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 May 31, 2021
The College Prep Process: A Yearly Guide, Starting in Middle School

The notion that college preparation starts in junior year is a common misconception. In fact, paving the way for success in higher education all begins at the onset of the teenage years. Even at ages 12 or 13, students can build the intellectual and interpersonal foundations that will stick with them far beyond their high school graduation. From volunteering to taking standardized tests to simply advancing their lexicon, the options for what, when, and how to prepare for college are practically endless. With so many possibilities at hand, what exactly should students in each grade level aim to do in order to set the stage for a strong college application and acceptance? Though preparing for college is certainly not a one-size-fits-all enterprise, this infographic displays our suggestions on what to do — and when to do it.

Ratnakar Poduri, CEO and Co-Founder of Brilliant Education Group, is a teacher, author, and engineer with a mission to help students advance their lives through education. By using a comprehensive approach that goes far beyond that of traditional test prep programs, Poduri has personally prepared over 1700 students for their SATs and ACTs. When he’s not geeking out, he likes to spend time with his two beautiful daughters, watch sports, and solve crosswords.