr. Rob!
    I just received my scores for the December SAT (the only one I’ve taken thus far):
    680 CR
    720 Math
    780 Writing.
    I’m a Junior, and I will retake the SAT in March. I desperately need to improve my CR score in order to get into a college I’m eyeing. I practiced with my Princeton Review books for the last SAT, but I’m always horribly confused when it comes to reading comprehension. I find that the answer choices are all the same/ambiguous to say the least. Vocabulary words are also very difficult for me to learn, just straight out of a study book. My target score would be a 2300+, so do you have any advice for me?

    • Rob says:

      You are super close to a top score in CR already, so I don’t think you need a huge overhaul of your strategy. I don’t know what the breakdown was between your sentence completions & passages, but I assume most of your points were lost on passage questions. So between now and then you should focus most of your practice time on passages. As you stated, the tricky part for you will be evaluating the choices carefully, and the key is paying attention to every single word in the answer choices. Sometimes a single word can be the difference between a correct or incorrect choice. I talk about this in detail in the Critical Reading Bootcamp videos; you can check some of them out on this site or Youtube.

      For vocab, I recommend a software solution, such as Anki or Quizlet. Some students find them more useful than the traditional flash cards. Learning them straight from a study book is, indeed, the worst option. I recommend focusing on the most common words first – if you download my vocab list, you’ll find those words from Levels 1-3.

  • Morgan says:

    Hi, I got an 1870 on my first SAT without studying, and my goal is a 2200. My best section was the math, and I got an 8 on my essay. How often would you say to study for the one this Spring?

    • Rob says:

      Study consistently, not intermittently. So if you study 3-4 days per week for 1.5 hours per session you should see some solid results in the long term. If you study in huge cram sessions here and there, the results probably won’t be as good.

  • Reem says:

    Hello Mr.Rob,

    This site is very motivating cuz most of the others say its”impossible” to improve your score by 600+ -_-… I have my first SAT on 25 Jan and I want to ace this at once. My current diagnostic score is a 1770. I can send you my score report to your email. I desperately need your advice on increasing my score by 600+ in this short period of time!!!! Can you give me some advice on my email, please?(after reviewing my score report). I know I can do it, it’s just that I need an effective study schedule. Currently i have my winter break till 20 Jan, so I’m free almost the whole day. Please Mr.Rob, help me to achieve my dream of getting a 2300+!!!!
    Thank you,

  • Mohamed Mugasa says:

    Hello there I have been trying to improve my SAT score for awhile now. Im Junior I have taken only the Psat and scored 1420. I be planing to take the SAT in about 2-3 month. I asking if its possible to increase my score to the 1800+. What are the requirements, and how much I will need to study. Also what is best to in order to achieve my SAT goal. I have looked through most of your vids. I m asking if you can email me, the essential, and tools what I will need to improve on my score. Thank you very much if you can help on my needs.

    • Rob says:

      It’s impossible to say how much you’ll need to study because everyone is different, but I can say that committing to a consistent study plan (1.5 hours per day, 5 days a week) should yield you score gains. With enough time, consistency, and effort, an 1800 is definitely possible. If you haven’t already, check out the Study Guide on this page for your score goal (1700, 1800, and 1900) – it will provide you with a step-by-step plan to increase your scores.

  • Ming says:

    I took my 1st PSAT in my freshman year and got a score of 140 w/o studying. (Don’t remember the individual scores)
    I took my 2nd PSAT in my junior year (this year) and got a score of 188 w/o studying. (CR:55 Math:73 W:60)
    My goal is a perfect 2400 of course (lol) but my minimum goal is for a 2100.
    I know that I should study b4 taking the SAT but I’m not sure when I should take it. (It’s Jan. 03, 2014 currently)
    How can I improve my CR (I got 15/48 wrong) n W (I got 7/39 wrong) scores? (Don’t wanna read a bunch and look through the dictionary ‘_’)
    I also got 3/38 of the math problems wrong. (1 is omitted)

    • Rob says:

      The best way to improve your reading is not to look through the dictionary or read but rather to do practice passages. There’s no way around it – you’ll need to do practice sections of reading so that you can get a hang of the question types, trap answers, etc. Check out the Critical Reading Bootcamp for guidance on how to tackle the passages effectively.

      The Writing is easier to improve simply because it repeats the same errors & patterns. Check out the Grammar Diagnostic Test on my site to learn which rules you need to review, and then learn those rules by viewing the relevant Grammar Bootcamp videos. Then view the relevant Grammar Tactics videos to see those rules applied to real SAT questions.

  • Jenn says:

    Is a 400 for a sophomore in high school on a PSAT good???

    • Rob says:

      Not sure which section you’re referring to, but I’m not sure about the percentile for a 400 for a sophomore on any section, and it probably varies greatly based on whether you’re talking about the math, reading, and writing. Sorry for the lack of answer to that one.

  • Ajan Laven says:

    I need to get a 2000 – 2200 on the SAT. I just have many questions, how to improve on all of the sections and what techniques should I use for these sections. Thanks!

    • Rob says:

      Start with the Study Guide for 2000, 2100, and 2200 located on this page. This should give you a starting framework for how to study. As for how to improve on the sections and what techniques to use, that’s what my videos are for! If you have any specific questions, let me know!

  • Vasu says:

    My sat is in 10 days. I always get a score of 1750 in my sat. What should I do now to get to 2050??

  • Josh says:

    Hey, I am a Junior in high school. I got a 1400 on my SAT. I wasn’t that good of a student when I was in 6th-8th grade. It wasn’t that I had a learning disability, I just fooled around during class and never payed attention. When I got to high school, I started to take school more seriously. I started to enroll in AP and honors classes including in subjects like science and history. I really want a 2000-2150. I know this is a significant increase from a 1400 but I am willing to do anything to achieve this score. I only have 6 months or so to achieve this goal. Please give me advice and hope.


    • Rob says:

      Well you’re certainly giving yourself plenty of time. The fact that you are taking rigorous courses bodes well for your chances of scoring higher. If you put the same commitment into your SATs as you did your coursework, you should see some nice gains. Now I can’t guarantee you’ll hit your target, but it is possible with the right approach & proper practice regimen. Start on this page and download the Study Guide for the next level up from your starting point – so the 1700, 1800, 1900 study guide. Start there and practice until you can hit that score consistently. Then download the 2000, 2100, and 2200 study guide to make it the rest of the way 🙂 This site has all you need to prepare for the SAT, so explore it thoroughly, and let me know if you have any questions!

  • Don says:

    Hey Rob! I have watched your videos and so far it is very helpful however I have never taken the SAT’s before but this is my last year in high school and I kind of only want to take it once if that is anyway possible. My biggest problems are constants and those graphs that deal with constants and some integer problem (consecutive numbers), and slopes. What can I do?

    • Rob says:

      Start with the Math Bootcamp and watch all the videos (or only the relevant ones for the topics you mentioned if time is an issue). Then download the four tests on my site & use the SAT Blue Book to practice sections & questions on those topics. In addition, the Math Tactics series may be beneficial to you, as I show you how to solve the problems on those four tests in quick, efficient, and effective ways.

  • Shivain says:

    I’m getting around 2000 at the sat practice tests, what do I need to do on a daily basis to achieve a great score, somewhere around like 2300. I’m taking it in may 2014

    • Rob says:

      First thing, download the Study Guide for 2300 and 2400. Use that to give the basic outline of your study schedule.

      I don’t know enough about how your scores breakdown to give you super specific information, but definitely commit to at least 1.5 hours per day of studying. Be consistent – the more days you skip, and the more days you “cram” to make up for it, the less efficient and effective your practice will be.

      Based on your score, I can offer these general pieces of targeted advice:

      MATH: Focus on the hard math questions. You’ll need to get every single one correct to have a chance at 2300.

      READING: Focus on your passages, but also work on your vocabulary. You’ll have a bit more room to get a few wrong in this section, but if you’re vocab isn’t strong, you likely won’t have great chance at the 750+.

      WRITING: Practice your hard grammar questions. In addition, make sure you can score 10-12 consistently on the essay.

  • Bemnet Abera says:

    Hello!! I’m a Junior and I took my first SAT exam in January and received a score of a 1540 (Reading 48, Math 48, Writing, 58)…. I’m not proud of my score and am really worried about getting accepted to my goal/reach schools. I will be taking the one in March as well as in June and most likely any date after those months. Is it likely (if I study of course) that I could possibly score a 1700-1800 by June maybe?

    • Rob says:

      Absolutely, that’s an achievable goal! 100 point per section is definitely doable. Start by downloading the Study Guide for your score goal on this page and then follow the steps. Practice consistently (1.5 hours per day if possible) rather than cramming intermittently for best results.

  • Nikki says:

    Hi! I got a 183 on the PSATS and my parents expect me to get a 2300 o 2400 on the SATs, which I am taking next week. I have had a constant studying method since August, but I still keep getting 2100s. I there any way I could improve this week? Please let me know and wish me luck!

    • Rob says:

      Focus on hard questions – get as many hard math, grammar & reading questions as you can and do them over & over until you understand them inside and out. Judging from your scores, it’s likely that you’re missing most of your points on these hard questions, so make it your mission to master them and you should have some better luck next week!

  • Alexis says:

    I am a 7th grader who took DUKE TIP for the first time, so this was my first time taking the SAT. I only got a 1400. People keep telling me that is a good score for a 7th grader, but it doesn’t feel like it. Other kids I know got 1500- 1900 , at MY age! Do you think this program could increase my score by atleast 400 points by next January 2015?

    • Rob says:

      The videos could very likely help you improve your score, though I’m not sure if it could help you by that many points. Keep in mind that the SAT is changing, so by the time you take it in high school it will be a different test. The first new SAT is coming out in the Spring of 2016.

  • Ron says:

    Hi rob!! I’m a Junior and I took my first SAT exam January 25th and received a score of a 1530 (Reading 490, Math 530, Writing, 500 I’m in no way ashamed of my score however I would like to go to The University of Pennsylvania and their standards according to the Collegeboard are Critical Reading: 670-760, Math: 690-780, Writing: 690-780. I will be taking the one in June and again in October as a Senior. Is it likely that I could possibly score a 2100?

    • Rob says:

      I don’t know anything about you in particular but it’s not impossible to increase your scores to 2100. It will take a lot of work, though. Be consistent with your practice – if you put in 1 to 1.5 hrs of work per day in the spring & summer, you may have a chance at achieving your goal. Make sure you download the 1700, 1800, and 1900 study guide first and master that before you move on to the next level. Once you can score 1800 consistently on practice tests, move on to the 2000, 2100, and 2200 study guide.

  • BarzyAwat says:

    hey Mr. Rob I know you get this a lot but I want an advice from a professional. I had a 1320 on my last sat I can say I was prepared but I got really nervous which crushed me onto my knees and the result as you can see was drastic, and I was just wondering I have almost 8 weeks left would be possible to raise it to 1900-2000 at least I would dedicate all my time to it my current score is 530 math,420 writing, and 370 in critical reading and Mr. Rob my favorite section is the cc like I’ve done practices and got nothing wrong but on the test I just froze literally. So any advice like I dedicate at least 5-6 hours a day which I don’t mind because I kinda like studying for the sat.

    • Rob says:

      It’s impossible to say whether you can bump your scores that much in that period of time, but it’s definitely not impossible. The key is to make sure you’re prepared for the pressure of the testing environment. If you get nothing wrong when practicing, that means it’s likely that anxiety is messing with your memory & performance. One way to defeat this is to do full practice tests – have someone else proctor the exam for you and try to make it a real test environment as much as you can. The more realistic, the better practice you’ll get. Otherwise, more preparation can certainly help. Download the Study Guide for 1500 and 1600 first and work your way through that. Once you can get 1500-1600 consistently, move on to the next Study Guide (1700, 1800, 1900). Practice at least 1.5 hours per day – and be consistent!

  • Krishna says:

    Hello! I went through an intense sat prep program but ended up with my 1st score(1920) being lower than what I had been scoring(2000). When I looked at my q/a responses I found that I had gotten 7-8 questions wrong in the last writing section in a row and this hurt my score very very much. I practiced daily or as often as I could December-March( scoring 2200-2300+) and took it again on march 8. but I feel like I messed up again. My problem is that I know how to do everything but when the actual test comes I rush or overlook easy answers. I intend to take it again on May 3rd but I do not know if I should spend more time reviewing? Can you please give me advice on this final chance? I am getting my results tomorrow :/

    • Rob says:

      Did you ever do full, real SAT test under timed conditions for your practice? If not, that might be something to try so that you can get used to the pressure of completing the test in those conditions. I’m afraid I can’t give you much more specific advice without knowing more about which questions you got wrong, the score breakdowns, etc. If you’d like, feel free to send me your score report from your March test and I can give you some more specific advice!

  • san says:

    Hey Rob! I’m in grade 10, I plan to take my SAT in December which is almost eight months from now. I haven’t started anything yet, but I will start my preparation as soon as I receive your reply. Is there a specific method to follow to score anywhere between 2250 to 2400? Can you please suggest me some good practice books that will help me. Also do I need to read more and more novels and other books to improve my vocabulary and command over English? I’m committed towards giving in adequate hard work required to achieve anywhere between 2250 to 2400. Basically I wish to know about every step that I should take and every method I should follow to reach to my goal, just need your guidance and help. My dream college is Stanford, what else do I need to do to get into it. Which tests apart from the SAT am I supposed to take and how should I improve my CV so that its good enough for Stanford? Please help me!

    • Rob says:

      The approach to studying for a 2250+ is detailed in the Study Guide for 2300 and 2400, so I suggest you start there. The first thing you’ll need to do is get a baseline, so taking a complete practice test (under timed conditions) will give you your starting point.

      As for practice books, the only one I recommend is the College Board’s Official Study Guide for the SAT (the Blue Book). Only use real SAT questions for practice; using questions made by third-parties (like Kaplan, Princeton Review) isn’t as helpful because the questions won’t be quite like what you’ll find on the real thing. If you’re looking for strategy, I recommend my video series on this website. I cover every strategy, question type, and fact you need to know to succeed on this test.

      As for getting into Stanford, here’s the formula:
      1) High GPA with a rigorous schedule (Honors, AP Courses, etc.)
      2) High SAT & SAT Subject Test Scores
      3) Extracurricular Activities & Leadership
      4) Excellent admissions essays
      5) Excellent letters of recommendation

      Since it’s so early in the process for you, make sure you have enough of #3, and of course work as hard as you can to make sure you’ve got #1 and #2!

  • mazen says:

    Hi, well i took my SAT last year and scored 1590 on my first October trial and now i am entering my May and June trials with a 1910 score (math750 reading530 writing630 essay6) and i need a lot of help to score 2000+. I started recently about a week or so and finished solving the Barron’s and Cambridge books (writing sections only) and i want to find a way to increase my reading and writing scores especially the essay. so plz email me and thank you.

  • John says:

    Hey Rob.

    So I was not the most academic focused kid…like in 5th and 6th grade I was always fooling around but it hit me in 8th grade that I have to good on the sats and in school. My parents are really smart and are getting well paid and I have a twin sister who is very smart. I take few Honors and AP classes, but not in English or math. I’m a junior and I just the took sat without studying in March and I got 1400, I do not know how that I happened. My parents are really bad cause my sister got a 2200. I have June and October to take the test. I have to get a 2000. I know you said to go from a 1400 to 2000 is reverse trend yielding from years of academic neglect. I need to improve my score I have 5-6 months to study hard. When I am really focused I really do work hard, I made varsity basketball as a sophomore when I did not make the team the in 8th or 9th grade. I am willing to put the hours I just need the right outlook and plan. Please help, I know you hate getting these type of message since you probably think this kid is all about talk, but will never put in the work. I am really focused and want to achieve this score. Please respond, Thank You!!

    • Rob says:

      Hi John – don’t worry, I don’t hate getting these kinds of messages. This is what I’m here for 🙂

      Well right now you need to get a more complete diagnosis of your current status. A 1400 could mean a lot of different things. If you’d like, you should send me your score report & I’ll provide you with specific directions on where to go from this point forward. I describe this free SAT Audit service here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MJ1c3S8LIU

  • Trinh Ha says:

    I took SAT and got 2210 (Math 750, CR 730 and Writing 730) last October and would aim to a higher score >2300. I plan to take it again this October and have about 4 months to study. It is not easy but I would try my best. What technique/material should I start with to achieve my goal?
    Thank you and have a good day.

    • Rob says:

      The most important thing you need to do is focus on the hardest of the hard questions in all the sections. Get as many SATs as you can and drill those hard questions until you understand them completely. Of course, you also want to avoid making mistakes on the easier questions, so make sure you supplement your training with completing full sections & full practice tests.

  • Sumedha says:

    Hey, I’m writing my SAT for the first time on 3rd May. However, I just wrote a online practice test on the CollegeBoard website and I got a mere 1700.

    How do I improve my SAT score to at least a 2200 in 7 days?!

  • Maggie says:

    Hi. I’m an international student planning to take the SAT. I’m getting around 1900 in practice test and I’m aiming for at at least 2100 by the end of the summer. I’ve been using the Princeton review but I can’t boost my score any higher than 1960. I’ve watched all of ur videos and they’ve been a huge help! Do u suggest the Barrons 2400 SAT book if I’m trying to get 2100+? Also, can I have more information in regards to your online tutoring sessions, e.g. fees and what topics u cover?
    Many thanks!

    • Rob says:

      The Barron’s 2400 Book isn’t bad, but it’s not great for the reading, and honestly I’d just say you need to get a bunch of real SATs and use those for practice material. The issue with the Barron’s Book is that the questions sometimes don’t match 100% with what you’ll find on real SATs, and there’s not much sense studying stuff that won’t appear on the test.

      If you’ve found my videos useful so far, you might get more value out of the Members Area of my site, where I have hundreds more videos that cover every SAT topic in depth. You can learn more about it here: https://reasonprep.com/enroll/

      As for online tutoring, you can find information on that here: https://reasonprep.com/online-tutoring/ I tutor every section of the SAT as well as other topics!

  • Maggie says:

    Does taking both the SAT and ACT beneficial when applying to more selective colleges?

    • Rob says:

      There’s no advantage to doing both in itself, but doing both tests allows you to figure out which one’s your stronger test. Some do better on the SAT, some the ACT, so figure out which one’s your strength & then focus all your studying efforts on that one!

  • Medwin says:


    I am taking three SAT subject tests in two weeks, and I really want to know the best way to increase my score. I don’t really have an option of redoing them, and to be perfectly honest, other than school classes, I haven’t had time to review anything. I do understand that it is a pretty unrealistic goal, but I need to increase my score by at least 500 points, I just don’t know how to study properly for them. Can you please offer some advice?

    • Rob says:

      Could you email me directly? I need to know more information, such as which three subject tests you are taking and how you are doing on practice tests. Go to “Contact” in the navbar above to send me an email.

  • Stephanie Khaguli says:

    I’m a Kenyan (international) student looking to improve my SAT scores to 2300+. On practice tests I’ve been consistently scoring in the 2100-2200 range but on my first SAT attempt in May, exam jitters and one dumb mistake knocked my score down to 1990. Anyway that’s in the past 🙂 and the experience really made me feel like I can beat the exam if I retake it this October. Currently, the books I’m working with are Barron’s, Barron’s 2400 and collegeboard. I’m really determined to get these scores, any advice would be wonderful, thanks!

    • Rob says:

      I have quite a bit of advice, but much of it is already written down on this site & located in my videos, so I suggest you browse around and see what you can find 🙂 I will say that the first experience of the test will serve you will because you’ll understand the process and be better prepared to score your highest on the next test.

      One word of caution – be careful with Barron’s Books, especially Barron’s 2400, because their problems (especially reading & sometimes writing and math) aren’t quite accurate. It’s best to stick with the Collegeboard book & other sources of real SATs – you want to use the real stuff as much as you can! So when you say your scores were 2100-2200, that may not mean as much if those were practice tests from Barron’s. However, Barron’s can be useful for targeted practice questions (on particular topics) and for some basic strategy.

      If you have any specific questions, let me know! 🙂

  • Jenna says:

    Hi, I took the SAT for the first time in November and got a 1680, 580 reading, 580 writing and 520 math. But a want to increase my score to at least a high 1800, low 1900’s. Is that possible? I am going to take another SAT in two weeks and I know it is probably not enough time to make significant improvements but what do you suggest I do? If you have any suggestions to help me increase my score it would be greatly appreciated . Thank You

    • Rob says:

      Sure, it’s definitely possible – you’re looking for a 120 point gain, minimum, which can be attained with a few tweaks. The main thing you should do right now is identify your weak areas in Math (algebra, geometry, sequences, or what?), in Grammar (verbs? sentence structure?) and Reading (likely to be the Passages). Then spend your time over the next two weeks targeting those weak points. I also suggest checking out the SAT Crash Course – it condenses my teachings into a quick few hours: https://reasonprep.com/sat-crash-course/

  • Ben Xiang says:

    Hi. I took the SAT as an 8th grader, and to be honest, i was pretty disappointed. I had scored 2100+ on practice tests, but when i took the actual test i scored a measly 1840(Math:640 Writing: 620 Reading: 580) May I have some advice on how to get into that 2100+ range?

    • Rob says:

      Well there’s plenty of advice on this page alone on how to get a 2100; however, the SAT will have a new format by the time you need to take it for “real” for college admissions. If you need to take the test for some other reason, such as a placement exam, then go ahead and download the Study Guide on this page for 2000, 2100, and 2200. Make sure you are using real SAT practice tests and nothing from third parties, and when you take tests, try to make them as realistic as possible (timed, all sections in a row, etc.) If you’d like to follow-up by email, go ahead!

  • Jessica says:

    Hey I just took the may SAT and got a 1600 and it is my second time taking it but with my tutor I have been getting 1850? Do you think I can reach that 1850 but I also want to know why I am not reaching that score? I really want to get from an 1800 to 1900 and if I can score higher that would be amazing. Please tell why this happened and give me advice 🙂 much appreciated!

    • Rob says:

      This is not at all uncommon. I can’t say for sure why you didn’t hit your practice score, but there could be a number of factors, including:

      1) Perhaps you didn’t use real SATS for practice. (Blue Book tests, for example, can sometimes be a bit goofy.)

      2) Perhaps you didn’t do full tests in test-like conditions. And even if you did practice under the most realistic conditions possible, nothing can replace the authentic test experience – you know that it’s not “practice” anymore, and some people react differently under those conditions. Also, you likely don’t do TEN sections for your practice SATs because practice tests don’t include the 10th (experimental) section.

      3) Perhaps you froze up during the real test, or got nervous, and fell back into your previous bad habits.

      4) Perhaps you got lucky on your practice tests, or you had some bad luck on your real one.

      Some or all of these might be true for you. The only path forward is to continue learning & working hard. If any of the above are true, change your practice strategies accordingly. What about luck? Well, as “they” say, luck comes to those who are prepared! 😀

  • theessayboy says:

    hello sir , i took my first sat on 3rd may 2014 and scored 1844 with essay score 7/12 (in 12th grade) and i am aiming for 2300 +in the next sat that i am giving on 7th june 2014.
    i prepared for about 3 weeks for my first sat . i used barons for the rules of grammar , ‘how to write a killer sat essay in 25 minutes or less by tom clements ‘ for the essay and blue book for the practice tests and i completed all of them . at that time my usual score was 1900-2000 and maximum i gained was 2148 considering 12/12 in essay (in all tests.).
    since i want admission in MIT i wanna get 2300 + in june 7th sat . currently i am referring to– kaplan 2400, barrons , kaplan 12 prac tests , killer sat essay and blue book . I had done all blue book tests before the may sat , but repeated them for the june sat. my best score is 2384 and average is 2250 (again considering all of them 12/12 in essay ) i consider they these score are not real as I’ve repeated the tests , so i took the original sat tests from your website and have done 3 of them so far with heights 2100 (essay 12/12) in the 2007 test .
    i got 740 in maths , 710 + 67 in writing and 540 in CR.
    as u can see the worst part is the CR for me. sometimes i do get near 620 but its only sometimes .
    please guide me further about CR and recommend any book if necessary for CR practice.
    And i would also appreciate any extra advise. thank you sir . please reply asap as my sat is approaching.

    • Rob says:

      The reading is generally the hardest section to improve on because it basically tests your reading skill & vocabulary, both of which are built over years of practice. So short term improvement is difficult without a real commitment. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to improve your vocabulary much in the next week, so focus instead on the reading passages. You need to do as many passages as you can over the next few days, and more important spend time after you complete the section going over each and every question and each and every answer choice so that you understand why the answers are what they are. Check out the Critical Reading Bootcamp & SAT Crash Course for much more information on how to tackle the reading section.

  • Romy Lily says:

    I’m just in need of a little piece of mind! Im a UK student and took the SAT for the first time today and carelessly left quite a few stray markings on my answer sheet ( by that I mean light markings AWAY from the circles). Im not so familiar with how the scanners work so Im hoping this would not affect my score? Any advice would be much appreciated… and will definitely be using your videos for when I re-sit!
    Best Regards,

    • Rob says:

      Most likely it shouldn’t affect anything. However, if your score does seem super low and you suspect your stray marks are the cause, you can request the Score Verification Service and they will score the test by hand.

  • Tanmay Pagar says:

    Hey! I am going to give SAT 2016. I’ve heard that the pattern is going to change that year. So should I buy the official guide?? And is IGCSE board going to help me?? Please tell me all the other essentials needed to score 2400 in this test. I desperately need to get in one of the best colleges in the US so please help me. Email me your opinion at t*********@*******.com
    Thank You

  • Shubham Sharma says:

    Sir I am a Indian Student I gave the SAT in May and got 1640 with 630 in math 530 in writing and 480 in critical reading Sir I wanted to increase my scores upto 2200 and I am thinking of giving the SAT in October so I have 4 months in hand for preparation can I achieve it because I did everything I can to get high marks but I was unsuccessful, Is it possible reply soon and also tell more about preparation.

    • Rob says:

      I can’t say for sure whether you’ll hit 2200 because I don’t know much about your background, but solid score increases are definitely possible. As for preparation, start by downloading the Study Guide for 1700, 1800, and 1900 and follow the steps for each section. There’s a ton of information on prep throughout this website & my videos, so let me know if you have any more specific questions!

  • John Co says:

    Hello i took the SAT in March and got 1600. i will be a Senior next year, i need a SAT score 2000 – 2200 to get a scholarship. can you please give me some advices to achieve my goal? Btw english is not my first language, so i have a hard time to learn new vocabs and grammar. So please help me out. Thanks!

    • Rob says:

      Since you say that English isn’t your first language, that just means you’ll have to put in even more effort than the typical student. Most native speakers don’t score in the 2000-2200 range, so you’ll have to work that much harder to achieve your goal. The best I can say at this point is download the study guide for 1700, 1800, and 1900 and start there. Analyze your weak points & work to improve them; then complete full practice sections and then full practice tests as the test date gets closer. I’d recommend 3 – 4.5 hours of SAT studying for you per day over the summer.

  • Divya says:

    I am a rising sophomore, and as you know, the new SAT will be released in Spring of 2016 (spring of my junior year). I was wondering if I should take both the old and the new SATs, or if I should only take the new one. In addition, I was wondering if students will be allowed to take the old SAT in 2016. Finally, I wanted to know if reasonprep has resources for the ACT.

    Thank You,

    With Kind Regards,

  • Ramanpreet says:

    Hi my name is Ramanpreet, I going into senior year and I got a 1530 after taking my first sat! I need to get a 2100 by October and don’t know if that’s possible and how it will be possible! Please help I need someone to guide me in the right direction.

    • Rob says:

      Start by targeting 1800. Download the study guide on this page for 1700, 1800, and 1900, and start following the steps for each section. Once you get 1800+ consistently, then move on to the 2000, 2100, 2200 study guide. Don’t try to jump all the way from 1500 to 2100 in one go; work your way there step by step!

  • Joe says:

    I’m taking the SAT’s in October for the last time, I just took it in June, I got a 1450. I need to get a 2000 by October or something very close to that, so I am willing to do anything for 4 months to achieve this score. What procedures will I have to take to see substantial improvement? Also, have you witnessed or heard anyone achieve a jump this big?


    • Rob says:

      I go in a lot of detail about the best study methods in the videos & articles on this site, but here is a quick summary for your situation: practice 3 hrs per day, 5-6 days per week. Download the study guide for 1700, 1800, 1900 and follow the steps for each section. Once you can get 1800 consistently, then move on to the next level. I have heard of people making that kind of extraordinary improvement, but those are cases in which the student puts in an extraordinary amount of effort. So start now, do a little bit every day, and you should at the very least raise your scores on the October test.

  • Jackie Cappelli says:

    Hi I took the SAT in march 2014, and June 2014.
    First time I got a 410 on critical reading, 520 on math, and 500 on writing
    Second time I got a 450 on critical reading, 500 math, and 470 on the writing.
    I plan on taking it for the 3rd time in October, so I have from now on until October. I have really lost hope… but looking at this makes me have motivation. I need the right guidance to at least bring up my score to 1800.. is it possible?

    • Rob says:

      It’s definitely possible! You’re looking for a gain of about 100 points per section, and with the right dedication and practice, you can get there. Check out the Study Guides on this page & my video series for guidance. Start with the Study Guide for 1700, 1800, and 1900.

  • Bob says:

    On the June 7th sat, my overall score was an 1850. 540 cr 740 math 570 writing. I was wondering if your program would help me achieve a 650+ on both the cr and writing before October.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, my program can definitely help you. The writing should be pretty straightforward, as the grammar rules are repetitive and limited in number. The reading will be more of a challenge, so you’ll have to commit more time to it, but if you can improve your passages, anything is possible.

  • Sophia says:

    In my sophmore year, I took the psat and scored a 143 and then on two other sat practice tests, I got a 1620 and a 1650. I studied extensively for this point increase and my whole life was basically dedicated to the SAT. Last month, as a junior I took the SAT and I got a 1590 even after studying sooo much. I really want an 1800 but there are only 2 test dates left before college applications start. Do you think your videos will help me to achieve my desired score/

    • Rob says:

      I don’t know much about your background or how exactly you spent time studying, but it’s very possible my videos will provide you with insights and strategies that could help take you to the next level. If you haven’t already, check out my free series, the SAT Math Bootcamp & SAT Grammar Bootcamp, and see if they are helpful to you. If you get value out of them, you might then consider joining the Members Area.

  • Matador24 says:

    I took the SAT on June 7, 2014. I am in the middlenof summer vacation, and I am going to be taking the SAT again in November of my senior year, giving me roughly 13 weeks to study. I got a 1640 on the SAT in June, with barely any preparation. I really need a 2300+, due to my 3.16 GPA. My parents have worked so hard to keep me here and give me a good education, and I don’t want to let thwm down. I’ve been so dissapointing to them, and I want to make them proud of me, just for once. I’m willing to spend my whole day if it is required to get that high of a score. Would it be possible for you to help me come up with a study plan? I will be thankfulfpr the rest of my life if you can do me this favor. Thank you so much for your time! !

    • Rob says:

      I have quite a bit of information on this page alone that might help you come up with a study plan. Even though you want a 2300+, start with the study guide for 1700, 1800, and 1900. You have to focus on a few hundred points at a time; once you hit 1800+ consistently, then move up to the next level. The general approach to your study schedule should be the following: 5-6 days per week, 3-4.5 hours per day. Be consistent. Don’t take multiple days off, and don’t cram intermittently. Do a little bit every day over the next 3 months and you should see some score gains. How high can you go? I can’t say for sure, but you certainly can increase your scores if you put in the study time.

  • Jenny says:

    I enrolled in Kaplan classes in hopes to increase my SAT score from a 1730 (I took it in eighth grade) to about 2300. After taking it in june of my freshman year, my score only went up to 1820. Do you have any advice on how to bring it up?

    • Rob says:

      Not sure what your timeline looks like, but are you going to be a sophomore next year? If so, you’d actually be in line for the New SAT in Spring 2016. Perhaps this might be why you are expediting the process (to take the old test). Assuming for now that you’re taking the old test, I’d invite you to explore my website. In particular, check out the study guides on this page, the Ebook, and the SAT Encyclopedia. I have a lot of general information there on how to raise your scores. If you have any specific questions about your situation, feel free to contact me!

  • Ash says:

    Hi Rob! I am a rising senior with an initial SAT score of 1560. Do you think it is possible to get above a 2000 if I am to start a rigorous study program now, before I take the SAT in October?

    Please help.

    • Rob says:

      Certainly you’re looking for a big jump (440 points) but anything is possible, especially if you put in a lot of consistent effort between now and October. Work a little bit each day (3 to 4.5 hrs) and do so using the right approach & good practice materials. Check out the rest of my site (including this page!) for a lot of tips & strategies to help you focus your efforts.

  • Maggie says:

    Does the members section have videos explaining all the practice tests in the blue book? Like the test #10 vids on ur YouTube channel?

    • Rob says:

      Not currently, but Members can ask me any questions from any SAT and I will either e-mail them a text response OR create a custom, personal video to address their questions. I’ve had Members e-mail me a bunch of Blue Book questions, and in response I send them a private custom video in return 🙂

  • Amron Berhanu says:

    Hey, i just moved back to USA after spending about 5 years abroad and will be doing my senior year in high school. I have set my target for the SAT (2000+), but i have never taken it before. So, will two months provide me ample time to achieve my goals? What should/shouldnt i expect or focus on?
    Thank you and i would really appreciate if you send me important things concerning my case and the SAT on my email.
    Thanks again

    • Rob says:

      The first thing you need to do is figure out your starting point. I can’t give you any specific advice without knowing how far away you are from your goal, so download one of the tests on this site (or use the SAT Blue Book), take it under timed conditions, and then report back to me! Feel free to contact me directly by going to the “Contact” button in the navbar at the top of the site.

  • Shailaja says:

    Hello 🙂 I’ve found your site extremely useful ! I took the SAT a few months ago and I got an 1830. I’ve been trying really hard to bump it up – I’m aiming for a 2000 at least..a 2100 would be nice though. However, in my practice tests – I’ve done about 3 up till now after the exam and I’m stuck around 1800-1900…does this mean I don’t have the capacity to go further? I’m not understanding why I’m not moving…

    • Rob says:

      Just because you haven’t improve on the three tests doesn’t mean you can’t improve. The question is, however, what are you doing besides taking practice tests? If you are just doing practice tests, checking your answers, and then moving on to the next, likely all your doing is just practicing the same bad habits. Instead, you should carefully review each question (right, wrong, and omit) to confirm that you truly understand it and, if not, review the concepts & strategies necessary to do better next time. Go to the Downloads Section of this site & get the SAT Section Tracker. Use that to evaluate all your future practice sections 🙂

  • rajan says:

    hello sir
    i am junoir student .i have just finished my high school .now i m going to give sat probably this november 2014 .i m freshman and how could i manage my time to get 700 on all 3 sections.

    • Rob says:

      It depends on where you’re starting – have you taken a full practice test yet? If not, go ahead and take one and then download the Study Guide for the score goal 300 points above your current score – and start there!

  • Sri says:

    Hey Rob,
    im gonna take the SAT in two months and currently i have a 1910. what kind of work do i need to do to get a 2400? for example, how long should i work on each section everyday?

    • Rob says:

      Hard to give very specific information without knowing more about your situation, but I’d say spending 4.5 hrs per day total is a good bet. You want to be consistent – you can take a day off here and there, but you shouldn’t skip too many days and try to make up for it with cramming. I’d dedicate 1.5 hrs/day to each subject, so 1.5 hrs Math, 1.5 hrs Reading, and 1.5 hrs Writing. You can then adjust your plan based on your strengths – for example, if Reading is your toughest section, you might up the practice time for that section and take away time from your strongest section.

  • Yasmin says:

    Well, I’m helplessly stupid…. I got a 500 on the reading, a 550 on the math, and a 480 on the writing. I don’t understand how thats possible since I took and passed AP English and maintained a 90+ average in all my math classes and regents…. Help?

    • Rob says:

      Don’t be so harsh on yourself – as you say, your academics are very strong, so you have the fundamentals necessary to do well on this test. I’ve worked with many students who are strong students who nevertheless struggle with this test. Students in your situation often struggle because they treat the SAT as if it were like a school test when the SAT is pretty much totally unlike any school test you’ve ever taken and any you’ll take in the future. The key is to learn the rules, patterns, and idiosyncrasies of this test so that you can apply your knowledge & problem solving skills to beat it. Don’t give up! I encourage you to explore the rest of my site and videos, and let me know if you have any more Qs!

  • Olga says:

    Hey I’m taking the sat this October and my current score stinks! I need to get a 2000 and above! I need help please! Time is running out

    • Rob says:

      Well, there’s a lot I could say to help you out, but much of that information is located on this page & in my videos on Youtube. So I recommend you download the study guide for 1700, 1800, and 1900 first and follow the instructions as best you can for all three sections. Get started practicing today, and put in the time consistently over the next month. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

  • Aliza says:

    Hi Rob! I just started senior year this school year and I took my first SAT test in March 2014 when I was a junior. I scored in the 1300+ range so I was really disappointed because my goal was around 1800 or 1900. I have been studying over summer but it doesn’t seem to help much and I’m planning on taking the upcoming October test. Can you help me improve my score? Thank you!

    • Rob says:

      Download the Study Guide for 1500 & 1600 first – I recommend also taking the Grammar & Math Diagnostic tests so that you can identify where you need to improve. Also check out my Youtube channel for a lot of helpful vids!

  • phill says:

    hello.I am from Ghana. I have taken the SAT twice and my last score was 1430 (M460, CR480, W490). Its been about 8 months since I took the last SAT and I have forgotten some contents. I want to take the SAT again and I have only 3 months to prepare. This time am shooting for 2100+.
    How can I get this score increase?Please can u recommend any study plan for me? Like the hrs to study per day?
    Please help

    • Rob says:

      Going from 1500 to 2100 is possible but will be very difficult. Your first goal is to improve your score to 1800. Once you can get an 1800 consistently, then you can move on to improving to 2100.

      As for a study plan, I have study guides on this page that might help. Download the Study Guide for 1700, 1800, and 1900 first, and work through the instructions as best you can for all three sections. Practice every day consistently – at least 1.5 hrs – and you should see some gains.

  • Dhruv says:

    Hello Sir,
    i have my sat next month, on october 11. Its my first time and I want to score a perfect 2400. I have a pretty low high school gpa and hence, left with no choice but to get a perfect score on the SAT.
    I just wanted to know.. if i still have any chances of getting into a good university? I have done a college level course and some potent basketball certificates of the tournaments i had attended during high school. UC Berkeley and UIUC are my target, at the moment. I practice a lot everyday and i’d be glad if you’d just answer my queries and also, give me some tips. Here’s my email – email.thehero@gmail.com

    • Rob says:

      Sure, it all depends on what you get on the SAT & how your grades/extracurriculars shake out. Not everyone has perfect credentials, so as long as you do well on the SAT, you should be OK. As for tips, there’s way too many that I could give, especially since that’s such a general request. Feel free to browse this site – it’s packed with strategies & tactics to help you improve.

  • Jessica says:


    I have taken the SAT thrice and have not been performing well (1490, 1620, 1620). My ideal score would be 2300 and above, and what I am lacking of is Critical Reading. I have a month more to my SAT exam, am wondering if you could give some tips on how to improve the reading passages (both short and long) for Critical Reading. For math, I have been stuck in the high 680+s, so I’m wondering if theres any technique for me to surpass to 800. Email me back @ th.lastbreath@gmail.com

    • Rob says:

      Though your final goal is 2300, I’d make your first goal for your practice sections to break 1800. Then, when you can hit 1800 in your practice, go for 2000, and so on. I have a lot of information on both Critical Reading & Math on this site & on my Youtube channel, so explore all the videos to find all I have to offer! And let me know if you have any more questions!

  • harlee says:

    hi my name is harlee! My most recent sat score is an 1810 and i really want to be in the 2000 range. ive been doing practice test in the big blue book, but i still don’t feel prepared. i’m retaking the sat in october and its my last chance. i feel like i should work on math the most even though i scored a 60 on math and reading. I NEED HELP WITH EVERYTHING. ( except the essays)


    • Rob says:

      Since you need help with “everything,” I’m afraid I can’t give much specific advice beyond what you can find on my site & Youtube channel. I recommend checking out all the resources on this site, in particular those for the math (especially the Math Diagnostic Test & Math Bootcamp series – both free!) and seeing how you do. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me & I’ll give you some additional advice!

  • Elif says:

    Hello ,I am a senior. it took my first sat on december of junior year and I got a 1830,
    (480 C,800M,570W) I took it again in June and I got 1900 (570C,700M,630W). Now I am looking for ways to increase my score at least two hundred points,(650,800 750). I do reading passages, practice for writing and memorize words every day .I read what you wrote about how to score 2000,2100,2200 but I still do not know what to do to increase it. I am taking the test in October.Please email me or commend if you could recommend anything specific about my situation?

    • Rob says:

      How often are you doing practice passages/practice reading sections? You should try to do a practice reading section every day. Work through the section under timed conditions, check your answers, and review each and every question and answer choice. There’s no substitute for consistent, careful practice!

      Same idea with the grammar: work through a section per day and spend time after the section working through each question & each choice. Try to categorize the question by error type: subject-verb agreement, fragment, etc. I can’t tell you exactly what mistakes you are making without knowing more about your progress, so you’ll have to do that diagnosis yourself!

  • Suraj says:

    Hi! I took the SAT in June 2014 and scored a 1980. I’ve been doing prep since then and have been cracking 2240-2300 consistently on 5 practice exams from different prep books. I want to try and push past 2300 to around 2350. Do you have any suggestions on making 3-4 fewer mistakes?

    • Rob says:

      It’s really hard to say exactly what you can do for those last few mistakes without knowing what kinds of mistakes you’re making in particular. So that should be your first task: Figure out if there are any patterns in your mistakes, and then determine if there are any ways to correct those mistakes. Feel free to follow up with me if you find anything specific or have any questions! 🙂

  • Sudha says:

    Hello there,

    My daughter is a junior, she had been giving practice test and is kind of stuck at 1960. Goal is 2400 she took 4 week elite prep class, not sure if there test is difficult. She did very well once in grammar in practice test and got all correct but now for last 3 practice test she is getting only 560. Please help. She is diligent and hard working. Please advice. The first official test she will be giving in November.

    • Rob says:

      There’s a lot of resources on this site and on my Youtube channel that might help your daughter, but for Grammar I’d point you to the Grammar Diagnostic Test & Grammar Bootcamp. These two resources cover the majority of the rules necessary for the Writing section, and they’re available on this site for free.

  • Soban says:

    I got 1800 in my mock SAT will I get scores above this in the actual SAT

    • Rob says:

      It’s possible. Think of your SAT score as a range of possibility – perhaps that 1800 is your average, or slightly below, or slightly above. If you do increase your score on the next test, though, it likely won’t be more than a few points, but if you practice, you can likely increase your score more.

  • Mary says:

    Hi, Rob! Great website 😉
    Now about my situation-I usually get around 710 on Writing,650 on CR and 630 on Math..however,my target is 780 on W,730 on CR,and 710 on M.I’ve been studying for 3 months,and now I have only a week left. Do you thinks its possible to raise my score by ~300 points in just a week?For writing I’m going to review all my notes i took from the Erica Meltzer’s Guide,for CR I’m going to study flashcards for at least 1 hour a day and read strategies,and for Math i will continue working through the Grubert’s Math book..oh,yes-and for the essay i will memorize 12 evidence examples.And I’m taking the whole timed practice test a day.Is it enough or I should just aim for 700 on every section?

    • Rob says:

      I’d make a few changes to your study program for the next week:

      Grammar: The Meltzer book is good, but make sure you do practice sections so you can learn to apply the rules to real SAT questions.

      Reading: I’d focus more on passages; the flash cards likely won’t do much good in a week, while improving on your passages could. Use real SATs, though!

      Math: I’d focus on real SAT sections rather than Gruber’s. It’s not a bad book, but sometimes it’s not 100% realistic to the actual test.

      If you’re going to take a full test a day, make sure you have enough time to go over each section and EVERY question and answer choice. If you don’t have enough time to do this, then take fewer practice tests because the learning happens during the review!

      Practice as hard as you can for this next week – your goal is to get as many correct as possible rather than hitting “700” because the difference between a 700 and 800 in most sections is just a few questions.

  • Soban says:

    hey I got 770 in maths, 510 in reading and 520 in writing that makes to 1800.How many questions do u think I got wrong in maths and how can I improve

    • Rob says:

      You probably got one wrong in math. To “improve,” practice as many hard math questions as you can!!

  • Bob says:


    I took a practice PSAT today and received a 157 (1570 on SAT). Three hours later I took another practice PSAT and scored a 168 (1680 SAT). I’m only a sophomore, but once I take the SAT next year I’d like to improve to a 2100-2200. What can I do to drastically improve my score?

    • Rob says:

      The SAT will be a different test by the time you take it in the Spring of 2016. There will be some overlap, but the test will change from its current format. For example, the test will be out of 1600 instead of 2400. As yet, we’re not quite sure what the test will look like, so I can’t give you specific advice on it yet! However, you can do a number of long term activities to increase your overall SAT abilities:

      1) Take challenging classes in school & work hard to improve and get good grades
      2) Read A LOT. Try to read at least 30 minutes per day (on paper, blogs & websites don’t count). Read anything you like, but just make sure it’s something of decent quality & challenge.
      3) Keep an eye on this website – I’ll be adding info about the new SAT during this school year.

  • Oti Oritsejafor says:

    Do you know where I can get hard questions other than in the pactice tests? like just hard questions

    • Rob says:

      The only source of real SAT questions is practice tests, so the only way to get authentic hard SAT problems is to cull them from real SATs. The Blue Book, the four tests on this site, and the Official Online Course should provide you with plenty of fodder.

  • Trish says:

    Hi, I took the PSAT as a sophomore last year and scored 177. My scores were exactly the same on on 3 parts- 59. I just tool my first SAT practice test, proctored and an actual test previously given. I scored 1850- Again, my scores in all three sections were similar. I have not started studying yet for my junior SAT. I really want to score atleast a 2100 (though of course I would like to get 2200+). If I started studying now, and plan to take this test in March, can I get to my goal? Approximately how much time per day should I be studying. I have always scored well on standardized tests and am a little disappointed in my PSAT /SAT practices so far. Thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Sure, it’s possible to hit your goal, but it will take effort! Since you’re giving yourself amount of study time, focus on studying CONSISTENTLY – 1.5 hrs per day, 5 days per week. The key is to keep up this consistent schedule – intermittent cramming won’t be as effective. Since you say you’ve had success on previous standardized tests, that can give you extra confidence that consistent practice can yield some great benefits for you. (And 1850 isn’t a bad starting point at all!)

  • Prajwal says:

    Hi sir, I took a practice SAT before I took the PSAT and scored approximately 1840. I was happy with my score since that was my first time taking the SAT. I had crammed your tutorial videos in weeks ahead of time which was probably the reason for such a high score. When I took the actual PSAT, couple weeks later I received a 138. I was demoralized because of this score. We received our PSAT back since it didn’t actually count for National Merit, and I see where I had made mistakes. I had omitted a lot of questions. I took these tests my Sophomore year and now as a Junior I have taken SAT prep classes and I plan on watching your videos and doing a lot of practice until the SAT test day. I am taking the SAT in December then practicing again till March. If the score is still not where I want it, 2200+ I plan on studying most of summer Junior year and taking another one early Senior year. Do you think I can reach my goal? and your videos are so helpful, better than my prep class that my parents payed money for. I want to thank you for making it free and open to the public. Do you grade essays?

    • Rob says:

      If you commit & follow through with the SAT plan you’ve devised, I think you’ll have a great chance at improving your score, and perhaps enough to hit your target. I can’t guarantee that kind of success, but your chances of attaining your goal will be 0% if you don’t put in the effort 🙂 The discrepancy between your practice SAT & real PSAT is very strange, but as you said, you likely omitted fart too many questions.

      I do grade essays, but only for Members of my site. For a relatively inexpensive fee, you can get unlimited access to essay grading & my entire library of videos. (There’s much, much more than just the free stuff you’ve seen!) You can learn more about the Members Area here: https://reasonprep.com/enroll/

  • Omar says:

    I am taking the SAT for the first time and I’m aiming to get a 2000+. on the PSAT i got 1400 which was a bummer. what books do you recommend. so far i have used the College board book and the Princeton Review. Also do you think that the Princeton book will help me?

    • Rob says:

      The PR book might help you get the basics, but in the end the key will be doing practice from REAL SATs. I don’t advise you to use the Princeton Reviews practice tests, though you can read through their strategies and practice them on real SATs in the Blue Book.

      As for other books I recommend, I only really recommend the SAT Blue Book (which you have). Of course, I’m going to recommend my own video series in the Members Area for content & strategies 😉

  • Ashish Sharma says:

    I registered my SAT exam for November 8 not even a month left. This is my first SAT test although i have given practice test in my institute 3 times in which i have score of an around 1600. I know i can improve my Math section and i am expecting my math score above 700. The problem is CR and CW section as English is not my native language. Do you think i can get an score of around 1900-2000.If so what should my timetable look like? Thanks

    • Rob says:

      Sure, it’s possible to improve your score by a good 100 points or so in both reading & writing. Since you only have a month left, you’ll need to be on an accelerated schedule. I suggest approx. 3 hrs per day, 6 days per week for the next month. Spend the most time on reading, then math, then writing.

  • Boluwatife says:

    My SAT test will be in May next year so I need tips on studying cos I’m aiming for a 2200

    • Rob says:

      You’ve got plenty of time to study, so use it effectively! Study consistently – 1 hr per day, 4-5 days per week – rather than cramming. As for more specific tips, that’s what my site & videos are for. I recommend downloading the study guide for 2000, 2100, and 2200 and using that to focus your study time!

  • Varun Devulapalli says:

    Hey Rob, I am a junior who is going to take the official Sat in February, I’m sure I can achieve an easy 2000 If i were to try hard, but in order to pursue my dreams, I will easily require a 2300 plus,if it isn’t asking too much, may I borrow some of your time and maybe get some tutoring from you. As for once I have never seen someone so helpful and someone spending so much time helping others reach their goals, and I think I can reach mine wit your help. Thanks in advance.

  • Omar says:

    Hello. I’ve never tooken the SAT. But am really nervous about it. Do you think I can get a sollid grade by studying hard for two months.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, absolutely – put in some good study time over the next two months & you can secure yourself a solid score.

  • Archana says:

    hi , I got a 1790 in my SAT diagnostic test. planning to take the SAT in January. my target is 2400. can u pls give me some advice on how to go about it. is the target too far-fetched?
    PS I don’t go for any prep courses either

    • Rob says:

      The 2400 isn’t necessarily impossible, but you’ll want to work your way up to it. It’s better to shoot for 2100 at first – once you hit 2100 on your practice tests consistently, then make the leap to 2400. I’d suggest starting with my 2000, 2100, 2200 Study Guide on this page; also check out my Youtube channel & the rest of the pages on this site for plenty of tips & advice!

  • Daly says:

    Hello, I am really worried about taking the SAT for the third time. I feel like my scores cannot be improved at all. Since I was not born in America, my English skill is not that great but my Math skill is great. My first SAT score was 1380. My second SAT score was 1530. And my goal for this next SAT test, on December, is an 1800 to a 1900. Do you think that I will improve if I start practicing just one month before the test? At least a 1600 or 1700, maybe? My weakest point is the Critical Reading.

    • Rob says:

      Absolutely – if you don’t practice at all, your chances of improving are minimal; but practicing every day for the next month should help you improve your scores, especially if you practice consistently. Since your score goals are pretty modest, you can definitely accomplish this with some consistent effort. For the reading, I suggest focusing primarily on passage-based reading questions, since that’s really where your points are. Check out the Critical Reading Bootcamp & my Youtube channel for more reading tips!

  • Kovi says:

    Hi Rob,

    I am currently in my sophmore year and am planning to take my SAT sometime in April or May, this would be my first time, as well as my last as I am aiming to get my target score of 2300 this time. Do you have any tips? I plan on starting to prep as late as second week of this month which should give me a solid 6 months, is that enough time, or do I need more?

    Please advice


    • Rob says:

      You’re starting plenty early, so you have enough time! The one tip I can give you now is to be consistent: practice a little bit every day rather than cramming intermittently. Otherwise, check out my site & videos for specific strategies & advice!

  • Adesuwa says:

    Hello. My best score on the SAT is a 1680. Is it still possible to achieve 2000+ in a little over a month (320+ jump). I felt so confident that I could achieve my goal the last SAT I took but I fell way short of it. Any advice? Thank you.

    • Rob says:

      Sure, it’s possible to increase that much, but to do so you’ll need to practice every day. This doesn’t mean study 5 hours per day, but if you put in 1.5 hrs per day for the next month, you’ve got good chances at improving. I can’t guarantee 320 points, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. As for more specific tips & advice, check out my site & videos!

  • Bob says:

    Hey i Got a 1350 in the SAT for the First time, and i was hoping for an 1800, can you email me so i cant talk more to you?

  • Padmaja says:

    Hi Rob,

    What are your charges for private tutoring online for CR


  • Blair says:

    Hi Rob,
    I’m in very different ranges for each section.

    CR = 710-760
    WR = 610-630
    Math = 510-560

    My priority is to raise my math score.
    But raising CR and WR to help my overall score wouldn’t hurt either.

    Which study guide do you suggest using? Should I use a combination of them?

    • Rob says:

      Hmm I’d use a combination of them since your scores are so different. I’d do the 2300-2400 guide for Reading; 2000, 2100, and 2200 Guide for Writing; and 1700-1800-1900 guide for Math (at least to start).

  • Haree says:

    Hey I’m Haree and I took two SAT practice tests, one 2400 SAT and another 1600 new harder SAT and I scored 1530 and 900 respectively.Can yoy please help me , I am planning to take old SAT I am a sophomore now n I’d like to take SAT by 2016 ( December of 2015) . I need help to prepare and improve from 1530 to 2200+. Can you please help me what to do I just have like like a year left and I want to write the old SAT as I got a better score in it than the new SAT pracrioce test given by C2 Education. I am looking for ur response .thanks

    • Rob says:

      The good news is that you have a lot of time to prepare yourself for both exams!

      I’m going to focus this comment on the old SAT (last administered in December 2015). I can’t comment on the new test, primarily because no one really knows what the new test looks like. That C2 Education test is probably not worth paying attention to; we’ll have better practice tests for that by the spring of 2015.

      I’m not sure what the breakdown of your 1530 was, but I assume it was pretty evenly distributed. The first thing you need to do is break up your gains in chunks. It’s not a good idea to try to grow from 1530 to 2200 in one go. Your first goal should be to hit 1800 consistently. Once you can do that, try to break 2000, and once you can do that, shoot for your final goal of 2200+.

      As for specific advice on how to do that, that’s what this site and my Youtube channel is for. I suggest starting out with the study guide for 1700, 1800, and 1900 on this page, and browse my site for articles, videos, etc. that will help you reach your goals. If you have any other specific questions, let me know!

  • Tobias says:

    Hi, I took a practice SAT last year and I got a 1670. I practiced over the summer, took the official SAT in October and I got a 2150.
    I need some advice on how to get my score up to 2300-2400.
    How can I attain excellent vocabulary?
    Thanks in advance & please reply via email.

  • SATstudent says:

    hello, thank you for the great videos. I am a senior and my highest score is 1840. i have a problem in math i couldn’t yet figure. i’m stuck in the 610-640 range and couldnt get any higher. what do you suggest to do since i am left with only three trials ahead?

    can i have the link of the progress tracker?

    • Rob says:

      It’s likely at this point that the hard math questions are what’s holding you back from a 700+. So what you have to do right now is complete as many hard math questions as you can – get as many real SATs as you can get your hands on & complete every single difficult math problem. Make sure you understand each question backwards & forwards so that you’ll be more comfortable on hard math Qs on test day.

      You can find the progress tracker & other downloads here:


  • Newcomer says:

    Hi, I am a new student in the US education system, immigrated here from Africa in January 2014 and started school in March 2014. I’ve taken my SAT in June with about 3 weeks preparation and got a 1430; I thought maybe I wasn’t as prepared for it because it was my first time. However, I took it again in November after studying the whole summer using the Princeton Review book and most recently the College Board Study Guide, which I found more effective than anything else. But only got up to a 1550; my scores improved but not at the level I thought they would, I was hoping for at least a 1800+. I am a senior and most college deadlines with Scholarship consideration are December 1. So do you suggest that I take the test a third in January with different techniques to better my score? Is it possible for me to achieve a 2000+? Please advice and assist in any way you can, Thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, as long as your deadlines allow you to take the test in January, I’d consider taking it a third time then. As for whether you can get a 2000+, it’s too hard for me to say since I don’t know your personal situation or your background, but if you put in some solid practice time over the next couple months, you likely can achieve some score games. I recommend downloading the Study Guide for 1700, 1800, 1900 on this page & starting your studies there!

  • Steve Sahayadarlin says:

    I have a question. I am currently a sophomore and I want to get a 2200+ on the SAT before I submit it to colleges. The problem is, I don’t know where to start. There are so many resources like books, online courses, tutoring, etc. I am very week in the critical reading and writing section because english is not my native language. I am very good at math. I recently bought a book called “Complete SAT guide to critical reading.” I have learned a lot from it. I just don’t know how to prepare as a whole? Should I just rely on books? Should I go for private tutoring? Please email me about this. Thank you very much!

  • salma says:

    hi i took the sat first time and i got a 1070, i need to get a minimum score of 480 on the writing how can i do that? im taking the sat on 24/1/2015 so i still have almost 2 months to study can you please email me because i need help

  • Erica says:

    Hey, I took the SAT in October for the first time and got a 2210 on it, but that was after around four months of prep. I got 690 on Reading, 740 (2 wrong) on Maths, and 780 in Writing (Essay score of 11). I’m retaking in January and I want a score of at least 2300. Since I want to apply to the UK, this is my last chance since applications start early.

    I’ve done Princeton Review tests. I have 2 CollegeBoard tests left and roughly 7 or 8 from McGraw Hill. My vocab isn’t that great, but I’m building slowly at a pace of 20 words a day. And I feel as if I retain it better because I’m essentially relearning the new vocab from when I was preparing for the October SAT instead of learning from scratch.

    From all the practice papers I’ve done after the October SAT, I’ve been scoring at a range of 2240-2320. Is there a way to tighten the range so that my range becomes 2280-2320? Also, my Reading scores have significantly improved in all the practice tests. My lowest score was a 740 and my highest was 800. Do you think this is because I’ve really improved in my Reading ability, or because the practice tests are just easier than the October test was?

    Also, something else I noticed is that I generally understand the Maths questions. I usually get 2 wrong though, so my score drops to like 740. I’ve improved in that aspect and have started to score in the high 700s for Maths, but then on a couple of tests, there were like 5 questions I had no idea how to solve, and my score just collapsed. Do you know how I can be ready for these surprise questions? And what resources to use?

    Thank you so much! Please email me back at songsehyun@yahoo.co.uk

  • SuryanarayanaTippabh says:

    Hello I am Surya, and I had just taken the PSAT as a sophomore, and I got a 180. I got a 76(1 careless error) in math, and a 56 in reading, and a 48 in writing. I don’t understand why my writing scores are low, as I always feel that I do well here. Critical reading tends to be the hardest as the passages and everything seem very hard, but I think I am improving. Any advice would be appreciated.


    • Rob says:

      Well first, the SAT will be changing in the Spring of next year, so if you want to take the current version of the SAT, you need to do so by December 2015!

      That said, if you intend on taking the old SAT, there’s a ton you can do in the meantime to prep. For writing, I suggest taking my Grammar Diagnostic Test, and then work your way through the Grammar Bootcamp. The key for the grammar is to learn the rules – there aren’t that many, and the College Board repeats them constantly!

      As for reading, the only way to get better is to do practice passages consistently. You might be interested in my Critical Reading Bootcamp to help guide you – https://reasonprep.com/critical-reading-bootcamp/

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Michelle says:

    Hi, I am going to take the SAT for the third time in 24th January. I always have problem with my critical reading section and weak in memorizing all those SAT vocab. Is there any ways to memorize more efficiently and what practice should I do more as I need to increase about 400 points to get the scholarship?


    • Rob says:

      I wouldn’t focus much on memorizing at all. Vocabulary plays only a small part in the reading score; the bulk of the points are in the passages. How well do you do on passages (i.e. # right, # wrong?) Feel free to e-mail me directly at rob@reasonprep.com

  • Sarah says:

    Hello. I am a junior planning to take the SAT for the first time in March. I recently took 2 Collegeboard practice tests. I scored a 2010 and 1940. What’s a reasonable increase amount in my score? However, I am also scared because my friend told me she did the entire blue Collegeboard book and was scoring in the low 2000s but when she took the SAT twice, she got a 1600ish and an 1800. Also, a lot of people have told me that March is a bad time to take the SAT because of the bad curve. Is this true? How will it impact my score? I want to get over a 2100 please 🙂 Thank you!

    • Rob says:

      First, I wouldn’t worry about curves at all. The curve affects everyone the same. If the test is easier, the curve will be harsher, but that’s the point of a curve – to adjust for test difficulty. Ironically, you’d have to be more worried about this kind of thing if there WEREN’T curves because then you’d have to try to get yourself into the easiest test you could. In this case, it’s all evened out.

      As for a “reasonable” expectation, assuming you are around a 1950, a 2100 is a modest goal to shoot for. I don’t want to limit your upside, but you are right to approach your goals carefully: shoot for +50 points in each section for now. Once you can hit that goal, move on to the next +50. Just take it step by step and focus on improving on your weaknesses.

      I’m not sure how your friend approached the tests, but it’s not unusual for that to happen, especially if the student doesn’t fully simulate test-taking conditions. I know nothing about the quality of her preparation, but I wouldn’t apply that to yourself as any kind of lesson. Just focus on practicing; the only thing you can control is your commitment & preparation!

  • Cori says:

    hey rob,
    okay so i took the practice test and added up the scores without the essay and got around 1300. im taking the test in 20 days and i need at least a 1500!! what can i do (for free) that will get me to this score in 20 days?? thanks so much and write back soon!

    • Rob says:

      There’s no shortcut – practice!

      Here’s a general practice plan:

      Math: Focus on easy & medium questions, focus on algebra & geometry (you can check out my SAT Math Bootcamp series of videos for free)

      Reading: practice passages – one reading section/day until the test

      Grammar: learn most important grammar rules (check out my SAT Grammar Bootcamp series of videos, also free)

      Study for 1.5 hrs/day from now until your test. Good luck!

  • ariana says:

    I am going to be giving my SAT for the first ( and hopefully last) time this January. currently I am at a 2200 on my practise test. I am keep fluctuating between 2150-2200…. the highest I’ve gotten so far is a 2240. Do you think it is possible for me to get a 2350 on my actual test?

    • Rob says:

      Yup, it’s definitely possible. You’re only 100-150 points away, which in your scoring range is likely 2 questions or so per section! So you only need to bump your accuracy up to get that score. However, this is actually quite difficult since the questions you’re missing are likely the hardest on the test. The thing you need to figure out over the next couple weeks is the question types & topics that you consistently miss on the test. If you have any specific questions on how you can improve those areas, let me know!

  • Ariana says:

    Hi ,
    Thnx for the motivation and advice 🙂 . And yes I specifically need help with my writing . I get 780-800 in math…690-740 in critical and the max I have ever got in writing is a 710 ….I am pretty good at the essay but the other parts worry me

    • Rob says:

      You are welcome – focus on the hard questions in the writing in particular. It’s likely that you’re missing those above all (in particular the Error IDs – many student struggle with #25-29 in the long grammar section).

  • Becca says:

    Hi! I took the SAT last March during my sophomore year and received a 2210. (750 writing, 780 reading, 680 math). I’m currently taking BC Calc and struggle to think through the math SAT questions at the level I’m meant to. I overcomplicate the questions.. How should I go about increasing my math score to at least a 750?

    • Rob says:

      With your math background, you should be able to do well on even the hardest math question. It seems like you already have an idea of your issue – even the hardest math problems usually have a simple solution, and you are likely trying to use your advanced mathematical skills & thinking to solve the problems. The best thing you can do is get as many REAL SATs as possible and practice as many hard math questions as you can. Make sure you fully understand each question and work through as many ways to solve them as possible. You might also want to take the Math Diagnostic Test on my site to make sure there aren’t any concepts that you need to review.

  • Ana says:

    Hi, I’m a sophmore in Canada aiming for UC Berkeley, and I got my PSAT score of 166, which is less than what I expected. How can I improve my sat score up to the 2200’s? Please help me, I really want to do well. Thank you! Contact me by email please.

  • Jyotsna says:

    Hi, I’m a Junior in high school and on my recent SAT exam, I got a 1700 ( 490R, 590M, 630W Essay:8) My goal is to get a 2100 on the March Exam. That’s a 400 point increase which is a lot to gain within a month but I am willing to make a commitment to the SATs and increase my scores. I would like to increase my Reading score from 490 to 600, Math: 590-750, and Writing: 630-750. I have the College Board book and Princeton, Barrons, Kaplan SAT Exam Review(With practice exams) Books. With my commitment, I was able to come across your website and I’ve been watching your videos. Can you suggest any tips, or things that I should focus on to bring up my score? Also, which Review Books (the ones listed above) should I practice out of first to give me the best results and a score as good as 2100+? Please email me ASAP @ j****************.

    Thank You!

  • soumya says:

    Hi!! I got a 191 on the PSAT and i was kind of disappointed because I hoped for National Merit. I took a practice SAT today and my score was a 2030. Do you have any tips? I’m hoping for at least a 2100+ on the January SAT (which is in a week) I had a 720 in math, 700 in writing, and a 610 in critical reading. Any tips to drastically improve my reading score in a week, and my other scores a little higher?

    • Rob says:

      I offer a ton of tips on this site & my website, but I can’t be very specific with you yet because I know little about your abilities & background aside from the 191 score. Reading is tough to improve in a week, but it might be possible to squeeze out a few extra points if you’re making elementary mistakes. I’d recommend checking out some of the resources I have on this site & Youtube about Critical Reading, such as the Critical Reading Bootcamp. Also, you might benefit from this video about studying for the SAT at the last minute:


  • genesis says:

    where can i write an essay and have you grade it for me.

    • Rob says:

      This is a service I offer to my Members. I can’t do this for everyone because I’d be inundated with requests & could never get anything done! You can learn more about the Members Area here: https://reasonprep.com/enroll/

  • Shriya Kartha says:

    Hi Rob,

    I took a pre diagnostic test at a center, and I got a 1640. I’m not very pleased with my scores, and my goal is to get at least a 2100. Would you say this is too much to suggest? Also, what are some ways I can work towards a 2100?

    Thank you so much!

    • Rob says:

      No it’s not too high of a goal, but I would suggest thinking in 200-300 point jumps. So your next goal should be to hit an 1800, then 2000, then 2100+.

      Download the Study Guide for 1700, 1800, and 1900 on this page for specific instructions, but the main thing you should be focusing on right now is getting all the EASY and MEDIUM questions correct. Doing so will net you an 1800+, so if you’re missing those questions (especially in grammar & math), it’s time to clean up on them. I have a ton of advice on my site, so I won’t repeat everything I say in my videos in this comment, but I would recommend starting with the Math & Grammar Diagnostic tests. Feel free to contact me directly at rob@reasonprep.com if you have any further questions!

  • ayesha says:

    this is the first time i will be giving sat in may. my problem is that i get very nice scores in math but my reading score goes down to 450. i didnt attempt any vocab questions. n my writing is pretty ok, it can even be considered gud. my aim is to get 2400 if i have to learn the vocab. And how much max can i score if i consider not to learn the vocab at all or maybe attempt a few questions (first 1 or 2) . again, suck at cr but gud at math. what can i do to improve my score and also, what scould be my daily routine for sat till may if i intent to score 2400 . and plz another routine if i want to learn no vocab. (routine= no of hours studing sat)

    • Rob says:

      You will definitely have to attempt some vocabulary questions – you can’t completely leave them out, otherwise you’re already down 19 questions. If you only attempt 4-5 questions or so of the sentence completions, the max score you coulg get would be in the mid 600s or so, so I’d definitely advise you to start learning some vocab. Vocab also matters for the passage questions, so learning no vocab at all could really hurt your score, not even counting the questions you might miss otherwise.

      Don’t focus on getting that 2400 in one go – you need to take it step by step. If you’re scoring 450 in Reading right now, focus on improving that to 550 in your practice tests. Then 600, then 650, etc. It will be essentially impossible to go from 450 –> 800 in one jump, so give yourself some more flexibility to improve on all sections.

      As for a daily schedule, I recommend studying in two 1.5 hr sessions per day (5-6 days per week). Alternate between Math, Reading, and Writing (with a bit more focus on Reading since it’s the most challenging section).

  • Kevin Wang says:

    Hello sir, what would you recommend me to use for an acumen in grammar (for the writing section)? On the last test, I scored a mere 660 on the writing section (though my practises have been constant 700s) and I am aiming for a 750 for the section. Do you have a good resource/list/plan for studying for the writing section?

    • Rob says:

      First, a “mere” 660 is actually really good! Without knowing how you did on the grammar vs. essay and how you did on the different types of multiple choice questions, I advise the following:

      1) Grammar Diagnostic
      2) Grammar Bootcamp

      These free resources should help you learn the rules that you might still not know.

      There’s also an additional series (Grammar Tactics) available in the paid Members Area.

      You also need to spend some time figuring out what kinds of grammar questions you get wrong – improving sentences, error ID, or improving paragraph. Then you need to practice those questions (especially the hard ones) until you 100% understand them.

      I’d also advise you to get your essay to a 10+. Again, not sure what you scored on the essay, but a 700+ is more reasonable when you have a 10+ on the essay. I offer essay grading in the Members Area, but if that’s not an option for you, having a teacher/friend/tutor read your practice essays & offer advice could help.

  • Sean says:

    Hi, I scored a 1710, my weakest areas are the CR and Writing sections. What do you recommend doing to increase my CR score. On the writing section however, I do well on the essay but poorly on the grammar portion what do you recommend doing to increase my score?

    Break down of my scores: 510 CR, 700 M, and 500 W with 8 on the Essay. I’m trying to get a 650 in both CR and W and like a 750 in Math, please advice.



    • Rob says:

      Luckily, grammar is pretty easy to increase with a little bit of work – start with my Grammar Diagnostic Test & then watch the SAT Grammar Bootcamp videos:


      Both of these resources are available free. If you become a member, you can also check out the SAT Grammar Tactics series: https://reasonprep.com/sat-grammar-tactics/

      Work on your grammar consistently and your score should shoot up to at least 650.

      Reading is the trickier section – since its based on the reading skills that you’ve developed over your entire educational life, it’s more resistant to short-term fixes. However, the best way to improve on the reading (aside from learning some vocabulary) is to work on your passages. There are likely a ton of easy & medium questions that you’re missing in the reading, and if you modify your approach & learn the signs of a correct SAT reading answer choice, you’ll be more likely to bump up your reading score. I don’t have many free resources on reading, but you can check out a sample of the Critical Reading Bootcamp here: https://reasonprep.com/critical-reading-bootcamp/

  • Allison says:

    Hi Mr. Rob! Thanks for all the advice! I can see that it really takes a lot of work to reach those top scores. I’m trying to create a 4 month schedule for myself in hope of reaching at least 2150-2250. Would you mind taking a look at my ideas, and let me know if I’m heading in the right direction? As I said, I have 4 months left. I took the sat and got an 1850- 600 reading, 560 writing (8 essay), and 690 math. I’m planning on doing intervals of four. One test section of reading one day, one math section the next day, writing section the next day, and 20 minutes of reading direct hit sat vocab the last day. Essentially I would repeat this set of four until the test, and get about 2 to 2.5 hours of practice a week. Should I do more? Is this reasonable for a 200-300 increase starting at 1850? I am highly motivated so I am willing to put in as much time as required. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Rob says:

      Sounds like a good start! I’d add the following advice:

      Make sure you incorporate time into your study sessions to review every question – even the ones you got right! Your study sessions should range from 1 – 1.5 hrs at a time, so that will put your total to 4-6 hours per week. That’s definitely a solid schedule, especially if you can be consistent. You can definitely take a day off here and there, but you should shoot for 5-6 days/week of studying.

      Once per month, take a full practice test, both to help you get used to the timing of the test and to give you a measure of your current score.

      Be ready to adjust your study schedule as your score changes – if you hit 750+ in math consistently, you might want to devote more time to Reading or Grammar.

      Finally, you might want to integrate some prep books or videos into your study schedule to learn strategies, content, etc. as necessary. Obviously, I recommend my own material – feel free to browse the site for a ton of free videos, downloadables, and content.

  • Yohan says:

    Hello! I took an SAT this January and got a score of 1800… 580 CR 610 math 610 writing with essay score of 6… I feel very disappointed because I would get practice scores of 2000+ from the blue book… Is it possible for me to reach a score of around 2100+ on october in my senior year?? I really need help…!

    • Rob says:

      It’s absolutely possible, especially since you have ~8 months to prepare! Study a little bit each day (1.5 hrs) consistently from here until October and I like your chances!

  • sofia says:

    Hi, I gave my SAT in January and got 1580 and according to mw that was a very bad score since my diags were arpund 1900 to 2100. I dont know what wwnt wrong and how to make sure I dont make the miatakes again. Please tell me what I should do now.

    • Rob says:

      Since I know nothing about your background, it’s impossible for me to say exactly what went wrong, but sometimes students do worse on the real thing for a variety of reasons: they used the wrong practice tests, they didn’t simulate test taking conditions, they froze up during the real test, and so on. So what you need to do is get a REAL SAT, sit down on a Saturday morning, and take the test (all 9 sections, including the essay) at once under timed conditions. If you score the same as you did on your previous diagnostics, then there’s a good chance you’ll do better on your next real SAT. I think it’s more likely, though, that you’ll score closer to your real score, and then it will be time to devise a study plan to help you improve for your next SAT date.

  • Matthew Anunda says:

    Hello i took the SAT January 24 and scored a sad score of 1270. I’m trying to get at least in the 1500-1700 range and I need all the help i can get before i take it again on may 2.

    • Rob says:

      Well you’ve come to the right place! Download the Study Guide for 1500-1600 above and get started studying. The Math & Grammar Diagnostic Tests & Bootcamps are available free, so start there. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

  • Caroline DeMent says:

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for everything you are doing here… Your videos are a really huge help! I took the sat back in december for the first time, and scored a 1950 (710 writing 630 reading 610 math). I am taking the test again tomorrow and hoping to get above 2000… But in the future I would hope to get around 2200-2300. I have been taking practice tests in the sat book, focusing on math, but I feel like the problems are easier in the book than on the sat. Is there anywhere you know where I could take released sats? I feel like I dont know where to start with math because I overcomplicate things. Im currently in ap calculus, so most of the material was stuff I learned in middle school or 9th grade. Do you have any advice on how to nõt overcomplicate things?

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the kind words! You’ve hit on the key point with the SAT Math – the content isn’t really the hard part, but the types of questions they ask are unusual and aren’t amenable to the algorithms you’ve learned in math class. The key is to get used to the types of questions they ask and the quick tactics that can be used to solve almost all of them (nearly every question can be solved in 30 seconds or less if you know the right approach). Spend time with each question – especially the hards – and try to generate as many ways to solve the problem as possible. You’ll find that there’s usually a quick and clean approach to solving even the most complicated and unusual looking question. You might also benefit from my SAT Math Tactics series – some videos are available for free here: https://reasonprep.com/sat-math-tactics/

      I also hold periodic livestream sessions – you could attend one of those sessions and bring specific questions you want me to help you with. You can learn more (and sign up for updates) here: https://reasonprep.com/livestreams/

      The Blue Book Math is not too far from real SAT math, but obviously getting some real tests could help. One place to get these tests is the SAT Online Course – I believe they offer another three REAL tests in addition to 6 more practice tests created just for the course. For additional real tests, I can’t point you to any source in particular, but if you Google “SAT QAS,” you might have some luck finding more!

  • saranya says:

    i am doing horrible on the SAT. i got a 1300 in my freshman year and now as a junior i have 1600. however i want at least a 1900 and i am taking the SAT in 3 to 4 months. any advice to boost score high in short time.

    • Rob says:

      You actually have a nice chunk of time to study if you’re taking the SAT in June, so commit to working 4-5 days per week, one hour per day. Do that consistently and you should see some nice gains.

      As for specific advice, I have a ton of freely available info on this page and on my Youtube channel – download the Study Guide for 1700, 1800, and 1900, and get studying! Many of the resources mentioned in the Study Guide are free, so even if you don’t have a membership, you’ll be able to get started diagnosing your areas of weakness and developing a game plan for your study schedule.

  • aysh says:

    heyy, i will be taking sat this may, july, October and december. These are all the chances that i have left with me and i wanna get a perfect score or at least get as near as possible. Currently, i get 1900-2000. Math is usually 800 on the practice tests and writing is 730-760s but my main problem is critical reading. Once i seem to start improving, like from making 3 mistakes per passage to 1 mistake per passage, i fall back again to again making 3-4 mistakes per passage which frustrates me. I m also not concentrating alot (or maybe not all) on the vocab at the momment. I m practicing the passages from princeton review and the real sat papers. should i continue to practice from pr and start doing barrons and also, is it worth it, Barron’s, because i dont have much time as u can see and wbt the vocab ?? is it also worth the effort?? also plz plz plz, i really dont know how to set my timetable for sat on the daily basis so could u plzzzz help me …… and i dont mind doing sat 3 hours a day but it should show imrovement and be worth my time. thank uuu

    • Rob says:

      The first piece of advice I have is to never use PR, Barron’s, or any third party for practice reading. You should use real SATS only for practice, especially for reading passages.

      Per section, how many do you usually get wrong in a) sentence completions and b) passages? Please email me with the answers to this question so I can give you a more targeted response. (Click on “Contact” in the navbar under “About Rob”)

      As for study schedule, you don’t have to study much more than 1.5 hrs a day as long as you study consistently. So commit to studying 1.5 hrs per day, 5 days per week between now and your last test in December. Each day should be devoted to a different topic: Reading, Math, Writing. You might consider devoting 3 days/week to reading, 1 day to math, and 1 day to writing, but you can determine what works best for you. As for how you should spend your time, here’s a video that explains the best way to prep for the SAT: https://youtu.be/Uo9xF1tW6TE

  • kush says:

    hey. i took a pre sat and got 110 out of 240, and i took a mock test and got 1150. now i m taking the sats in may.
    i can only take it once and i have no space to get anything below 2100. its a big jump. the pre sat and the mock test i took, the score was with minimum studies. now i and doing practice test all day and every day. i have been doing this for past few weeks, is there anything i can do to get that score for sure. i cant get a single point below 2100. being that i have to make a big jump in the scores. could you please suggest me books and tipis or classes. something that will help me get that score. can you please email me if you can khushipatel5805@gmail.com thanks.

  • Isabella says:

    Hi! I’m a junior who just received her sat score today. I did not study at all, nor did I even open a review book of any sorts because I simply took the SAT for the first time to sort of conquer my huge fear of big tests. I actually did pretty well (reading-690, math-580, writing-610), with a total of 1880, considering that I didn’t even know how many sections were on the test when I took it in march. But now, I’m going to actually study, practice, study, and practice some more during the next few months, especially during summer. My goal has always been to be in the range of 2200 or above, although I’m really happy with doing my best. Most school accept applicants on holistic judgement and other factors like GPA and awesome essays, but they also look meticulously at the sat scores. How can I make a 400 point leap and improve in my math enough for me to get into the 670 range? Thank you!

  • Sarah says:

    Hi I’m a junior and I just got my sat scores back from the March 14 SATS. I got a 1650:( I take so and honors classes. I know I can bring upy scores. I got a 590 for CR a 540 Math and a 520 on writing. What can I do to raise my score to above at least 1900!? I also got an 8 on my essay.

  • KJR says:

    Hey Rob, I am a junior now. When i took my PSAT i recieved a score of 1250. I’ve spend much of my time prepping for this test by watching your member area videos and reading/doing many work books. I’ve taken many practice tests from Kaplan and thought i improved because my score improved to a 1680 2 times.. I thought i was in the 1600-1800 range. But when i took the actual SAT on March 14, i received a score of 1380. 500-writing, essay-8, 490-math, 380-Reading. I have a feeling i am in the same place i started. I have the next SAT coming up June 6th. Is there any way i can bump my score to a 1800 in 2 months? I feel like i am missing something. I’ve watched most of your videos in the members area. Still i am in the same place. I need your help. Is there any way for that 1800? Even by super score? My academic Math is good- Grades all A’s and B’s. Same with English. I don’t read much but i plan to. Thank you!

    • Rob says:

      Please contact me so we can discuss further! When you email me, please let me know how many real SAT practice sections or tests you did between now and then. I generally don’t advise students to use any other material besides real SATs because third-party test (like Kaplan) are often inaccurate. So please email me!

  • Andrew Sutjahjo says:

    Hey there! I am currently a Sophomore in High School… I actually have a tight schedule next year, taking 3-4 AP classes so I started studying my SAT prep (self-study, no preps, no classes) since June 2014 and I took my SAT practice test review at Princeton Review. Being an enthusiast I was waiting for my scores everyday, as I come from Singapore (Whole different education system), I got a 1500 on the test. Taking 1 after 2 months, I got 1460, this actually hit me hard as I was really studying hard and I actually read more books after I took my 1st test. I just saw your website and I think it is AWESOME!!! I would like to know some tips that I can get, maybe on my English, Reading, Writing and Essay. I got a 630 for math and the rest…. Pretty damn bad, so yes, I’d love some tips for English. I have roughly 3 months, during the summer to sharpen my english from bad to perfect… I personally can take up to 3-5 hours of studying a day and you can add 2-3 hours after a cup of coffee and some rest. Any kind of schedule and studying guide that I can significantly improve my English?

    • Rob says:

      Definitely take a look at the Grammar Diagnostic Test & Grammar Bootcamp – those can help you with the Writing Section of the test. I also have series on the Reading (Critical Reading Bootcamp) and Essay (Essay Bootcamp), in addition to a ton of videos on my Youtube channel. So I’d start with those resources!

  • Karyn cornejo says:

    Hello, I’m a junior and I will be taking my first SAT June 6th, 2015. I’m hoping to get at least a 1600, however, the school I go to has a really low level of math and I have barely learned anything at all in math except this year and only because I Have a better math teacher. I am going to be doing 2 hours of English every Monday Wednesday and Friday and two hours of math every Tuesday and Thursday each week leading up to the exam. I will also try to do as much practice tests as possible and study on Saturdays as well. I was hoping if you could give me detailed advice on how to achieve this score or higher, I would highly appreciate it. Please email me: karyncornejo@hotmail.com Thank you!

  • Gaurav Ajariwal says:

    I took my SAT and scored 1400 ( I know it’s bad).
    But, now I’m working hard lately and scored 2000 in my practice SAT test at my tuition.
    Can I get a perfect score or around 2300 in a month ?

    • Rob says:

      I don’t know much about your progress or practice so far – if you’ve taken real practice SATs, the breakdown of your scores, what problems still give you trouble, etc. so I can’t say definitively whether you get get 2300+ in a month. I can see that you’ve made some great gains already, which is great, so you’ve already shown a track record of improvement. If these gains are accurate, then you should continue doing what you’ve been doing to see how many more points you can squeeze out of the test. So keep up the good work, try hard, and you never know 🙂

  • Gaurav Ajariwal says:

    So, maybe there’s a chance for scoring 2300+ in a month ?
    I mean it depends on me, isn’t it ?

  • Gaurav Ajariwal says:

    thank you so much. 🙂

  • AJ says:

    I took the SAT’s in March and got a 1400. I know that its a bad score and I need to work harder. I’m taking the SATs in June again and my goal is to achieve a 1500 this time can you please email me back on the best way to get this 100 point increase. By the way you make great videos.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this, please email me back at bestkid4ever@yahoo.com

  • IgorChebruch says:

    Hey Rob,

    I’ve been asking you a lot of reading questions lately because this is my most difficult section. I got a 2010 total in March (740 Math, 730 Writing, and 540 Reading). I would like to get at least a 600 in June (preferably a 650) in reading. It’s so frustrating in reading because there are often answers where I just don’t see how they get to the answer. For example, in your one video with short passages the answer was “an unobstructed stream” (I think it was your short passages video), while it could’ve been “nostalgic reminiscence”. I go through the same process like eliminating choices but I frequently end up eliminating the wrong one. The questions most especially difficult are the ones where “what would the author of passage 2 say to this argument in passage 1?” Should these dual passage generals be kept in mind while reading? Should I read the general questions even if I wouldn’t start them right away? I just don’t remember what specifically an author would say and it’s a big time waste to look in the passage for 5 minutes to refresh myself. In addition, I am almost done memorizing up to vocab list 3. If I want a 600-650, should I stop there or continue?

    So I guess in summary:

    How do I stop eliminating true choices?
    How much vocab should I really know?

    • Rob says:

      It’s hard to say why you’re eliminating the correct choices without actually seeing specific questions. The tough thing with the reading is that there are very few “general principles” that can help on many questions (though there are some). So it comes down to discussing particular questions and particular passages – that’s the only way to improve.

      So for the question you mentioned: https://reasonprep.com/members-area/critical-reading-bootcamp/passage-based-reading/short-passages/

      #11. You say nostalgic reminiscence (D) can work, and likely that’s because you’re focusing on line 4: childhood memories. This is a trap, however. The question wants to know what the author “likens our experience of sensory impressions to,” and while he does mention childhood memories, that’s only a very small piece of the entire whole. The entire paragraph mentions things that have nothing to do with nostalgia – paper clips, a friend’s face, etc. The key is to see that daily life “overflows” with these kind of perceptions, and that they “flow by with monotonous ease.” So the more general point the author is making is that the sensory impressions flow by us constantly, we are surrounded by them – thus, line B. So the problem with D is that it only picks out a small piece of the paragraph (literally just two words), while B summarizes the paragraph as a whole. So one major issue to watch out for are the trap choices that you’re likely falling for – the three major ones are “Recycled Words,” “Half Right, All Wrong,” and primarily. I talk more about traps here: https://reasonprep.com/members-area/critical-reading-bootcamp/passage-based-reading/reading-trap-answers-errors/

      As for vocab: see how you’re doing on the sentence completions at this point. Do a few sentence completion sections and let me know how many right, wrong, and omitted you get out of the total 19 questions. That will tell us how much you should focus on vocab. One list of words that you could learn are the “Tone, Attitude, Mood” words here: https://reasonprep.com/members-area/downloads/word-lists/

      Final Note: Reading doesn’t go up overnight, especially without consistent practice. The Reading is the hardest section to improve on, especially if it’s not your strong suit. However, given your high scores in the other sections, you definitely have the potential to get at least 600 in the section. Since you are a Member of the site, you can send me whatever Reading questions you have, so send me any questions that trip you up (by email) and we can discuss them thoroughly. And commit to practicing Reading for at least an hour 5-6 days/week.

  • brian chun says:

    Hello sir, I first took my sat on december and earned 1600 (R420, M640, and W 540, essay 9)
    But when retook the test on may iI got 1680 (R430, M710, W540, essay 10). I want to improve my reading score…. although I do well on the practice test, I could not in the real test. I studied hard for it…so could you give me some advice? Thank you

    • Rob says:

      I’ll need more information about your studies before I can give you a useful answer. Please email me directly (go to “Contact” above) and let me know:

      1) What were your practice test scores in Reading?
      2) What tests (real tests, Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc.) did you use to practice?
      3) By “studied hard,” what do you mean exactly? How did you study, how often, etc.

  • Allen says:

    Hi, I took my first SAT in May 2015 and I only got a 1450. I was planning to take it in November. Should I start prepping for it now?

    • Rob says:

      Yup, I’d definitely start ASAP, or at least at the beginning of your summer vacation. The key is to study a little bit every day. Cramming intermittently will not get you the results you’re looking for. Commit to studying 1.5 hrs/day, 5-6 days per week until the November test. Do that and I like your chances!

  • Noora K says:

    I got a 1480 on the SAT and I’m very disappointed. I don’t feel like I reached my full potential at all and just don’t understand what went wrong. I really really need a score of 1700-1800 at least and I’m scared I’m going to blow it again. I’m currently a junior in the last semester of this year, so I only have senior year to improve my score. Any tips on doing so? Will I be able to increase my score by 300 points? Please help I have no idea what I’m going to do if I don’t meet my goal

    • Rob says:

      I assume you took the May SAT, right? When they release your score report, please send it to me so I can take a closer look at the breakdowns. You can email me by going to “Contact” in the nav bar.

      As for whether it’s possible to increase your score, yes, it is! Check out this video for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LH3Eto8_gU

  • Dylan says:

    I just took the SAT’s and scored a 1630, but on all Of my practice tests I got in the 1900’s if not higher. Then I took the math diagnostic test and knew all the concepts. I know that my English sections are where I need to work, and luckily I have all summer. If you have any advice or anything that might help me study the English sections that would be great. Oh, I am striving for a perfect score, and the first time I took it I didn’t have time to study much. If you do have any advice, other than the program, because I am doing that, please e-mail me or message me back on here.

    • Rob says:

      When they release your score report, please send it to me so I can take a closer look at the breakdowns. You can email me by going to “Contact” in the nav bar.

  • Mirakava says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for sparing your time to read this! I’ve been preparing for SAT and I’m aiming at near-to-perfect score. Lamentably(here I am, trying to incorporate SAT words..), I’ll have one try only. So I was reading all available materials about the SAT. Finally, I ended up with a mess of rumours and ideas in my head.
    Now I have a bunch of quetions, if you could be so kind and answer them:
    1. Writing
    Is it true, that to get 11-12 score you need to write ~700 words? Shorter essay, superior in every other aspect, won’t get such a score by default.
    Does one really need to squeeze as many SAT words as possible in one essay? And what is your opinion on the idea that one doesn’t have to use a word precisely as long as it is advanced? Basically, just substitute every simple word with remote SAT synonym, write a lot (on topic) without any sophistication, and you are good to go.
    2. Reading comprehension
    How to learn words in the best, not the fastest way? Is there a real “ubiquitous SAT words list” ?
    Which way is the most effective?
    3. Math
    Unfortunately, practising a lot of math tasks does not prevent one from making ‘stupid’ mistakes(like a lost 1 or missed word in task). Is there a strategy to improve that, to practice attentiveness, so to say?
    For me, personally, it becomes catastrophic when I’m nervous(I feel calm and concentrated on the exam, but, alas, it’s just a feeling. In reality all the mistakes are mine). As a result, I have no chance of showing my skill on a test day.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Rob says:

      Here we go!

      Writing: 700 words sounds like a lot, but certainly filling the two pages you’re given is pretty important for getting 10+.

      As for SAT Vocab, I do not recommend throwing fancy words in every other word. It reads terribly to any reasonably discerning reader. The SAT is looking for proper diction, i.e. word CHOICE – sometimes a fancy word is warranted, but many times simpler words are better. The key is making the right CHOICE. So I don’t recommend weighing down your prose with tons of vocabulary words. And yes, you want to make sure you’re using them correctly when you do use them.

      Reading: No shortcut here – the “best” way to learn SAT vocab is over time as you read, write, listen, and speak, but over the short term the only way to learn is flash cards. Commit to learning 10 words/day and over time (as long as the list is solid) you’ll make a dent. I’d start with my vocabulary list, focusing on Levels 1-3. These are the words that appear most often on SATs. https://reasonprep.com/sat-vocab-list/

      Math: Yes, one thing you can do is force yourself to underline key words in the text of the problem as you read it, especially tricky words like NOT, positive, integer, etc. As for tackling test anxiety, the most important thing you can do (besides solid prep) is to put yourself into testing conditions by taking full practice tests. You don’t have to do one every day or even every week – every other week or so is fine.

  • Marcella Anderson says:

    Hi! I took the SAT in October of my Junior Year and got a 1720, I am taking it again on Saturday and though i have been studying a bit, I have also been dealing with AP’s and extra curriculars. Is there any any last minute advice before i go into the test or quick study tips? also, how long would I have to apply myself towards studying in order to raise my school to the 1900-2000 range? Is it possible?

    • Rob says:

      Here’s a video I made about studying for the SAT at the last minute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYVvSHM9KFA

      Going from 1700 to 1900-2000 is definitely possible. I can’t put a specific number of hours on that or anything, but if you spent the summer preparing, I’d like your chances. As for “is it possible,” check out the video at the top of the page for the answer to that one 🙂 Spoiler: Yes!

  • Anonymous says:


    My SAT test is this Saturday, and i’m a junior in high school. Within these two days, I really need at least 100 – 200 points increase. I’m usually hitting in the 1700 range, but i want to get at least a 1900 or higher. My math is excellent, as I am getting 750 and higher most of the time with 4 or fewer mistakes, but my writing and critical reading are killing my score.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks & Regards

    • Rob says:

      For this Saturday, I recommend checking out my Youtube channel & browsing the videos available on Grammar & Reading. Don’t spend too much time today cramming (especially if you lose sleep), but doing a basic overview of the material might help a bit. However, the only real way to improve is put in the time over the summer, so you should commit to doing a full study program over the summer months to prep you to crush the October test. When you have more time, I suggest starting with the Grammar Diagnostic Test and Grammar Bootcamp series (both available free on this site). For Reading, you could check out the sample Critical Reading Bootcamp videos and see if you like them. The majority of that series (and the videos overall) is located in the Members Area of the site.

  • Mondi says:

    Hi! I’m Mondi.
    I plan to take SAT in October this year. I’ve practiced by myself and scored around 1500. I want to increase my score to at least 1900. I know that it would be so hard. But i will study really hard to reach it. To be honest, I’m weak in CR and Writing as English is my second language. How do I improve my CR and writing? Is it possible that I will get 1900 by October?


    • Rob says:

      Yup, it’s possible with enough effort & work – check out the video at the top of this page for more info on this. As for how to improve CR & Writing, I’ve created whole video series showing how to do this, so it can’t be boiled down into a few quick bullet points. For Writing, start with the Grammar Diagnostic Test. For Reading, start with the Critical Reading Bootcamp. And make sure you do a practice section per day!

  • Hussam says:

    Hi! So i took the SAT this May and got a 1670 without any prep. i consider myself very achieving when it comes to academics and i am sure i have the commitment to push myself if needed. Basically i am trying to jump from 1670 to 2100+. i have a whole summer ahead of me and i’d like to retake the SAT two more times. I’d really appreciate your advice!

  • Megan says:

    I am a rising senior and I have taken the SAT twice and today I just found out that I got an 1850.
    At first I was extremely upset because I knew I would have to take it again for the third time to reach my score goal (2200+). I need the most help in math and CR and am not sure what test prep materials I need. Unfortunately taking a test prep course is not an option for me especially since I have already taken one in my school. I’m extremely motivated and have the entire summer to work on my worst areas, I just need a little guidance in regards to the test prep materials I should seek out. Thanks again for all the great information.

    My score breakdowns:

  • Rachita says:

    I took the Sat for the first time on 6th June, 2015.
    I got a pretty low score of 1510.
    I got 540 in cr, 590-in maths and 380 in writing.
    Well I didn’t even prepare properly, didn’t even solved a single practice paper completely.
    I am planning to take the SAT again on 3rd October,2015.
    So can you please suggest me regarding how to go about and get a score of 2000+.

    • Rob says:

      Well you know part of the answer – get studying ASAP! That’s step 1.

      Otherwise, follow the instructions in the Study Guide on this page, starting with 1700, 1800, and 1900. I know your ultimate goal is 2000+, but you have to work one step at a time. So begin with the Diagnostic Tests, then the Bootcamp series, etc. Also, feel free to send me your score report once it’s released & I can take a look at it for you.

  • Rick says:

    Hi I took SAT just now and I got 1400 🙁 which is quite below my expectations! I want to score a minimum of 1700 so pls help me to boost my score by 300! i scored around 1800-70 in practice tests from Blue book but idk what actually happened :(! I need work more on essay and RC

    • Rob says:

      It’s not unusual to score lower on the real test than on practice tests, especially if this is your first real test. Start by downloading the Study Guide for 1500 and 1600 on this page. I know your ultimate goal is higher, but you have to take it one step at a time. Start with the diagnostics & the Bootcamp series – these resources are available for free on my site.

      What do you mean by RC?

  • Aman says:

    Hey I am in 10 th standard right now and I want to give sat paper in the next year , so I want to know how to score 2250-2400 by the preparation in just 1 year , on which books should I focus ?

  • Priya says:

    Hello! I took the SAT May of 2015 and got a 1570. I wasn’t happy about this score at all, and it seems as if I tried everything. I went to a few test prep classes, and didn’t have much improvement. I have about 3 months until I have to take the next SAT and it would be amazing if I could improve a few hundred points. Please email me back. Thank you!

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  • David says:

    Hello, I took my first SAT around May of my Junior year and I plan to take it again in October and possibly once again in November as a Senior. Currently I am in the middle of preparing for my November test as I am out of school for Summer. So in total I have around 1 and a half months left of intense preparation (study 2-3 hours a day every day) and around 1 and a half months of mild preparation (study around 1 hour a day) because at that point I will be in school. Now I scored a 2180 (800 CR, 760 M, 620 W, 8 essay). But I really need to raise that score to at least 2250. Now I am worried that my CR score won’t be as good because on my practice tests I usually score around 700-740 and sometimes worse on a bad day. I’m confident that my Math score could be maintained or improved, but what I’m worried about most is writing. On practice tests I generally score around 660-700 but I’ll need at least 760 to guarantee that. Now my question is what would be the best method to improve my writing scores significantly as well as maintain my CR and M scores? I’ve been studying for the past month and a half by completing a practice test every 3 days or so but my scores haven’t improved much at all.

    • Rob says:

      Good news – Writing is the easiest section to improve! The issue you’re likely having is that you’re not approaching the grammar material in a systematic way – there are a lot of grammar rules & patterns that your probably not 100% comfortable with, so you need to learn those. I have a ton of free resources to help you with this. Start with the Grammar Diagnostic Test:


      And then work through the Grammar Bootcamp:


      After you do all this, begin practicing again, and spend time trying to categorize all the questions according to the errors discussed in the Bootcamp. Good luck!

  • Edward says:


    On my first official SAT exam that I took in December 2014, I got a 1660. 530 Reading, 610 Math, and 520 Writing. I’ve been studying since July 2015 for the SAT that I will be taking in October 2015. So far I have taken 4 full-length practice tests from the College Board Blue Book, and I have consistently gotten scores in the 1950s. My ultimate highest scores for each category out of the four tests I have taken so far are: 670 Reading, 650 Math, and 670 Writing. However, reading and math seem to be my weakest categories, as I only miss 5-6 questions in the writing section. I want to reach 2000+, and I feel that this goal is very reasonable as I am nearly there. I understand to reach a 2000, it is a matter of a few questions. I’m struggling in the hard sections of math and some critical reading areas. Any tips? I have the Blue Book and the Princeton How to Crack the SAT 2015. Please email me at: edwardhan1997@gmail.com

  • Waqqar says:

    Hi, I took 1 SAT, for which I prepared for for a total of 4-8 hours (there was a lot of playing around involved when I was “studying.”) On that SAT I got 560 on W section (6 on the essay,) 570 on the R sec, and 680 on the M section. I have roughly 2 months to study, can I improve my score to a 2250+. I talked to a friend about your program and he strongly recommended it for me, any feedback/thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Rob says:

      Feel free to send me your score report & I’ll take a look at it to give you more targeted advice!

  • Parth says:

    hey I took sat once and got a score of 1480 and now I’m giving again in October. This time I want 1800+ please guide me!!

    • Rob says:

      Feel free to send me your latest SAT score report & I’ll take a look at it for you and give advice.

  • Mohamed ehab says:

    Hello Rob,im an international student and i took my SAT ” the uncounted trial”as a grade10 student and got a 1410 500/M 460/writing 450/reading iv only actually studied for the writing part and i was devastated with my scores….but i was ok with the other scores as a start ….im goaling for a 650/M 630/Writing 550/R

    • Rob says:

      Sounds like a plan – note that the SAT is changing this year, so you’ll only have the October, November, December, and January tests for the old SAT, so time to get studying ASAP!

  • Mohamed ehab says:

    well Rob actually…in my country i only got october and december in my country, and my question was more like….do you think i can achieve it? and what can you advise me, my college choice seriously depends on it

    • Rob says:

      Oh well then you have even fewer chances then – yes, you can absolutely reach those goals. They are realistic as long as you put in the time. As for specifics on what to do, that’s what this site is for – go to the home page and start with the SAT Quick Start Guide.

  • f A says:

    Im going to senior year with a score of 1680, I need 1950 at least. Any suggestions?

    • Rob says:

      Absolutely – I offer a ton of information on this page in the Study Guides & in the videos available on this site & in my Youtube channel. Go to the home page of the site & check out the Quick Start Guide to get started. And that’s the key – start! You should be studying every day from now until the October test, 1.5 – 3hrs/day. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

  • Sid says:

    Hi! I recently took the SAT and managed a 1850. I will be giving the SAT again on 7 November (India). I want to improve my score to get a 2300+. On analysis, I found. Many errors in my essay. Please give me some tips to improve my essay.

  • alisa says:

    i was really worried about my sat exam in oct 15..i wanna get 2400 marks to get scholarship…
    n luckily i found this website n really thankful who wrote this… i get a way to reach my goal… thanks… keep helping…. 🙂 best of luck

  • prath says:

    Hi, so I wrote the SAT in June and I scored 1410. I’m writing it again in October and I’m really worried because every time I write a practice test I’m not able to score more than 1500 and it’s getting frustrating. Could you give me any suggestions on practicing and scoring in all the three sections?

    • Rob says:

      That’s a pretty huge question and one that I can’t easily (or briefly) answer in this comment. However, I do offer a ton of tips, videos, and articles throughout this site & my Youtube channel that will help you improve your scores, so start with the info on this page (and the Quick Start Guide on the home page), and let me know if you have any specific questions on the material or your practice regimen!

  • Beshoy Eskarous says:

    Hi there. i took my first SAT in the spring of my junior year and got a 1910. 680 Reading, 590 Math, 640 Writing and 10 on the essay
    I didn’t study at all for the test, but am planning on taking it fall of senior year (which I am currently in) on Oct. 3
    This gives me a little over a month to study. My goal is to make it into the 2000 range, preferably 2100-2200. My math score needs the most focus most of all, especially since I am considering applying to Cal Poly SLO for engineering. Would appreciate any advice, thanks!

    • Rob says:

      You’ve got a great baseline to work from, especially since you haven’t studied much yet. But you’ll need to study hard to hit your potential, so start ASAP! Grab the Study Guide for 2000, 2100, and 2200 on this page, and also check out the other resources in the Quick Start Guide (see the homepage). For the math, focus on the hard questions (the last third of each section) since that’s likely where you’re missing most of your points.

  • Sarah says:

    Hello! I took the PSAT sophomore year scored 131 then junior year and scored a 171. I took the sat in June and received a 1880. I’ve been studying my butt off for math (now in the early 700 range) and am also in the 700 range for writing. Do you have any good tips for critical reading (I’m like 570-650 range). Also, do you think it’s possible for me to score in the 2000s when I take the sat again this October? I’ve been studying 24/7 for the sat this summer. Also, I’ve done EVERYTHING to try to increase my CR score- reading articles, newspapers, 2000+ vocab, etc. but my score won’t go up!! 🙁 Id really appreciate your help! 🙂

    • Rob says:

      Yes, it’s definitely possible to improve! You’ve done a great job so far. The best way to improve on CR is actually to do CR sections – reading articles, etc. won’t really help in the short-term. It’s a great habit over the long term, but it won’t really help to improve on SAT Reading. What have you done in terms of practice for CR (# of practice sections, tests, the source of those tests, etc.). Feel free to email me directly.

  • Noor Siddiqui says:

    I just found your website online, and my goal is a 2000 at least. I took the the SAT already and I scored a 1720. The first time I took the SAT I scored a 1550, and then I took a Princeton Review course and jumped to a 1720. My goal is a 2000 and i’m really stressed because I don’t know if I can jump 280 points at the very least. How long and how much prep per day do you think I would need to put in, in order to score a 2000?

    Please help 🙂

    • Rob says:

      I’m not sure when you’re planning on taking the test next, but I recommend at least 1.5 hrs per day, 6 days per week until the test. If you can do TWO 1.5 hour sessions per day (so 3 hrs total), that’s even better. But the key is to be consistent – one solid session per day over the next few weeks/months is the ticket to boosting your score another few hundred points.

  • Tergel says:

    Hello I’ve been practicing for SAT for a long time. I’ve been studying English as my second language and haven’t improved much since I’ve started practicing for the SAT. Generally/consistently I’ve been getting 1500-1600 on full practice tests and my method of reviewing is as it follows: write all alien words of CR form the 3 sections of the full test, review writing as if i think i’m reviewing it (still, I don’t think i’m doing enough) and as for the math sections, I review it thoroughly with half full understanding. For math, I don’t have much of a worry because I’ve been having classes for it, so it can be improved, but as for CR and Writing, I’m completely tangled in confusion. How can I effectively improve my CR and Writing in less than a month? How can I at LEAST get a 1750-1800 (max) score on October’s SAT. I’m really freaking out because I’ve done numerous amount of practice tests…

    • Rob says:

      For Writing, make sure you’re learning the specific rules & patterns that are repeatedly tested on the SAT – check out my Grammar Diagnostic Test & Grammar Bootcamp series.

      As for Reading, are you reviewing your Passage questions? Vocabulary really isn’t the main reason your score is in the 500 region for Reading. So make sure you’re reviewing every single passage question (right or wrong) and every single answer choice after you’ve completed the section so that you can make sure you fully understand each question.

  • Sanju Baral says:

    I gave my previous SAT in May, which scored 1820( 580R, 630M. 610W). While I gave the test, I mostly toiled with Vocabs, Maths formulas and grammar rules. I want to know the tactics of improving reading skills! And where do I find those 15 Grammar rules?
    For Maths section, what are the basics that I SHOULD know? Besides basics, tell anything that I need to practice.
    My next SAT is on Nov 7! A month away!

  • Mohit says:

    hey.. I have taken the SAT this October just for an experience about how the exams go by. the main target will be in the Jan SAT 2016.. I have been perpetually been scoring around 1500 in practice tests which is way below average.. But the only good part is that my essay score is very consistent (8.5-10)…. I nail all my easy and medium math questions and I miss my marks in the harder questions…
    I have a weakness in Reading especially on how to go about with the difficult words and the passages… Im improving on my writing sections but I fear my crictical reading section…. I would love to hear your reply from my comment..
    i know there are only less than 3 months remaining until the SAT in January… i will put in my best effort in achieving a 2000+ score…
    thanks/regards .

    • Rob says:

      Please contact me directly for more info and please let me know about the breakdown of your scores – a 1500 could mean a lot of different things, but it sounds like that your Math is significantly better than your other scores. So let me know your typical breakdown, and definitely let me know what you get on the October test. Also, how do you know that your essay is consistently in the 8-10 range? Has someone scored it for you?

  • Nwaukwa Marcel says:

    I’m having critical reading problems, expecially passage based questions & I’m taking the SAT in the next 3 months I’m currently on a 1500.. & 400 on the critical reading section.. Please, I need help?? ?

  • Noor says:

    Hey…I just had my october result.How can I improve my score from a 1730 to a +2100.I started studying for my sat six weeks before the final test.I worked really hard and did around 14 daignostic test and learned more than 600 vocabulary words within that time.English isn’t my native language so I have experienced a lot of problem when attempting Cr and writing.One of the major problem is time management.I often fail to complete my Cr and writing sections as it takes time for me to understand those passages.How can I improve??Plz help as dec 2015 is going to be my second and last time I will give it.I still have six weeks and Ireally want to improve.

    • Rob says:

      Your first step is to get your 1700 to a 1900 – I don’t know what your breakdown is, so I can’t tell you how your CR/M/W scores should look, but focus on getting to 1900 – this means you should focus on easy & medium problems. If you are spending time on hard questions right now, it’s not time well spent until you can clean up on the easy & mediums.

      Good to hear that you did 14 diagnostic tests! However, did you go over every single problem from every single test? The real learning comes from the process of review, not from taking the tests itself. If you don’t review carefully & find out your weak points, you’ll just be practicing the same bad habits & mistakes without realizing. So work on fewer tests but spend more time reviewing them.

      Otherwise, browse my site and Youtube channel for plenty of videos & articles on how to bump up your SAT scores.

  • Nihal says:

    I am currenty scoring 1900 to 2000 on the SAT with my scores fluctuating. I have the exam on November 7th which is in less than 2 weeks. I obviously know that I can’t score full marks but all I want to know is how to have a score always above 2000. I’m aiming for anything above 2100 but if all else fails anything starting with 2 is fine for me. Any advice?

    • Rob says:

      It’s hard to give advice on this without knowing the breakdown of your score – a 2000 could mean a lot of different things depending on how the CR, M, and W break down. The most important thing I can say for now is to make sure you’re not making avoidable mistakes with easy & medium questions. There are likely quite a few E&M questions that you can improve on, and that should be enough to push you 2000+.

  • D.T says:

    Hey Rob on the guide it says
    1. Take practice section & evaluate current score level w/ Progress Tracker.
    Where do I find the practice section?

    • Rob says:

      You can find practice sections in the four tests available for download on my site: https://reasonprep.com/practice-sats/

      Or in the SAT “Blue Book” (Official Study Guide). Just pick any of the Math, Reading, or Writing sections to complete and enter into the Progress Tracker. You should only use REAL SATs for practice sections – don’t use third-party books like Barron’s, Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc.

  • Indah says:

    Hello, i just got my sat scores last week and i got a 1420, im in my senior year and im planning on taking it again in december.. do you think i could increase my score to a 1600+ in a month ? if so what kind of study plans im looking at ? also english is kind of my second language so i dont have a very strong vocabulary base, is there a way i can familiarize myself with the vocabs fast? Pleasee helpp i am so confused into what i should do!

    • Rob says:

      Sure, that’s a definite goal.

      Download the Study Guide for 1500 & 1600 to get you started. You’ll want to hit all three sections. There’s a bunch of free content (diagnostic tests & video series) available on this site, especially for Math & Writing.

      Download my Vocab List & start learning Levels 1-3 – that should provide you with a solid foundation of vocab.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Anuska says:

    I actually took my SAT on October and I landed up getting 1700. I am self practicing and I am thinking of giving my SAT again on Jan 23 rd,2016 . To be true, while I gave few mock tests before the actual SAT I got 1900 or 1850. So, the SAT result was super depressing. My aim is to get above 2200. I almost have 75 days left. Is it possible to get to my goal within this time frame?

    • Rob says:

      It is possible, but it will certainly be a challenge. Since you haven’t prepped that much, there’s a good chance that starting on preparation can give you some quick gains. Whether or not you can reach the ultimate goal of 2200 isn’t certain, but it is absolutely certain that you won’t get anywhere near 2200 if you don’t put in the preparation time over the next 75 days. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

  • Anuska says:

    Thanqu Rob,
    ur words mean a lot at this point of time. Actually, this might sound stupid but my hands literally started shaking while writing my essay and what more, I even forgot how 2 calculate the average for a while. So, can you suggest me on how can I stop panicking during the test? I think if I could stop panicking ,I will be capable of giving the test with best of my abilities.

    • Rob says:

      The best way to lower your anxiety is to make sure you’re well prepared. If you are super familiar with the test, the material, and the best strategies, you’ll be more comfortable knowing that you’re reading to tackle anything the SAT throws at you.

  • Abishek Dhakal says:

    Hi Rob. Its glad to see pages like yours for students studying for SAT. I took my first SAT in November 7, 2015. The scores are not out yet but soon will be. The truth is I did not really prepare that well for my SAT. and i know i have messed up with my first test. Most probably, i will end up getting around 1400. I am kind of frustrated now. I have registered for another SAT for January 23 so i have 2 months of time to prepare. I do not really know how to start now. I want to score 2000+ in my second attempt. I am completely free these 2 months and can give about all day studying for my SAT, all i need is an schedule. I really want to get at least 1300+ in my CR+M section. I am pretty good in maths and usually get around 650 in practice. But my reading is more then worse. No matter how hard i try i end up getting merely 450. Its really depressing. I was hoping you could help me out with the 2 months schedule and suggest me some books, I already have the official guide, the princeton review and have access to other books through the library. I know 2 months is not that long but i need to reach my goal. You can reply me in my email address. i will be more than happy to receive emails from you. My email address is abishekdhakal45@gmail.com

  • Ayush Syal says:

    Hi. I just gave my first SAT and quite evidently failed to get good in CR. I am pretty sure i can be good in WR and Maths section in my next Test , but a thought of CR hurts me. Especially The Double passages. I have almost 2 months for preparation. How should i go about it ? Thanks Alot ! 🙂

    Edit: I got 500 in CR !

  • Mannika says:

    I took the SAT in june and got 1710(R:490; W-530; M-690). I took it again in November and got 2020 ( R-590; W-670; M-760). I want to take it again in January and I want 2130+.How should I work to achieve my target?

    • Rob says:

      Focus on Reading most of all, especially your passages and a little vocabulary work. Your goal is to get approx 650.

      Focus as well on the remaining grammar rules/questions that are holding you back from 700+. I’m not sure what your essay score was, but if it’s a 9 or lower, you will also want to do some work to improve your essay to 10+.

  • Eliasha says:

    Hello! Your vids are amazing by the way and I’ve been self-studying my way through the SATs. For my Sat Oct 2015 I received 1710 (540 CR, 610 Math, 560 Writing), ideally I would like to jump 300-400 pts higher into the 2100 range for this upcoming Sat Dec 2015. So far, I’ve done 4 practice tests from the official blue book and only getting scores like 1780-1860 (550-590 CR, 620-700 Math, 580-620 Writing) , is it a must to complete all the 10 practice tests in the blue book? I will be watching your bootcamp vids to get to the bottom of my weaknesses and solve it hehe, but within this short frame of time prior to the test, what would you advise me to do to ensure I would hit my target? Thank you!

    • Rob says:

      Unfortunately that’s a pretty quick turnaround to gain 400 points or so, but I can recommend to focus on:

      1) Reading Passages
      2) Grammar multiple choice
      3) Hard math problems

      to get the most benefit for the study time that you have. Going through all 10 tests isn’t necessarily required as long as you’re carefully reviewing every single question (right, wrong, or omitted) after completing the practice test – that’s where you learn the most!

  • Andrea says:

    I have a 1120 on my SATS and I need a 1500 so some colleges could consider me what should I do ( this is my second try ).

    • Rob says:

      I assume you mean a 1500 overall (M + CR + W)? If so, download the Study Guide for 1500 & 1600 and follow it closely!

  • Aysoltan says:

    hello. i will take my 1st sat exam in january. but i am not ready. my math is good ( 680-690) but my c.reading is bad. And i don’t know english well. i want to improve but how. i can’t watch your videos because of my country’s internet is very very weak then i can’t watch tutorial videos. and i have been learning 20-30 sat words daily but i am worried if this words which i have learned will not come. Which words do you suggest me? i haven’t got any time please help me. I want to take 800 math,600 c.reading and 600 writing but my c.reading is very very baddddd.
    my questions:
    1.how can up my c.reading score for 600 points
    2.how can i watch your videos i want to so much to watch
    3.which sat words do you suggest me to learn.
    4.how can up my math score for 800 points

  • Janmay says:

    In my practice tests, I score around 780-800 in Math, but my score gets bottlenecked, as I only manage to get 600 each on reading and writing. I need to focus on my vocab. Any other tips ?

  • Nisheet says:

    Hi! I have my SAT on 23rd Jan. 8 days from now. I watched your free videos for 2 days before exam last time and improved by 110 Points (That time also i started studying like 4-5 days before the test).

    Perhaps it’s too late to sign up, but i think i can use your videos. Probably work for 5+ Hours a day and do something about it. I am signing up for the SAT only course (97$ one).

    My score was 1670 (May 2014). I want to touch 1900+ ish in this one and i know it’s possible. Please guide me in whatever way you can. Looking forward to your reply.

    • Rob says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s too late – even though there’s a little more than a week left, you can still focus your efforts on the most important videos/topics to maximize your chances at increasing your scores. When you sign up, email me and I’ll tell you which videos to focus on!

  • Zulfizar says:

    Ful ride sholarship is available for internatinal students? İf ı have really good sat score

    • Robert Schombs says:

      It’s possible, though I don’t know much about international admissions. Having an excellent (1500+) SAT score would likely be a good start, though!

  • Jacinth Culmer says:

    Help me, I had a 950 on my latest sat score. And I want to improve or I won’t get into a good college.

  • Shwetha sekar says:

    I Am currently scoring around 1420-1450 on the SAT. What steps do I need to take to get to a 1600? I am planning on taking the October test. I started studying for 3 weeks and my score has improved from a 1320 to a 1420-1450.
    How do I improve and eliminate silly mistakes

  • Alazar says:

    Hello Rob,
    I took the SAT this June and received a score of 1450 (M: 750 R: 37 W: 33) after studying for two weeks. I know this is already well above average, but it is not high enough for the top schools I am aiming for. I am planning on retaking the exam in November for a 1560 or higher and I can put out at least 20 hours a week until the exam. I am naturally stronger in math so I probably only have to learn to eliminate careless mistakes and finish ahead of time to recheck my answers, but my reading and writing — especially writing — need some work. There aren’t as many practice materials for the writing section of the new SAT and I figured I can not use the old SAT materials since this specific section has changed drastically in the realms of both format and content. Which practice materials do you advise me to use so that I can drill my weaknesses through multiple, high-quality practice questions and also learn the contents? As for the reading I am planning to practice with old SAT exams along with the four official New SAT practice tests and Erica L. Meltzer. And also, do you think a 1560+ is feasible considering the amount of time I have put out to study, or am I just having lofty, unrealistic dreams?
    Thank you for your time,

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Given your current scores & their breakdown, I do think getting 1550 or higher is reasonable, assuming you can get to ~800 Math. The Reading score is quite strong which is good news given that Reading is usually hardest to improve. The Writing score is the easiest of the three to improve, so I definitely think you can get that to 38+ with time. The resources you mention already are good. I also recommend using ACT English tests to help you prep for SAT Writing. They are very similar, so you can get a lot of extra practice with those. Your Reading resources sound good – I’d stick with real SAT Reading tests (even old SAT) because the style of question is so specific to the SAT. Just note that the old SAT will use harder vocab than you’ll see on the new version.

      I also recommend my courses, especially for Reading & Writing. You can learn more about them here: http://members.reasonprep.com/courses/all-sat-courses

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Hosea Belton says:

    Thanks for the wonderful advice! I have two months to study. Do you think I’ll be able to move from a 1190 to 1600 with 3-4 hrs of hard/focused practice each day?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      That’s quite a big jump, though it’s not impossible. I’d say that you’d definitely be able at least 100 points in that time frame, if not more. Here’s a video that covers the “Is it possible” question:


      • Omar says:

        Hello sir
        i am an international student. My language is not very good I got a level C1. I took the SAT test last March and I wasn’t really ready for testing yet , it was like trying to know my skills and my score were (810). Now I have test in 4th May {(40 day)( I am studying four hours a day)} Do you think this time will be enough to improve my skills to get 1250 , And do you have any advice maybe can help me with that.

        Kind Regards

  • Boateng Clinton says:

    Pls i want to increase my score by 350 i am now at 1190. how do i accomplish this within a month

  • HARISH JAIN says:

    My son is preparing for SAT. In practice test he is getting 1540-1580 score. He is getting 800 in math but 1-2 wrong in writing and reading section.

    I know is smart and capable of getting 1600. But he needs to follow some discipline in problem solving and time the all the sections properly. Can you suggest some guideline which he can follow to improve his score and get 1600 prefect score. I heard the reading sections are too long and most of the kids does not have enough time to answer all questions.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      It’s great to hear that he’s scoring so high already. That’s the good news. The bad news is getting that last 1-2 questions can be really difficult because your son is now grappling with the material that’s the hardest for him AND luck comes into play – all it takes is a student to make an avoidable mistake for the damage to be done.

      I definitely agree that a 1600 is possible, though, given where he’s at now. Since his situation is so specific, there’s no simple guideline I can give that will help in every case. It really depends on which questions he’s getting wrong and why, and I can’t say anything more specific without knowing which questions he’s getting wrong and what problems he’s having consistently with Reading & Writing.

      I made a video discussing what it takes to get to that perfect score level here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dfw7MkLmH8 It was made when the Old SAT was still being administered, but it should apply just as well to the New SAT.

      Also, I have a free SAT Writing Course here that might help with those last few questions: http://members.reasonprep.com/courses/new-sat-writing-course

  • cschandra says:

    i got 1210 for 1600 in a practice test. i want to improve my sat score by 300 points and i have my SAT on 1st october. can you please help me.

  • aiman aman says:

    my best score so far has been 860 and my goal is 1200+ is there literally anyway i can make it in 10 days? lol

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Getting 340+ points in 10 days would certainly be very difficult, but I think you can make some improvements to your scores over this time period by focusing on the “low hanging fruit” first: check out my Quickstart course for some quick tips for all sections of the SAT that may help you do this.


  • Ana says:

    Hi Rob:

    I’m a grad students who needs a minimum of 1030 on the SAT. I just got my score from the Oct. 1st. exam and I got a 930. My previous score was a 980. I’m taking my next SAT on Nov. 5, 2016. Any suggestions on how I can get an extra 100-200 points, I know I only have 7 full days before the test. My weakest subject is Math.
    Thank you so much!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      That’s a pretty quick turnaround time – I’d say focus your practice efforts on the big topics (lines & linear functions, quadratics, word problems, percents, triangles) with whatever books/resources you have rather than trying to review it all. You only need ~80 points or so from math (with some help from Reading & Writing) to hit your goal, so focus on those major problem areas first.

      Otherwise, check out my SAT courses – some free – that can help you over this time period in the other sections: http://members.reasonprep.com/courses/category/Free. Check out the SAT Quickstart & SAT Writing Course to start.

  • Mohammad Suleman says:

    I have SAT without preparation and hot 1100 and now I have prepared for two months . I got 610 in maths though my maths is good. I realized I filled the number boxes wrongly.please guide about maths strategies .

  • Leya says:

    Hi I am a student of 12th grade and attained a score in the range of 1200-1300. I would like to attain a score near 1500. Could you tell me some important tips to improve my score as I am working hard by clearing concepts and doing several practice tests. What is required for a 1500 score?

    Could you also tell me tricks to crack the reading comprehension and the writing portion as there are always two answers which are very closely correct.

  • Aun Raza says:

    I’m an international student i never studied specifically for SAT yet i scored 950/1600 at khan academy and i want to get 1500+ in two months so i’m asking you if this is possible . i can do 8 hours a day for 2 months so tell me with that amount of work is there any chances ?

  • Aun Raza says:

    im gonna tell u my strengths and weakness then tell me……i concluded my 10th class with 94% and after that i did pre med for two years and had 81% i took MCAT with reasonable scores . we dont study specifically for SAT here. I didnt study Maths for like 2 years during my pre med yet i had 98% math score in 10th . My English is quite good . First time in my life i took SAT test at Khan Academy and scored 950/1600 . Im gonna take test at January and want my scores to 1500+ . As i said earlier i can put 8 hours a day for SAT prep . NOW tell me is there good chances for me to get 1500+ score by january test? plz answer specifically can i or can i not ?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure it looks like your chances are reasonable. There’s no way for me to put an exact number on it, but in the end, what I think about your chances matters very little. If you want to improve your score by any amount, you’ll still need to put in the effort & study time. If you put in the effort, your score will increase, that’s the bottom line! 🙂

  • Lorivert Cobo says:

    Hi Rob!!
    I’m currently a senior submitting college applications in January. I took the new SAT twice: Once during Junior Year on May 7th, 2016 and another time this year, senior year, on October 1st. My score the first time I took it junior year was an 1170 out of 1600. This year, when I took it in October, I got the same exact score: 1170 out of 1600. I’m planning on taking the test again on December 5th, but I want to boost my score by 130-140 points (up to a 1300-1310 out of 1600). I have been trying to look for tutors that cover and tutor the New SAT material, tutoring services that cover the New SAT, etc., but I haven’t found anything helpful. I have 4 weeks to prepare for the next exam (not much time), and I don’t know what to do. I have the College Board’s ” The official SAT Study Guide” and all prep materials, but I need help on what I should do to boost my score, and compete well against other applicants at schools I will be applying to. Please help me in this difficult situation that am in. I truly appreciate it!!

  • Keri A Schmidt says:

    HELP! I need my daughter to increase her sat scores. What should I do?

  • Akshay Dixit says:

    I took the NEW SAT I scored just 740. Help me score at least 1100 please…

  • Tanisha Bajaj says:

    Hi rob,
    I have around 10 days remaining for my final sat exam. Though my score varies a lot ( from 1100’s to 1200’s), I am not at all satisfied. Can you suggest something which could drastically increase my score in these remaining days.
    P.S- the maximum I have scored is a 1330.

  • Claudio says:

    Hi I’m a father who ‘s daughter scored a 900 and that was a big wake up call on how good I thought she was in school and maybe how bright I thought she was .she goes to will am h murrow highschool in brooklyn and I always thought public school curriculum stinks and now I’m right .they don’t prepare you to handle the real world ,so now what do I do to get my daughter ar a competitive level to handle her self with a future where she is in demand and has options ,im pretty scared for her right now but that could be my own paranoia. I don’t know what is my next step, any advice? I would really ,really apreciate it

  • Don-Yae Ponia says:

    My daughter received a 1080 on her PSAT. She needs a 1200 to get in to the college she wants and receive a scholarship. She is taking the SAT in late January. What can we do?

    560 math
    520 reading

  • Deepalika Bathina says:

    Hello, I took the psat for the first time as a freshman with no preparation and scored 1020, and this year I took it again as a sophomore and scored 1190 without any preparation. My goal is to get a 1490/1530 (new psat), and I’m pretty motivated to reach that score, but I don’t know where to start and how many hours i’d need to put in everyday. I also wanted to ask if its possible for me to gain exactly 300 points in a year, considering that I gained 170 points without studying.
    Thank You,
    Deepalika Bathina

  • Rahul Pulidindi says:

    Hello, I am Rahul, and I am from India. I took my first SAT test on December 3, 2016 and I scored 1360 out of 1600, 650 in the Reading and Writing section, and 710 in the Math section. I am definitely not satisfied with my score seeing as my dream colleges are Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, of that kind and I expected to score at least 1500. The problem is that I am unable to break the 700 barrier in the Reading and Writing section, while I know that I can score a perfect 800 in Math with a bit more practice and focus. Now I have registered for the next test, which is on January 21, 2017. So please, I hope you can help me and provide a few tips and strategies so that I can improve my score by at least 150-200 points, by preparing for a month. Please respond at the earliest at my email ra**********@gmail.com
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Ashley says:

    Hi! I’ve been studying for the SAT since I was a junior and my scores went from 1220 to 1330 in 5 months of extreme studying. But now, I want to make that score into at least 1400 so I can have better chances at getting into more colleges. However, I don’t really know what to study or how to improve, especially with english, which I got 630 on. Could you please tell me some tips on studying and on SAT? My next test is in 2 months and will be my final one, and I am freaking out because I feel so unprepared. My email is d********@gmail.com. Thank you so much!

  • Amy Lee says:

    Hi! I am taking the SAT this January 21st. My PSAT score was a 1110, but when I did some extra studying over winter break (2-3hrs/day for 5-6 days), I took another practice test and my score went up to 1250 (610 Math, 640 English). Would it be possible to increase by 150 and get at least a 1400 by the 21st?

    Please help! Thank you 🙂

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Nice increase so far! It’s hard to say exactly how much farther you could increase in only a few weeks without more information, but pushing to 1300+ seems reasonable at least. Assuming you’ll be taking the test again in the spring, I think you’d have good chances of getting closer to 1400 by then.

      • Amy Lee says:

        Hmm..do you think it would be a good idea to focus on getting my strengths (the Reading/Writing part) up to 700+ instead of trying to raise both at the same time, so that I can make it to 1300+ by Jan 21st? My math is currently at a 610 :/

        • Robert Schombs says:

          Given that short time frame, yes, I recommend focusing on your strengths! I would maybe do a little review for Math to make sure there’s no low hanging fruit, but I would definitely try focusing on your Reading/Writing most of all.

  • Uchechi says:

    I’m so eager to her 1200 above but don’t know the right book to study with and how to study cox I don’t had time a lot… Saturdays and Sundays are my free days for practice and I’m self studying

  • Hannah says:

    Hi, do you think it is possible to go from a 1100 to a 1400 in 3-4 months if I study for a few hours everyday with prep books?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure, it’s possible! Make sure you use real practice SATs whenever you can, though, since the practice material in most prep books isn’t very good.

  • Erin Belisle says:

    Hello! I am trying to get an 1100 on my SAT to get into nursing school. I took my test in December and received a 1040. I plan to retake it on March 11th. I have used the Khan Academy website and have a few test prep books. Is there anything you would suggest for me to study or check out? I only need a 60 point increase!

  • Caren says:

    Hi, I am currently a junior in High School and I recently started taking Kaplan prep at my school. I am currently scoring around 1,100-1,200 on practice tests. My goal is to improve to at least 1,400 for my actual test in April. Is it possible in just these few months? What should I do to better prepare myself?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure, it’s possible, as long as you’re putting in the effort! The Kaplan course you’re taking should be letting you know how to prepare. Beyond that, I recommend checking out my courses for more info, especially the SAT/ACT Study Plan Course – more info here: http://members.reasonprep.com/courses

  • Tamra says:

    Hi Rob. My son is a freshman in high school and scored a 1370 on the new SAT this January 2017. At that point, he had just started Algebra II. He scored 660 in Reading and Writing and 710 in Math. Do you think it is feasible for him to aim for 1500 or even perfect 1600 by junior year? I appreciate your response.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      I think 1500+ is reasonable, especially given that he’s received a 1370 so early (and before completing Algebra II) and has plenty of time to prep in a gradual, consistent manner.

  • Danelly says:

    Hello, I got a score of 990 the first time I took the SAT. I plan on taking it again next year and want to achieve a score of 1,400. Do you have any advice on improving my skills, specially in math?

  • richard Lee says:

    My son is in Junior and took SAT in Dec. 3 2016, his score is 1310 without much practice. Now he registers March 11 2017 SAT, do you think he can get score around 1450 by practicing couples tests?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      The only way to find out is to do the practice tests, but getting +140 points in a week or so will be very difficult. Best to plan a summer or fall test to be fully prepared because getting +140 after a few months of studying is very doable.

  • Daniela Miller says:

    Hello. I’m working to achieve a score in the 1400 range. I’ve taken twice and scored 1210 and 1360. My school practice test was also a 1360. I’m unsure of next steps. Any advice? Thanks!

  • Mike says:

    Going to retake exam. Got 1200 on rSAT & 26 on ACT. Target goals are 1300+ or 30.
    Which test would you suggest I take to reach my goal.

    • Mike says:

      Which is more realistic… a 100pt gain on the rSAT (1200 to1300) or a 4 point gain on the ACT (26 to 30). FYI… I did a 7 on my rSat Essay & an 8 on my ACT Essay.
      Thanks for you input.

      • Robert Schombs says:

        Going from 1200 -> 1300 on the SAT is easier than 26 –> 30 on the ACT. The feasibility of making either improvement depends on the time available to study. Both would be difficult to do in a few weeks. The +100 points is pretty realistic within a month or two. The 26 -> 30 ACT jump would probably need a bit more time.

  • Reese Richardson says:

    I’m currently a sophomore and I have taken the SAT once, earning myself a 1230 (570M, 660CR). I am looking to boost my score to a minimum of 1480 before senior year (most likely taking the test as many times as needed to achieve such a score), as my target school (or at least the one I am most interested in) is Johns Hopkins University. Do you have any tips for achieving such a jump?
    I am most likely taking the ACT or SAT in June, this time with prep to see what type of score I may achieve.
    The first time I had taken the SAT, I was loaded on 5-hour energies and had not prepped at all before taking it. I may have briefly looked over a question or two beforehand, but I had not taken a practice test, nor used my prep book much. How much do you think I could improve with about a three-month rigorous practice session before the test?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      The good news is that you have plenty of time to make that jump, so the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to prep consistently. Since you’re starting early, then doing 2-3 days per week, 20-30 minutes of SAT review will help. In your junior year, boost to 3-4 days/week, 30 minutes per section, and then increase from there.

      As for more specific advice, check out my courses & articles, since I cover a ton of information there! The Study Plan course might be helpful to you as well.

      I can’t say for sure how much you can improve with three months of rigorous review, but certainly boosting 1230 to 1350+ seems reasonable to me.

  • Amaar Amir says:

    So I took the SAT only twice, and the interesting thing is I only studied for 3 days prior to each exam.. Now I know that that was not the brightest move ever, however; I did get (1290 and 1300). My superscore is 1340. So given the time and effort put in I wouldn’t really say thats bad mark. I am thinking of entering a foundation year in which I would spend all my time on SAT scores and college essays… Do you think its possible to reach 1450? Or perhaps even higher?
    Is this a realistic goal? If so, please advice as to the best method to achieve this.


  • Debjyoti says:

    I got 1300. I’m disappointed because for months and just cannot get score above this. Reading and writing is specially killing me. I’m weak in English comprehension. I just can’t improve this problem. Also under time limit I’m cracking up.
    My goal is 1500. How can I get that?

  • Emily Bee says:

    You said “you’ll have to make an extraordinary commitment to meet those goals.”
    I am taking my SAT tomorrow the final make up date is in May.
    I have 2 months to prep but.
    I went from all Fs for my first to years due to not showing up and getting into trouble to holding straight As and only 1 or 2 under A test scores.
    Im scared about my SAT because I dont know any math rules but I can problem solve in real world situations and logically put things together.
    That doesnt much help with having to know key points and rules in the math section.
    Im willing to dedicate every second until that makeup date to get a high score.
    I just need to know the best way to cover a vast amount of topics in thus time and the best way and plan to go about it.
    I hope you see this, take the time to read it and reply.
    I would very much appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  • Kevin says:

    Hello, I’m a junior and I’ve never token the sat, I’ve done horrible throughout high school but until last quarter I started to study every day and I went from 70s to 90-95s. Im unaware of how I will score on the sat. But I am planning to put aside time everyday until the summer to study, and then study full time throughout the summer, and then take the sat in the fall. I want to score a 1400+, and am very determined. is it possible to fully prepare for the sat in this amount of time?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes, that sounds like a good chunk of time to prepare! Start ASAP and you should have a good path to a top score.

  • Luke says:

    I have taken the SAT only once so far and scored 1420 (710 in Math and 710 in Reading/Writing). I am a junior and I hope to achieve a score of at least 1500. Should I focus on learning the content or doing the practice tests?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Both, in that when you do the practice tests you’ll discover which topic areas you need to review, especially for Math & Writing. Reading’s a bit trickier since there’s no “content” to learn, but practice tests will also help reveal your areas of weakness so that you can focus your prep.

  • Folake says:

    How can my son best prepare for her SAT – it’s coming up in just over 2 weeks. He’s taken it once before, and would like to boost his score. Can you help with a crash course?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Two weeks is a pretty short turnaround time, but depending on your son’s score & goal, there might be some quick lessons that can lead to some last minute gains. Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to discuss further: ‘


  • osama jaffery says:

    i want to get a 1300 bottom line im a junior i just want a strategy or a plan anyone can provide please email me

    • Robert Schombs says:

      I see that you’ve already enrolled in Reason Prep’s courses, including the SAT/ACT Study Plan course, so that should be a good start!

  • Autumn Rogers says:

    Hi, So I’m currently a Junior in High School and I scored a 1010 on the SAT without studying at all… My goal is getting a 1100 on the SAT. I currently have 3 weeks until I take my SAT and I need help to improve my score. My first question is this: Can I raise my score up 90 points?? My other question is… Is it bad if I take my SAT in my senior year??

    Thank you so much Rob!!!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Absolutely, 90 points in three weeks is very possible. Focus on WRITING (check out my free Writing Course), EASY & MEDIUM Math questions (especially Section 3: #6-11, 16-17, and Section 4: #8-23, 31-34). You should be able to get a quick 90 points with these questions.

      And it’s not bad at all to take the SAT as a senior! In fact, you’re most likely to get your highest score when taking it senior year. If you’re thinking of taking it in August, make sure you register ASAP because the slots are going fast. But you’ll also have shots at it in October and even November if necessary.

  • Hannah Lee says:

    Hi, I want to raise my score from an 1100 to 1400. I have about 3 months before my last attempt of achieving my goal score. Is it possible for me to do that? I get decent scores on my reading and English section but it’s my math score that’s really low. Is it possible to even my scores out and get a 1400?

  • Kevinique says:

    Hi so I have scored an 810 on my SAT and I had little to no resources my school doesn’t have prep classes and other prep classes cost about $1000 how can I improve I make 1200 in 3 months? What do you suggest? I tried Khan Academy but that did not work as well as I thought it would. Also I am from The Bahamas

    • Robert Schombs says:

      I have a bunch of free courses for the SAT that can help, in addition to a bunch of free Youtube videos, so I’d start there!

      I also have an affordable complete SAT prep course here: http://members.reasonprep.com/p/all-sat-courses

      My site is all you need to prep with the videos, articles, resources, and tests that you need.

  • Danai Syz says:

    Hello, I am a junior in high school and the very first time I took the SAT I got a 1170, without studying. My goal is to get a 1500 and I have five months for preparation. What would you recommend as the most effective way of preparation? Would studying on Khan Academy and text books be enough? How often and how long should I be practicing? Thank you.

  • Sally says:

    Hi, so by far, I took approximately 4 SAT exams, but the results were all similar, ranging from 1440-1450. I really want to boost my scores up to 1500 to get in my dream college, and I feel so desperate. 🙁 I normally get high scores on math (around 770-790) but my reading and writing scores only amount to about 660-680. Now, I have only got one last SAT before college apps, which is the October SAT, and I really need this summer break to boost my scores. Do you have any personal suggestions for me? I would greatly appreciate any advice that you give me. Thank you so much.

  • Ruth says:

    I have taken the SAT twice.

    1st time – I took a practice test and got an 1180 but did not do much studying afterwards and received an 1150 on the real SAT (January 21st)

    2nd time – I decided to take it seriously and studied almost every day 2-3 hours for four months and received a 1360 (May 6th); a 210 point increase

    I plan on taking it a 3rd time but this time with an essay. Any advice on how to improve my score and do well on the essay?

    P.S. I’ve just finished the 10th grade; however I’ve been studying abroad since the beginning of my freshman year so I’ve not taken trigonometry/algebra 2 like I was suppose to freshman year. I have made up for my lack of trigonometry skills in some areas by practicing and prepping for the SAT but I could also use some more help with that, any advice?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      I have a free SAT Essay course that covers everything you need to know here: http://members.reasonprep.com/p/new-sat-essay-course

      As for trig, there’s only 1-2 questions (max) per test on that topic, so it’s not a major priority if other Math topics are still weak for you. The topics you need to review include:
      * converting radians to degrees & degrees to radians
      * the unit circle
      * common sin & cos values (sin30, sin 45, sin 60, etc.)

  • Shyam says:

    Hi Rob,
    I have taken the SAT twice – I scored a 1390 the first time round, with scores of 690 in English and 700 in Math.
    The second time (albeit with very limited additional prep) I scored a 1410, with scores of 700 in English and 710 in Math.
    I now have a few months to try and hit my goal score, which is a 1520+.
    Any suggestions?

  • Farida says:

    Hi Rob,
    I have taken the SAT twice – I scored a 830 the first time round, and the second time I scored 1040. My goal is to get a 1400 and I have three months for preparation. What would you recommend to prepare myself for the next test?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      You’ll need a complete review of all concepts & strategies for all three sections (Math, Reading, Writing). I have a number of free courses, videos, and guides that can help you with that. I also have a bundle of courses that cover all sections of the test in detail:


  • Shounak Naskar says:

    hi , I am a 12th grader . I took the SAT last year in class 11 and scored 1420 . My maths score was 770 and EBR score was 650 only . Now it is time that I make a college list but I want to increase my scores as I want to target top notch schools . All this year , I was busy with SAT Subject test and IELTS .So , what should I do ?

  • Lilla Sabbah says:

    Hi Rob,
    I have taken the SAT with essay once and scored a 1400. My original goal was to score 1300 because I kept getting scores of 1200 or less on all the practice tests I took, but now I want to score around 1500. On my practice tests, I had the most trouble with the timing in the english section because english is not my first language, and because I am a slow reader that gets easily distracted. I always run out of time in both english sections and math sections. What do you recommend I do to reach my new goal? Also, how can I prepare for the next essay? And of course I want to improve my math score, any suggestions?
    Thank you

  • Nana Yaw says:

    I would really like any help to move me into the 1500s… i want to apply to the top notch schools and i really want to make sure i get a base score of 1500. What do you recommend i do?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      It depends completely on your starting score, how much time you have until your next test, what you’ve done so far, etc. so it’s hard for me to give super useful advice w/o more info. If you’ve taken an SAT/PSAT before, feel free to send me your score report here & I’ll take a look: https://reasonprep.com/sat-psat-act-score-report-analysis/

  • Ryan H says:

    Hello, I am rising junior this summer.
    Ive been taking multiple SAT practice tests over summer. So far I’ve consecutively got 1390 in my two most recent test. Im upset that I cannot break the barrier of entering 1400 range. My goal is to reach 1500-1530 by next year summer on real SATs. Do you think this is possible and are there recommended plans from you?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      If you’re already at 1390, getting to 1500+ sounds like a reasonable goal for sure. One thing is to make sure that you’re doing more than just taking practice tests (and that when you do, you’re reviewing each question carefully after the fact to see what you understand/don’t understand). You also want to mix in reviewing topics, worksheets, extra practice problems, videos, etc. I go through exactly how to do this in my free Study Plan course here: http://members.reasonprep.com/p/your-sat-act-study-plan

  • Sarah G says:

    I’m a rising Senior and I’ve only taken the SAT once with a score of 1200. I want to increase my score to 1500, even if it might sound impossible. I have a high GPA with an abundance of extracurricular activities. My score on the SAT is what I think might debase me on my college applications, but I don’t want this to hinder anything. Please let me know what kind of study schedule I should make to help me improve my score.
    Thank you

  • Sala says:

    Hey rob ive taken the sat once without much preparation and got 1030 but goal was 1300 now ive 3 months and im dedicated to work hard and my most problem is critical reading i dont get time to finish all so what do u recommend plus or shall i try compensate by other sections

    • Robert Schombs says:

      I would focus on all three sections, rather than just focusing on your strongest – you can likely improve in all of them, even Reading, so you want to squeeze every point out of every question you can.

      As for how to study, that’s covered in the courses in my site – you can start here:


  • Fatima says:

    Hey I’m a rising senior I be taken the SAT twice my first time I got a 970 my second time I got a 890. My goal right now is a 1200. Ive been studying really hard. I’m not the best test taker but I’ll continue trying. I’m taking the SAT in August against I hope I reach my goal.

  • Sall says:


    Firstly, Thank you for your amazing article. Secondly, I gpt 1140 on my last SAT. I really need go grt from 1350 to 1400 to enter my dream college!!
    Can you help me improve myself till Ocrober’s trial? What should I do? I really need help.
    Thank you.

  • Aghedo Omoyemwen says:

    Hi rob, did it mean you have to get a 45 in the reading, 47 in the writing, and and 47 in the math to get a 1500 AND a 1400

    • Robert Schombs says:

      For 1400+, you’re looking for 47/58 in Math, 45/52 in Reading, and 35/44 in Writing (approximately).

  • Bobby Jr. Perdarkski says:

    So i started SAT prep like three years ago and my highest score thus far is only a 1290. My score is remaining constant even though I literally do 5+ hours of SAT prep everyday and have spent so much money on classes. I do very well in school (I am in honor roll with a 4.3 GPA) What should I do?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Hard to say w/o knowing more about your situation, i.e. what questions you’re getting wrong and why, what strategies you’re using/been taught, etc. Feel free to contact me directly here and we can discuss further:


  • Omoyemwen Aghedo says:

    Hi mg bob, how many question do you need to get right on the math and eng sec of the sag to get a 1300

  • Omoyemwen Aghedo says:

    Hi mr. bob, how many question do you need to get right on the math and eng sec of the sag to get a 1300

  • Onwuchekwa ifeanyi says:

    I have written a like 5 practice full tests on the khan academy platform and my scores increased from a 930 – 980 – 1130 -1220 -1220.
    I am now in the 1200 region and I need a 350+ point gain. I have read everything possible that is related to the SAT and yet I’m not improving. Any tips please?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Lack of tips really aren’t the issue at this point; have you fully analyzed all 5 tests to see what mistakes you’re making, what rules/concepts you don’t understand, what question types you struggle with, etc.? If not, I’d start there with a full review of those 5 tests. Reading more tips/strategies isn’t really the major way to improve at this point; rather, it will come down to implementing them & addressing your particular areas of weakness.

  • Muhammad Mooaaz Waheed says:

    Dear Rob,
    I am Mooaaz from Pakistan. I have high ambitions to score 1500+ in SAT but due to my background of fsc(equivalent to a-levels) that was all about cramming it is becoming hard for me to perform even satisfactory.I have no background in mathematics even.
    Kindly if you can help me, suggest me a plan from very basic to following things:-
    1- How to become best in SAT maths and for that where to start.
    2-How to become best in English section and for that where to start
    I shall be very grateful and thankful to you.
    I can work 24/7 for this as I am crazy to get this score.

  • Franklin Igweagu says:

    Hello Mr Rob I am from Africa, specifically Nigeria. I want to thank you so much for the YouTube videos I am grateful, sir please i score 470 on the English section and 560 on the math. presently I have a score of range of 550-570 on the English sections (29 on the writing and 27 on the reading.) thanks be to God for that improvement and also to you and your short SAT videos. I study all night but it seems that 550-570 is the maximum on the English section i have tried my best but to no avail. My test date is in October 7 and I want to score minimum of 650 on the English section. I am pleading if you can help me in any means to score higher. I just study alone with the help of God, I don’t attend tutorials due to I am from a low income earning family.
    Please, I would be happy if you can assist me in any form, in both sections


  • Aghedo Omoyemwen says:

    Hi, Mr. Bob, to get a 1300 and above does it mean you need a35 on the math, a 31 on the writing and a 35 on the reading, or is it to get a 1200 and above?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      It’s the baseline for a 1200+. 1300 would be higher than that, probably 40+ in Math & Reading, 35+ in Writing.

  • Tarundeep Singh says:

    Alright, I took the Sat and got a 1050, I dont why but I just didnt practice at all,I just want to improve both my math score and english score, I got 530 in english and 520 in math. My question is that, do you think it is possible to improve both of these sections to a 600-650 range in a months time? I believe it’s certainly possible because the score I just received gave me a wake up call, and I’m very determined now. I also wanted to acquire some helpful tips on how to study, what to study, and anything else that would help me. Thank you so much for creating this, it is very helpfull for understanding scores.

  • Aryan says:

    Hi , I am preparing for the SAT and the scores of my recent practice test are –

    Maths – 56/58
    Reading – 36/52
    Writing – 28/44
    Please tell me how to increase my score in verbal section . My desired score is around 1500 .

  • sierra robinson says:

    my name is Sierra, im a 12th grader looking forward into attending howard for chemical engineering and im really trying to achieve a 1200-1500 score on the SAT , i have not taking the SAT just yet but i really need help in preparing myself for it. Im really nervous and im a bad test taker, do you know how i can achieve my score in my SAT and how to become a better test taker?

    thank you!
    sierra robinon

  • krishna sanjay says:

    Hi Rob,
    I just wanted to ask that, can I improve my score of 1280 (first attempted score) to around 1400 in just a week’s time? If it is… how do I go about my preparation? If you could convey some useful tips and send some links, it would be great!
    Thanks Brother.

  • Claire says:

    Hello, Rob,
    I’m a senior at my high school, and I’m considering to apply for American universities as an international student.
    I’ve just taken SAT practice test and my score is 1090. It was definitely a wake-up call, and I’m very motivated now. Is it possible to raise my score to 400 points in two months? I’m planning on practicing every day for 2.5 hours and taking a practice test every weekend.
    Thank you!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure, it’s possible, especially if you put in that kind of consistent effort! So get started ASAP — even if you don’t hit your full goal, you’ll still be able to make some big gains.

  • Lukas Pang says:

    Great article, Mr. Schombs!
    I am a senior in a high school in California. I am planning to get into UC Berkeley. However, I worry that I might not be able to do so with a SAT score of 1300. One thing I notice about my mistakes is that initially, I answer well, with an approximate total of 4 mistakes in the first two passages. However, as I progressed into the rest of the passages, my mistakes increased drastically. Is there any way that I could fix this?
    P.S: I already did a huge amount of test prep and my scores are stuck at 1300. Also, could you kindly answer me in words instead of a link.
    Thanks so much!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Hard to say exactly without knowing more about your situation. The most likely issue is that you have some issues with stamina — i.e. you get tired as the passages go on. Only way to improve that is to read, read, read, and to practice timed SAT Reading sections consistently. The other issue is that the harder passages (history, dual), usually come later in the set, so you probably are cleaning up better on the easier passages. Only solution for that is, you guessed it, more practice! No shortcuts, I’m afraid.

  • Muhammed says:

    Recently I took October 7th SAT and my score is 1040 which is really bad for me. BTW I’m in my senior year of high school and tbh I didn’t get time to practice for it. So do you think that I can take min 1200 in my December 2nd test and what do I need to improve my score to 1200?

  • Nina says:

    I really want to get into a Ivy League, but my scores are no way near what they need to be. I just took the SAT and received a 1300, so I need to get at least a 1500. On my practice exams I was getting in the 1400 and I was not nervous, tired, or worried when taking the exam. I have studied so much over the summer on Khan Academy and practice tests and reviewed my errrors and make notes on how to avoid those errors. That said I am stuck on what to do next.

  • Krislyn Schlosser says:

    Hi, last year I got a score of 860 (I was around 35-37th percentile) on my PSAT and I was devastated. Now I’m in my junior year and have studied for the SAT’s for about a month and received a score of 1290 on my SAT’s. I thought I was going to get a score of 1000 but came to my surprise I did much better than before. With this score, I am in the 87th/90th percentile and was wondering if that was good. Will colleges see that I have improved? Will they care?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Nice improvement so far! They likely won’t see the improvement because typically they don’t see PSAT scores. However, even if they did, that doesn’t matter as much as the score itself & the percentile.

  • Max Davison says:

    I’m in the UK and sat and SAT in May 2017, I was 15 at the time, not sure how my year relates to American grades but I was in my third to last year, and am now in my second to last year. I got a 1070 on it and that test was just a see how the test worked as I hadn’t seen it before. I put no work in before hand and didn’t even know how the questions were asked, is this an alright score? I was hoping to have the potential for Ivy League school and of will definitely be working and revising for my next tests. Is it even a possibility however for me to even be considered?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      1070 is a little above average, so it’s an OK score, but definitely not enough for Ivy League schools or other top tier universities. However, it sounds like you have plenty of time to prepare, and that’s not an awful score for the first time you’ve ever taken it. If you put in the requisite time and effort, you’ll have a good chance at improving!

  • Jacob Junk says:

    I scored a 1350 on my sat ans would like to study and raise it to a 1550!! Is it possible!! Please let me know if it’s possible!! Thank you! Sincerely, Jacob Junk

  • Davena says:

    Hi I took the sat and got a 750 twice which is really bad I need help and want to take the dec 2 one. I have 13 days to get my act together is there any advice I am looking to grow a lot and want at least a 1200 I know this seems outrageous but I really need help.

  • Chloe says:

    Hi I have been getting around a 1130 when I score myself on practice SAT’s that I study for, how can I improve my score to at least a 1480, (I know this is a huge jump), because I really want to do well, I have never taken the real SAT’s and for the first SAT I want around a 1350 so that there is room for improvement to get to a 1480 by around May.
    Is there hope that I can accomplish this task? Btw, my grades in school are around a 4.0.

    Thank you!!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes, there is hope to make solid improvements in your score, definitely to at least 1300+. As for how to do that, that’s what I cover in my articles, videos, and courses, so enroll in them here for more info:


      I would recommend taking your first SAT sooner rather than later, so perhaps in March, so that you can get that first score & test experience under your belt and can move forward knowing where you stand and what needs to be done to get you to the next level.

  • Adithi says:

    I’m giving my SATs on the 2nd of December,and i am expecting atleast a score qroung 1400. i had previously given the SATs in October, expecting atleast above 1000, but got 890 due to anxiety issues. Do you have any tips or strategies that will help me in my paper?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes I have a ton of tips & strategies that can help with the SAT — check out my Get Started page here for more info:


    • ryaleen says:

      It is okay don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. I would recommend keeping yourself busy the day before in order to not overthink the test the next day. Be positive, you got this!

  • Super says:

    So on the October 7th SAT, I scored a 1410. I was really unhappy with my score and I am retaking it on the 2nd of December, which is in about 5 days. My math is really strong (780-800), but my reading is slacking. Do you think I can achieve a score of at least 1550 if I study everyday? And if so, how should I study for reading. Thank you in advance.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Extremely difficult to do this in 5 days, especially since Reading is the hardest section to improve, but I do think you can make improvements between then & now. How is your Writing score? If it’s low (~35), you’d probably have better luck improving that. Check out my Writing Course for that:


      As for Reading, just do as many practice Reading tests (timed) between then and now. Make sure to review ALL answers thoroughly after you’ve scored the test so that you fully understand why the right answers are right and the wrong answers wrong. Also check out my SAT Reading vids:


  • Dianne says:

    How can I go from a 1270 to a 1600 in 5 months?

  • Faith Lisbon says:

    I recently took the SAT on December 2nd and I received an 1160 (Reading 600 and Math 560). I had been taking tutoring sessions to boost my score, and I was satisfied that my score increased; however, I did not reach my goal. My dream school is Florida State University and I need a 1240-1360. Also for the ACT I received a 21 and I need a 27. My lowest areas were in science, and english; what strategies would you recommend for me.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Thanks for the background info — the strategies for improving on the SAT/ACT are exactly what I cover in my courses, so check them out! Also, you should choose ONE test to focus on rather than trying to master both tests. I talk about how to pick the right test for you here:


  • Jakhongir says:

    Hi, I got 1110(560 Math; 550 Reading) from my very first SAT exam, but i am required to get 1300 in March. Do I still have a chance to reach that benchmark in 3 months? And what kind of tips&strategies would you advice to improve my skills?

  • Ava Sumoski says:

    Hi! I recently took the SAT, and I received a score of 1050. Personally, I am very disappointed with the outcome my score and I hope to improve it. My math skills need to be improved and I have to strengthen my writing and reading skills a tad more. I also need to work on my time management and test taking strategies. I essentially have an unlimited amount of time to study and prepare for my next test. I was reaching for a score of at least 1460. I know it is going to take an immense amount of dedication and hard work. But I am willing to put in the time and effort necessary. Do you have any tips for me? Is it even possible to improve my score by such a substantial amount? Please let me know. Thank you!!

  • hanan Ahmed says:

    Hi there!
    I need an urgent help from those of you who are doing well on the sat and happy with their scores! I’m a junior in high school and i took the psat twice, once in my sophomore years and my junior year, I’m taking the sat in march and i started preparing for the sat early from November till now! I saw that i started improving on the reading section which was the most challenging part for me as English is my third language! I’m doing lots of practice at home and so far doing it i developed doing it as habit! Long story short i got 780 for the psat and i saw that my score on the psat is 1000 right now! But i’m aiming for at least 1280 by the end of this year. I believe i can do it! but what would you guys recommend??

    • Robert Schombs says:

      I’ve got a ton of resources (courses, videos, articles) that can help you prepare for all parts of the SAT — start here:


    • Chloe Wheeler says:

      hey! same boat as you, im a junior and took PSAT twice, once in 10th and once in 11th grade. I got a 1150 on my first try with no studying, and the second i got a 1290 with very little studying, just knowing to speed up since the time limit is a big factor for me. Pay attention to the clock and skip something if it is taking too long. Also, never leave a question blank; if you have multiple blanks and dont have time to do them, choose one letter and answer that for all of your blanks. Youre more likely to score points this way than by randomly choosing. I am taking the Higher Learning SAT course now, to prepare for the march SAT, and so far on the diagnostic test I got a 1420. So, it is definitely possible, and this is with me literally not studying for more than 1 hour for all three tries combined. Experience helps; the more times you do it, the more of a second nature itll become. Good luck to all!

  • Sydney says:

    Im a junior in high school and I took my SAT in October and I got a 980. I recently just got my PSAT and I got a 1000, so I know overall where I am placed in scores. I’m not satisfied at all with this score. I want to get a 1400, which means increasing by 400. I have 8 months because I’m trying to be done with the SAT before school starts. Do you think this is possible? Where should I start?

  • Bella says:

    I took the SAT test last year, and I scored 790 wasn’t so prepared for the exam then, I studied on my own nobody to put me through. I want to re take it this March and I seriously want to score 1200 and above how best do I study for the test thanks I need help.

  • Kelly says:

    Hi there,
    I am currently in 10th grade and recently started worrying about SAT’s. So I decided to take a practice SAT and see what I can do without preparing and I got 1150. So do you think it’s possible to achieve roughly about 1500 for my actual SAT?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure, it will take a lot of work to do so, but the good news is that you’re starting pretty early. So start studying ASAP!

  • Min says:

    Hello, I am a junior in high school and am planning on taking my first SAT this march (approx. 5 weeks away). On my most recent practice test I got a score of 1320. Is it possible to get it up to 1500 by march? If so, what else can I do as I am studying everyday for 2 hours?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      It will probably be difficult to get +180 points in a month, but you can certain continue to make improvements & strive for the 1400+ level. 1500+ might be a more achievable goal in a future sitting — but either way, keep working! If you’re studying 2 hours per day, it sounds like you’re doing what you need to do to succeed. Check out my SAT Study Plan course for more ideas about what you can do to study:


  • Nicole Ussery says:

    Hi I’m a junior in high school and my SAT is on March 7th,a little less than a month away,on my PSAT I got a 1010(600 reading,410 math) I was wondering if there was any advice you could give me so I can achieve a 1170 to qualify for bright futures .So far I’ve studied for the past 1 and 1/2 weeks averaging an hour a day

  • Aleshia says:

    what about if you want to score a 1300-1400?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Master the 1200-1300 skills and then start on 1400-1500 skills. Even if you fall short of 1400-1500 you’ll still be in range.

  • Nevina Lee says:

    Hello! I am a 12th Grade student, and I just had my very first SAT Progress test and unfortunately I only got an overall score of 1040 (490 Reading, 550 Mathematics) is there a possible way that I can increase my score up to 1200 or possibly more? Thank you.

  • Grace says:

    Hello, I am a junior in high school and I take my Sat in about mid April. The score I got sophomore year on the psat was a 1090 (560 evidence based reading and writing score and 530 math) my goal is possibly a 1400 I am trying to do practice tests and quizzes on khan academy but looking at a screen makes me tired and I don’t get as good of a score then because I’m falling asleep. I was wondering if you had any adcie on how to achieve this goal or somehow know of a written way to study? I just made a goal to do 1 test on khan academy 4 times a week for an hour and there are after school practices led by teachers twice a week so hopefully that will help?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      I recommend printing out the practice tests and/or buying the Official Study Guide for the SAT (includes the 8 tests that you could otherwise download).

      Limit your on-screen studying for sure; it’s not as effective as paper studying & makes you tired. You can do some of it, but limit it to 30-60 mins/day.

      I have a bunch of resources here, including video courses & the like:


  • Parth Desai says:

    Hello, I am a sophomore in high school, and I got a 1140 on a practice test without studying (580 Math, 560 Reading + Writing). I am wondering if I can improve to a perfect 1600 score. I know a 460 point increase seems impossible, but I really, really want it. I want it so bad, that I will sacrifice anything for it. I am highly motivated to improve as much as I can, and extremely determined. I plan to take the October 2018 test, and from now till then, I hope to improve my score as close to 1600 as I possibly could muster. Throughout summer, I plan to study 8 hours daily for this test, and if I do this much every day over summer, and practice for the rest of this school year, how much do you think I can raise my score?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      If you put in that much effort, I think you’ll have a great chance at making huge gains! It might be hard to get to 1600 in fall of Junior year, but probably more likely either spring of Junior year or later. Either way, I like your chances & motivation!

  • Ilayda says:

    Hi, I’m a High school graduate from New Zealand and applying to universities in the northern hemisphere. I took the first ever sat test and got 1200, I currently have 2 months till the next sat, and I want to/kinda have to get at least 1490-1500 points in order to get in here in Europe. I started study 6-10 hours a day 5-6 times a week and doing every possible question I can + learning strategies I’ve never known before. Do you think it is possible to improve that much? It’s my only chance and I’m stressing out by the fact of hearing that it’s impossible. I really enjoy maths and majority of the mistakes are really stupid ones which I realise right after I check my answer or read the solution. Please tell me that I can do it 🙁

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes, it’s possible — the reason why people might say it’s impossible is because it takes a lot of work & effort to make these improvements and most won’t put in that effort. But people have improved that much before, so it can be done!

  • Sophia says:

    hey, I practiced 8 real sat tests posted on college board, I scored around 1470 to 1520. I took March test, I only scored 1490. It seems to me the practices didn’t help that much. My questions is how to achieve my score to 1550? So many ideas online and practices online, don’t know which one to take under time limit.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      It depends on the breakdown of your score, a 1490 can indicate a number of different paths forward based on Math/Writing/Reading scores.

  • Yaya says:

    My school doesn’t provide enough education and I haven’t been studying for the past years due to issues. I took 5 trials till today. I have a score of 1060 as maximum. And I have a month before May SAT 1 Exam, I need to up my score 300 at least I know it’s somewhat impossible but I have the will to give in whatever it takes.

    Any suggestions is welcomed

  • B. says:

    I’m a freshman who took a practice SAT as a placement test for a SAT prep class. Without studying, taking any PSATs or SATs, I scored pretty awful, coming out at around 1100/1600; this was surprising considering that I consider myself to be a pretty solid student (all A+’s, high GPA, pretty good work ethic).What possibly could have factored into my score was a headache caused by allergy season in Spring, but just to confirm, is it possible to up an SAT score (after studying and prep courses, of course) by 500 points? I am doing 8 hours of prep 5 days a week over the summer for my class, and I’ll be taking the SAT 3 times the second half of this year.


    • Robert Schombs says:

      Improving from an 1100 is definitely possible; getting 500 points to achieve a 1600 is unlikely but you should still shoot for it anyway, or at least to the 1450+ region.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi i am a sophomore in high school ,i wrote my first ever sat exam without studying literally even a word I actually didn’t even have time to solve a mock and as a result i got 1240 and i have 2 months more to prepare for my next sat ….i atleast want to get 1450+
    Please help me!!!

  • Rushil Patel says:

    In freshman year, i made a 910 on the PSAT. In sophomore year, I made a 890 on the 2nd PSAT i took. In junior year, I made a 1070 on the 3rd PSAT. Is it possible for me to bring up my SAT score from a 1070 to 1500-1600.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes but very difficult. Get your score to 1200-1300 in practice first, then 1400+, then 1500+. Think in stages.

  • A says:

    I’ve been scoring in the 1300 range on practice tests. Is there anyway I can bump my score up to 1400+ with two months of prep? My math score is in the 700 range, but my reading and writing score tanks my score.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes I think that’s a realistic goal. Continue to strengthen your Math score, and focus on Writing especially since that score is easiest to improve in a short period of time. Do some Reading prep as well to squeeze as many points as you can out of that section, but otherwise focus on Math & Writing.

  • Montez says:

    Hello I took the SAT and I got a 930 on my SAT. I have been practicing over and over but I feel like I need alot of help in the math. i was wondering if you have material on the complete sat or math in general

  • Eliot Yoon says:

    Hi, Im stuck around the 1400 range for the SAT and find it almost possible to break 1450. What should I do?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Impossible to say w/o knowing what you’ve done so far, what the breakdown of your scores are, etc. Feel free to contact me directly with that info if you don’t want to post it here.

  • Nuran Ehab says:

    hey! I’ve took the SAT exam several times now but my score wont exceed 1140 , even thou i answered the practice tests in the college board and my score range is 1260-1300, I’ll be taking the October SAT 1 exam and I’m asking if it’s possible to raise my real SAT test score to a 1450+? I study an average of 10-12 hours a day 6 times a week.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      If you’re studying that much and not improving, something isn’t being done correctly — it’s hard to diagnose exactly what without discussing in a tutoring session. Feel free to followup with me by email by answering the following question: When you do a practice test, do you review each and every answer after you take the test, or do you move on to the next test after getting your score?

  • ahmad kebe says:

    hi, im a senior and I took my SAT for the first time in august and got a score of 850. Is it possible to get my score to 1000 or even 1100 ? I take my final one in December.

  • Padma devella says:

    Hi, is it possible for me to improve 1200 in a week, but I am really bad at math part and before I fully guess on the exam so I didn’t scored better score.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Do you mean improve to 1200 overall? If so, perhaps, it depends a lot on your starting point. Either way, get practicing, because you can make improvements between now & then!

  • Tanish Shukla says:

    I’ve taken the sat diagnostic and scored a 12oo with almost negligible amount of preparation. I have about a month left for my exam is it possible for me to score 1600 or a 1550+. I am extremely hardworking and can put in all the work that is required. I have opted for princeton review , but I really need your help. Please reply as soon as possible

  • Rahul says:

    I will be giving the SAT in a month. I got a score of 1270 and 1280 in practise . Can I get a score of 1600 or 1500 above on the test day.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Maybe? Depends on how much you study, among other factors. So keep working!

  • makoto says:

    is it possible to get from a 1000 SAT score to a score of 1300-1400? I have two weeks until the exam so I plan on going all out these next two weeks taking practice tests and leveling up my weak skills. You think I got a shot?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure, it’s worth trying! At the very least, you should make some improvements between now & then.

  • Braylon says:

    I am a junior in high school with solid ‘A’ grades, work ethic, and earned a 1200 on my first ever SAT. My school doesn’t offer much SAT prep support and I study independently at least 5 hours a week. What do I need to do to increase my score enough to get into an Ivy League?

  • El says:

    Hi, I’m a junior, and I took the November SAT and scored a 1350. I took two practice tests but barely did any productive thorough studying. Last year as a sophomore I scored a 1270 on the PSAT, without studying. Do you think that it’s possible for me, with better studying habits, to score a 1530+ by next year’s August or October SAT? Thank you!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes, I think i’ts quite possible! 1350 is a great starting point, especially if that’s an unprepped score. But do start early — don’t wait until the summer. You don’t have to study for 10 hours per day right now, but try to start building a consistent study habit to give yourself a head start.

  • Amber Dewitz says:

    My daughter is in 10th grade she recieved a 1580. She also took the test to start college classes this year. She placed in college level as well. All I did from when she was little is tell her how important school was. She always does her homework right away then hangs out with her friends. She told me the school wanted no lower than a 600. That’s not even trying. It’s really sad schools don’t help more.

  • Yonatan Yohannes says:

    I currently scored a 1100 on the PSAT has a Junior, I’m planning to take the March SAT! Do you think within 3 months I can increase my score to a 1450? Im planning to study 1hr a day.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes it’s possible, especially if you put in that time consistently!

    • Jonathan says:

      I scored a 980 on the psat as a sophomore. This was a huge blow for be considering I’ve always done well in testing. I take the sat in roughly a year, do you think a 1500 score is achievable with enough hard work and dedication?

      • Robert Schombs says:

        Yes, I think you can still do well — your results as a sophomore don’t really say much because everyone develops and learns at their own pace. Put in the time & effort and you should see big gains.

  • dina says:

    hi well i had been through 3 trials before in my sophomore year and i am a junior now
    but in my last trial i got a really low score 1060 and i got three months to boost up my score to 1460 at least. can u suggest a plan if u please

  • Hey just wanted help says:

    Hey, I’m in 8th grade right now and I’m taking some high school classes that give me one credit each. My current Gpa is 3.0 (average and not good for selective colleges) so I know you made this section for SAT work, but I just wanted to ask you if I will be able to get my gpa around 3.6-3.7 with the 4 years I have to improve. thanks!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure, you’ll just need to get as many As as possible & take rigorous courses (that might be weighted depending on your school’s system).

      • Anonymous says:

        Should I be scared of SAT because I’m African and I have only one chance at this test .
        Do you think I can get 1300 above? I have two months till the exam and I practice 6hrs and above a day.
        Is it possible .

  • Shriya says:

    Hi, I am a sophomore and I got an 1170 on the PSAT. I am planning to take the SAT in June and I am taking an SAT prep class right now. I want to get a 1500 or above on my SAT. Is that possible?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes it’s “possible” but will take great effort & committment. It’s more likely that you’ll achieve that score as a junior or even senior, though, since as a sophomore you’d be tackling the test quite early in your development. But definitely worth a shot if you’re putting in the time now.

  • Help! says:

    I scored 1000 on my PSAT. I got a 490 on Reading and 510 on Math. I’m currently a sophomore, and I took this test last October. I have bought the Princeton Review and the Official Study Guide from College Board, but haven’t looked much at them. I want to score a 1400 or higher on the actual SAT, but I do not know where to start. Is it possible for me to get that score within half a year to a year? I’m thinking to start studying in the summer, but is it better to start studying a little bit every day now? I’m not sure where to start to study for this test. If you could help me out on how to start studying, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • HELP says:

    I moved from kentucky as an A student to florida and continued to stay an A student, as a freshman, but the curriculum was super different. i took the psat as a sophomore and scored a 1040, but i didn’t really understand that i was taking the psat. I’m now a junior and have adapted to the curriculum, solid A student with honors and DE courses at Gulf Coast State College. I take the SAT on March 9, 2019. I’m hoping for at least a 1220. I’ve learned alot and have a better grip on the materials covered on the SAT. Is my projected score possible?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes very possible, that’s a very reasonable increase, especially for the reasons you’ve mentioned. Good luck!

    • Julia Wasef says:

      Hi I’m Julia, I’m currently a junior in high school and I have recently taken the SAT for the first time this may. I didn’t do as well as I hoped, I got a 1010. Im trying to take it two additional times. I want to gradually improve maybe get a 1200 then reach a 1300. I was wondering what I can do to improve my score, I really want to achieve a 1300. I really hope you can give me some advice to help me reach my goal Thank you!

  • Emily says:

    Hi, I am a junior who scored a 1210 on the PSAT without any studying and little information on what/how the SAT is structured. After the PSAT, I was studying with a private tutor for a couple of months and I’ve recently have been doing SAT practice questions from Khan Academy and the SAT Study Guide. Is it possible, with proper sleep and studying, that I can score between a 1400-1500.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure! Sounds pretty reasonable, will just take some consistent effort. You might have to do a couple retakes to get your best score but the path forward is clear.

  • Moises Garcia says:

    Hey my name is Moises Garcia originally born on the Dominican Republic I moved 8 years ago the united states currectly leaved in new york. I would like to know some way to improve my sat score by 300 I correctly have 740 and the college-am trying to apply needs an 1100. I took the sat today I know I really did poorly on it but I would like to know if there any tips that can be served to me so I can take it again in 3 months or 4 again. My High school gpa is 3.75 out 4.

  • Gabrielle Nguyen says:

    My name is Gabrielle Nguyen, currently in 10 grade with a very comparative high school in Florida. My GPA maintained 4.9 with 6 AP classes. I took the SAT and scored a 1240 without any preparation (I thought it was PSAT). Is that possible for me to have 1500+? Please advice.
    Thank you!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Yes, seems possible, considering you’re only in 10th grade & are doing well in your classes! I’d start prep sooner rather than later, though, to give yourself enough lead time to build your score to that 1500+ level. Good luck!

  • Keaka Kamakea says:

    Is it possible to achieve a 1550 by studying for about 2 and a half months in the summer all the way to August until test date (everyday commitment)? I’m a junior by the way right now.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure, it’s possible. How possible depends on your starting score. The more points you have to get, the harder it will be. Either way, though, no reason not to try!

  • Keaka Kamakea says:

    Sorry but another question I have to ask is can I obtain at above a 1300 on Sat by studying 10 days going off of a 10 day cramming schedule?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Depends on your starting score, more than 100 points in 10 days would be pretty hard.

  • Tejas yalamanchili says:

    Hi my name is tejas and I am from India and I just finished my 10 grade. Well, I got a 1350 on my second mock test that was prescribed by the college board. Can you please give me a few tips on how to increase my sat score to 1500+

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Unfortunately it’s not as simple as a few tips to increase a score from 1350 to 1500; it depends on the breakdown of the score, what issues you’re having, etc. I recommend checking out the courses & articles on this site for advice on how to improve on all three sections!

    • Kate says:

      Hi so I just to the recent SAT in August and I know that the curve was brutal but I have been studying so hard for this and I really want to get into my dream school but the SAT is the one thing holding me back I got a 620 on Math but a 550 on Reading I feel I should practice more but any advice to get to the 1430

  • Melanie Jacobs says:

    Im a junior and I got an SAT score of 1210 but my goal is 1460. I didn’t study for my SAT, idiotically. My next SAT is October, is a 1460 possible?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Absolutely! It’s an aggressive goal but definitely worth shooting for, especially if you put in the time & effort over the summer.

  • Namuli says:

    Hi, my name is Namuli, sorry for my bad English: I’m italian.
    There is something that sounds me strange, in my SAT’s I got 35 out of 52 in the reading section, 36/44 in the writing and 43/58 in math, but I only scored 1160. Is it possible? I’m sooo disappointed! My goal is 1350.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Did you take the May International test? If so, that’s unfortunately not out of line for that exam, which had a very harsh curve. But keep up the prep & a 1350 is definitely achievable!

  • Mariam Abd-El-Aziz says:

    Hello, my name is Mariam and I’m from Egypt.
    My last trial on March I got 1010. In the reading I got 16 out of 52 , in the writting I got 25 out of 44 , and in maths I got 35 out of 58.
    So, I was wondering if I can get 1400+ in the next trial on October

  • Kayla Mair says:

    Hello my name is Kayla and on my PSAT i got a 930.I take my official SAT test in October i was wondering if there is anyway to improve by at least 200 points in a month?

  • Carrie says:

    Hello! Just happened upon your site…thank you! I’m searching for the answer to a question and I’m having trouble finding a concise answer. My son has extremely poor reading comprehension, so even understanding the questions on the SAT can be a challenge for him. We homeschool (he is a senior and the fourth of five kids) and both he and I have admittedly, procrastinated his taking of THE TEST. We have no more time to waste. The college he will likely attend will not require an exceptional score, but he still needs to perform well. I’m wondering what you mean by “easy” and “medium” difficult questions and how he decides whether to spend time on a question or move on. And is it better to omit an answer to the question or to guess? It seems it would be better to guess, as there is a possibility of a correct guess. Skipping would leave no opportunity for guessing correctly. Is this right thinking? Thanks for any insight!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      First, the easy to answer question: always guess, never omit. No harm in guessing at all, only upside! (There is no -1/4 penalty for wrong answers like there used to be.)

      For Reading, it’s tough identifying easy & medium questions at first glance because there’s no order of difficulty. There are some general trends: line reference questions are typically the easiest (questions that refer to a specific set of lines), graph & figure are ususally pretty simple, and sometimes the Two-Part Questions (Command of Evidence) are pretty simple. Hard questions typically include inference & general/main idea questions. However, these are just general trends, so any given question can be easy or hard. In that case, I recommend students be very aggressive in skipping questions — circling them and returning to them later, if time permits — if they find that the question (or passage) is very difficult for them. This will allow them to maximize their time on the doable questions & limit time spent chasing tough points.

      • Carrie says:

        Thank you, Robert! Very helpful information. Thanks for taking time.

  • Amir says:

    Hi My Name Is Amir.
    My First Language Isn’t English, And I’m Not Very Good At Reading & Writing Sections. I recently scored 1100 (500 Language – 600 Math ) Without just two month practicing, considering my nationality, I’m wondering that is it possible to get a score like 1350+ in 20 Days With 13 hours study each day (about 260 hours total)? I will be so thankful for your respond.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Hmm that would definitely be a tough push, but worth a try if this is the last chance you have to take the test. Any chance to take the test (again) at a later date?

  • Saloni says:

    Hi, I am taking the SAT in October and I want to improve my points by a 140 in both sections of the SAT. So how can I prep efficiently?

  • Annanya says:

    Hi! I took the SAT this year’s March and scored a 1230 but I am retaking it this October aiming for a 1400. Is it possible with 30 hours of prep before October 5th? It will be my last try because I am a senior so any advice will be very helpful!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      While I can’t specify the exact # of hours required, yes, it’s possible to go from 1230 to 1400 in this time frame. It will require consistent & some luck. Is there a possibility you could also get a shot at the test in November or December? This would greatly increase the chances of hitting that score.

    • Ing says:

      I got SAT 960 in May (first time, without preparing anything, just want to try the test.) I hope my score raise up 500+??I’m going to take the test again in Dec. lucky me I found your blog.❤️

      • Robert Schombs says:

        Welcome, and good luck!

      • Vinh says:

        My daughter (14 years old) tried all the tests on Khanacademy. The first test was in Feb 2020 and she scored 1190(M 580; RW610). Her scores improved through each test and she scored 1460 (M 690, RW 770) in April. She also tried Maths 2 and achieved 700.

        Do you think i should enroll her for the real SAT test at the end of the year and then focus on something else rather tests


        • Robert Schombs says:

          I definitely think she should take a real test soon, but the decision to move on to other things will depend on the actual result. Sometimes the score on the first real test differs significantly from practice test scores, a gap that is often closed by subsequent retests.

  • Connie says:

    Is it possible to go from 1060 to 1450 in a month if I practice every day?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      It’s possible, but it’s also quite likely that you’ll see a solid increase of some kind with that kind of schedule. So it’s worth trying either way!

  • Sagar says:

    I am wiling to take SAT on May 2020.My target is to score 1500.can i get a schedule or can someone guide me?I am strong in Maths but weak in English sections.I gave a SAT mock test without ant preparation and was able to score 1210.I would highly appreciate the response.

  • Iwalewa says:

    Hi, I’m taking the SAT again. My strong point is the math but I’m pretty weak in english. I want
    to achieve a 1500 to 1600 score and I’d like to know the best way possible to achieve that.

  • Miles says:

    I got a 1070 on a practice SAT, and I really want to get at least a 1500, but I just don’t understand a lot of the math. How can I improve on that skill? Please help, cause I have to take the SAT in December, which is next month.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Given the time remaining, it will be extremely difficult to hit that goal by the December test. Will you have another chance at the test after December? Either way, you can definitely improve between now & then, so it shouldn’t change your study plans at all. If you need deep review of the Math concepts on the test, I would recommend working through Khan Academy in detail (Algebra 1, 2, Geometry, etc.)

  • prince muchindu says:

    Hi, I will be sitting for the SAT exams with essay for the first time next year, you n 14/03/2020.And my main aim is to score a 1200.So if I start practicing now, till March, is it possible to score the target or even more??

  • Mahek Srivastava says:

    Thank you so much for such helpful guidance.
    I had a question. I have my SAT on 7 December 2019. And due to some personal issues, I was not able to prepare for it. Now, I have 2-3 days in hands. What should I do?
    I have appeared for SAT earlier also. This is my second attempt. I scored 1140 (I know quite less) and I am aiming for 1540. So should I delay my SAT by May 2, 2020?
    Please guide me on this issue.
    Thank You.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      If you can delay, I would delay, though you might not get your money back.

  • MIRZA says:

    Hello Sir,
    I got a 910 on my PRE-SAT, I have about 100 days to prepare and I’m aiming for a 1500+ so, please tell me what I need to do?

  • G says:

    Hi, I took the PSAT last November and I got almost a 1200. I am aiming for a 1510+ on the SAT. Is it possible if I want to take it on next June?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure, it’s possible. Just make sure you’re studying consistently (4-5 days/week)

  • Hayden Wilcox says:

    Hello there!

    I’ve been looking a lot online lately for some help because my test is in 11 days from now. I’ve been studying for nearly 3 months on Khan Academy, and have taken two full practices tests and they have both come up as 1090. I’ve been aiming for a 1300 at least and I just feel lost at this point and wonder if this can be done. The school I want to get in as an average of 1270-1310. I’ve spent A LOT of time on KA and just don’t know what to do anymore because I haven’t seen much progress. Any ideas, please?

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Do more timed practice sections. Review your answers thoroughly. KA is good for targeted practice, but it can limit your growth since the real test won’t tell you what topic the question is before you do it. In KA, however, you’ll “know” you’re doing Subject-Verb Agreement questions, for example, before you start doing them, and this can make the questions easier to complete compared to what you’ll face on the real thing.

  • Rawan says:

    Hello! My name is Rawan and I’m from Egypt. I’m a freshman (9th grade) and I took one of the SATs published by the college board and corrected it (they had a guide on how to do that so it was easy). Anyways, I scored a total of 1070 (54o for English and 510 for math) I’m not sure if it’s a good grade or not, and I’m aiming for a score between 1400-1500 by senior year. Keep in mind I didn’t study at all for this test and took it after a long break from school.

    Also, I have another question:
    My main issue was that I was tired by the end but the questions were getting harder. Is it okay if I start with the hard question (last ones) first when I am not tired?

    Thank you!

    • Robert Schombs says:

      That’s a good score for a 9th grader! Keep up the consistent practice and you’ll be on your way to a solid score.

      In general, I don’t recommend doing hard questions first because if you spend too much time & energy on them, you might have to rush through & guess on the easy questions. Knock out the easy questions first, then worry about the hard ones. Over time, you’ll get stronger on the test as a whole, so you should be able to manage all the questions no matter the difficulty.

  • Sona says:

    Hi.Yesterday I did practice test from Khan Academy and gained 1170(620-Math; 550- Reading and Writing). My weakest point is Reading(26 correct out of 52).I am really disappointed about it. First time when I did practice test, I gained 990(540- Math; 450- Reading and Writing). It was about 2 months ago. My aim is 1500 and above and I want to achieve it within a month. Is it possible? Can you give me tips or strategies about how to improve? Thanks, in advance. Stay safe, stay healthy…

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Going from 1170 to 1500 in one month will be very difficult. The best thing to do is focus your improvement in stages — right now, focus your practice on breaking 1250. Once you can do that consistently, target 1350, and so on. Jumping from 1170 to 1500 in one chunk is probably not realistic, but you can more likely get there in stages.

      As for additional tips, that’s what we cover in these articles, videos, courses, etc. So browse this site + Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/c/BrilliantPrep) for more info!

  • Akash Krishna T says:

    At my first mock test I got 1190.then I signed up at KHAN Academy.in the second test I got 1230.and after that I jumped to 1340. this is my present score in the Khan academy official practice test.i got 3 months for my actual test because of the current situation in my country (covid in india).Can I get the perfect score or close to it.What should I do?As I said before I am from India and have completed my 12 grade .so my only thing to do now is preparing for SAT. Could anyone guide me?

  • Akash Krishna T says:

    Hi.as I stated my situation below.I would like to add some more info about me and my test results.
    First of all I have never took an actual SAT test ,the only experience that I have with SAT is through Khan Academy.
    I also have never before prepared specifically for SAT (as SAT isn’t a priority for the majority here and many of them don’t even know that it exists)
    But I am good at math and love english.
    In the latest practice test as I mentioned below i got a 600 in reading and Writing and a 740 in maths.i lost the most in reading and then writing.
    I would really like to get that perfect score.
    I can devote more than 9 hours per day but I am not doing so because I don’t have correct prep plan. The schedule in Khan Academy is great but it only offers you 120 questions per day as a task .I can do more but I don’t want to exhaust the question and get repeated questions to solve .so I need another supplementary plan.
    My primary aim is to get into Duke University as a Karsh Scholar ,as i am an international student from India.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sounds like you’ve done a great job so far, well done!

      Check out our Study Plan course for more tips:


      In general, I don’t think you should study 9 hrs per day. 4-5 is best MAXIMUM because you’ll be too tired to get much out of any hours after that (especially if you are studying with 100% concentration). If you haven’t already, make sure you add real tests & real timed sections to your work. Khan is good for extra review, but you want to incorporate real timed sections into your plan. You can use the tests they offer on Khan; check the SAT Subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/Sat/) for additional tests.

  • Annabel says:

    Hello, I have a big problem with the SAT . Now , I have approximately one month and half to take my SAT for the first time , it will be in August . My current score is in 1200s ( approximately 700 math , 520-550 Reading and writing) ,and I study everyday for many hours ( approximately more than 7 or 8 hours a day ) .My main problem that my score doesn’t improve . But Frankly , my target score is 1600 because I wanna get a full scholarship to get in Harvard to study medicine there , but I wanna know how can I solve my problem. As I mentioned before I can study for a long time. But I wanna rise my score by any method.

    So , please help me quickly because time is not in my hand .

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Hello! Email me directly & tell me the answer to a few questions:

      1) What grade are you going into?
      2) What do you do during your 7-8 hour study sessions?
      3) Do you have more chances to take the SAT beyond August?

      You can contact me here:


      • Annabel says:

        Sorry, I tried to contact but I can’t,so I will answer here . I am going into grade 11 . In my 7-8 hours of study, I study on khan academy, I tried to answer many questions on it and to read the explanation of the wrong answers to benefit from it .I try many books to study from it like (Erica ,panda , Princeton,…….etc. ) .
        Yes , I have other chances to take the SAT ,but I think because of covid-19 many trials will canceled. I registered the trials of August,September , and October. But I wanna achieve my score in September because I think my first two scores will be the only scores that I can take a full scholarship with it .

  • Maya says:

    Hi! So, I took the PSAT in either September or October 2019 at the beginning of my 9th-grade year, and I received an 1130. I have ADHD but have good grades, so my extra time doesn’t qualify for College Board. Therefore, I knew I would need more time to prepare, as time management is a huge issue, and I can never finish standardized tests. I took a practice SAT in June and got an 1170. I’m really hoping to be able to take the SAT before my junior year to relieve some of my stress but am willing to study until then if needed. I’m really motivated, stand out in grades and extracurriculars, and want to apply to competitive/elite colleges with a 1420-1500. Is this possible? I signed up for Khan Academy and a free zoom course. Do you recommend getting a tutor or what books/resources do you recommend? What else will I need to do in order to get this 300 point increase?

  • Viprav Lipare says:

    I have been trying to get better scores on the SAT, and I have also started study a lot more regularly. I am kind of on a study schedule, but no really. I study a lot but I still don’t see many improvements in my scores, so is there anything I can do to improve my scores from a 1300 to a 1500. I am really good at math, but I am not very good at reading or writing. I do good on one of the sections but fail on the other. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to get better scores,


  • Ankita Naik says:

    I am appearing for the September 26 Sat. I previously scored 1150. What all things I have to raise my score upto 1400.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      This will be very difficult to do in a few weeks — your best bet is to do as many timed practice sections as possible between now & then and review your answers thoroughly. This is the most important part — you want to understand your mistakes so that you don’t make them again on future tests.

  • Joe Sternbauer says:

    My son has been struggling on improving his SAT score for several months. He has been doing online tutoring for nine months and has gained 200 points. Going from an 810 to a 1010 is an accomplishment however he still needs to jump another 200-300 points by November. He has two study sessions a week with his tutor (that’s all I can afford) and spends his time throughout the week doing practice problems. He is a very dedicated student but I do not know how else I can get him to improve his score. I have purchased practice books, flash cards, etc. He has taken the SAT six times so far but refuses to submit any of the scores to schools out of embarrassment since he knows they are so low. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      From what you describe, it sounds like he’s doing all the right things, so I don’t think it’s an issue with the preparation necessarily. What are his high school grades? Feel free to contact me directly about this:


  • Akash Krishna T says:

    I already score good in math section like 770 range.
    But my english section is not good (580 to 620) how can i improve this to near 800

  • Pavithra Elavarasan says:

    hi! So i took the december sat this year and got a 1100, i’m retaking in march so is there anyway i can get a 1500 range in 2 months? Is that possible? Or should i opt for the April exam

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Since you just took the SAT & want a big jump, it’s probably best to delay the test. I’m not sure if the April administration is available to you, but if not, the May or June would be a good target.

  • Karam says:

    Hi, I’m in 10th grade and I got 1000 on the PSAT, Do you think I can turn that to 1500 on the SAT?

  • Paloma Rodriguez says:

    Hello, I took the December 2020 SAT and got a 1420 (700R&W, 720Math). I am usually very good in MAth, I know all the concepts, but I keep making silly mistakes. With practice, I know that I can get an almost perfect score on the MArch SAT this year. However, the part I struggle the most is reading. I am aiming for a 1540+. Do you think I could get that? I’ve been studying everyday since January. The thing is that I took all the SAT practice tests before December. Should I re-do them? Or how should I study?

  • Yasha says:

    Hi! I am going to sit for my SATs in March (I basically have about 19 days left). based of my current practice papers, I score around 1230- 1290.. I’m aiming to get approx 1400+. I did find my area of weakness which is the reading (approx 30-35 out of 52). My writing is approx 30-35 out of 44. For maths, my scores are around 45-50 out of 58. Any tips on improving my overall score to about 1400?

  • A dey says:

    Hey there, I gave the SAT exam on 13th March, 2021. I’ve got a pretty awful score of 1180. I just need some advice how can I improve my score to 1550+

  • eric says:

    My son studied two months with got a 1330. 670 English. 660 math. Needs 1500. Is it possible ? Any suggestions. Looking at Princeton. Thank you.

    • Robert Schombs says:

      Sure — two month isn’t a ton of prep time, and assuming he’s a junior, many students get their highest scores fall of senior year w/ more prep. Definitely worth pursuing!

  • Vaibhav Surapaneni says:

    I took the April 13th SAT and scored a 1290, 600 English, and 690 in Math. I made some silly mistakes in Math that cost me points.
    Reading: -23: 270
    Writing: -6: 330
    Math: -9: 690

    My goal is to get a high 1400 to low 1500. I am taking the June SAT. I am a junior by the way. What tips can you give for reading?

  • Persona says:

    I have one month to get a 1400. I got a 1120 last practice test. I am in 7th grade. What should I do?

    PS: My uncle set a goal for me, which is get a 1400, and if I get it, I will achieve something very valuable, so he said I have to take a practice test on Khan Academy to reach this and get a 1400. If not, he said, he would take away my phone that I have right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      While one month isn’t a whole lot, there are some things you can do. Personally, I recommend taking the practice SATs college board offers. The best tactic would be to take them as a normal test, but at the very least, review the content. You shouldn’t see something on there and think “oh no I don’t know how to do this.” Make sure to get plenty of sleep and food, the last thing you need is physical exhaustion. Secondly, don’t rush or second guess yourself. Obviously, finding this delicate balance is tough, but simply be confident in yourself and trust your brain. Finally, study every day for whatever time frame possible, even 30 minutes could make all the difference. You got this!